Heaven's Wrath
59 Out of the Norm “Frail“ Beauty
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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59 Out of the Norm “Frail“ Beauty

The Red River City was bustling with people but with its wide roads even if four carriages pass by side to side there wouldn't be any kind of traffic.

Ashe was leading Ace and the others to the Golden Spoon restaurant and because she was completely sure where this restaurant stands they kept asking people along the way.

Along the way, they saw different people and different kinds of establishments and before long they were led to a place were different kind of businesses stood, and of course, the Golden Spoon restaurant was one of them.

The alluring aroma coming from inside made many people who passed the restaurant instinctively get hungry.

"Seems like the Golden Spoon has lived up to its name of being golden alright, let's enter already I feel the need to eat."

It was Ace who spoke up, at the moment he was feeling his stomach turning from hunger or rather, it was more his palate that's starting to get hungrier for actual food.

Cultivators can live without food for years and if they have pills they are all able to live for decades to come. Heavenly essence was their nourishing supplements in life and if they keep cultivating they will not get hungry at all.

However, their urges to eat are still there and just like Mortals, if they were to smell delicious food then it will be natural for them to crave it. Ace in particular who only became a cultivator for the last few months was craving delicious food more than ever.

Not long after reaching the Golden Spoon restaurant Ace, Altair, Ashe, and Rea entered. It was a magnificent restaurant with luxurious decorations and on top of the entrance two words were hanged, "Golden Spoon".

It was a two-story building and from the decorations alone, one can tell that this place caters nobles and aristocrats of the city and as it was noon, the busiest time of the day for the Golden Spoon restaurant, many who were currently dining were richest people of the city.

Many rich and famous people dine inside this place so it was clear as day for the quality it serves.

"Please have some Crimson Lotus Tea."

A young man who was looked like a waiter was bowing and greeting the customers whilst taking their orders. The establishment was a luxury that even a waiter was a Peak Core Formation stage.

That may sound low from the standpoint of disciples who came from the very peak of existence in this world but in the world of the outside world, only a few ever enter the path of cultivation.

When the waiter saw Ace and the others, the waiter hurriedly came forward and greeted them.

"This must be your first time in our Golden Spoon restaurant, please come."

The waiter had a good head on his shoulders, he had never seen Ace and his group before so he immediately understood that they were not from the Red River City.

He had been working here for three years now and from working as a waiter in this kind of luxurious establishment one will have the ability to judge your customer in one look alone.

Ace and Altair were both handsome and from how he was not able to feel their cultivation then that must mean their cultivation was too deep for him to know as for Ashe and Rea their beauty alone made the waiter know who he's dealing with.

These four youths emitted an aura which made him feel that he was nothing but a little organism compared to these four.

Ace nodded his head casually, they were led on an empty table that accommodates four people. The waiter stood there quietly and patiently, he did not dare question how long this group will take their time.

"Give me three servings of Tri Horn Rhino's roasted meat and as for other dishes, give me… argh, just give me one serving of everything else, and just don't forget the Tri Horn Rhino's meat."

The waiter was stuck with speechlessness as he heard the order that when he regained his senses he just had to ask once more.

"Are you sure? The servings here are bigger than the normal restaurant and with the heavenly essence in the food, you might experience qi deviation and…"

He was cut mid-sentence by the one who ordered all that food.

"Thank you for your concern, but I can manage what I eat. Then, what about you guys?"

Ashe asked the others, Ace was rather numbed to Ashe's eccentricity but he had some pressing matter he just had to ask her and that's.

'Do you even have money to pay for all of that food?"

Ace whispered on Ashe's ears, which she responded with a simple "Yes" and what's more she even added some words that ignited Ace's passion to eat.

"I have the money don't worry, I'll even treat you for letting me stay at your house the other day."

"Where did you get so many pills? Are you rich or something?"

"Hehe, I have my ways!"

With those words Ace just gave up and accepted her words as a simple face and so, and just like Ashe, he started ordering hordes of food, mostly meat.

Rea and Altair saw these two and feeling helpless the two of them stopped and just ordered some food that's on the list.

"Alright, please wait for a moment I will be right back with the food you ordered.]"

The waiter left a smile on his face, the amount of food Ace's group just ordered was drown somebody with but because this is business the waiter left with a smile rather than a frown.

"Oh my god, I don't know who those people are but from what they just ordered it seems like they are from a highly reputed family. But they're just throwing their weight around ordering that much food, ah, such a waste of resources"

"Where did they come from? Those two at their table are simply too beautiful, what will I do to have such beauty within my reach?"

"If the young master of the City Lord's manor was here, hehe, I fear that even with the background of these young ones I fear they will have to comply with the son of a Great Saint."

While people from the other tables talked with one another, the waiter brought out all sorts of dishes on big and small plates, filling the space of the table and what's more, is that this is just the first batches of oncoming food.

There was a variety of food flooding their table and as it did Ashe showed an enthusiastic smile and started eating without waiting for anyone and it was not just her as Ace did the same thing.

Ashe ate with the act of enjoying as possible in mind, she started eating every food on the table as fast as she could whilst maintaining an outer appearance of elegance this scene of 'elegant gluttony' was something that many admired.

She ate and ate until the big and small plates were beginning to thin out in a pace visible to the eye, if one were to blink then one plate might be finished and she will be moving to the next, this sight was outstanding and the bliss she was showing made many people think that she was truly enjoying herself.

In that room no one knew that this young girl who was acting like a glutton was the sole daughter of the highest position in their world, no one knew she was the sole daughter of the Celestial Demon.

Everyone was almost entranced with her by just watching her way of eating and seeing Ashe enjoy the food presented to her mysteriously made the other customers crave for more food than they can eat.

"Can you get me the third thing she ate? The one with the heart of the Red Bison."

"I'll take two servings of Tri Horn Rhino, it seems like I am simply too hungry today."

Their appetite was starting to take over them and no one knew why. Ace saw the strange way of eating Ashe was doing and smiled as he also enjoyed the food in front of him, Altair was also the same as him.

At some point the atmosphere inside the Golden Spoon restaurant became lighter by a fold, everyone's mood became strangely lighter than the norm.

"Rea, how long do you supposed we need to go from here to the White Legion Canyon?"

Altair suddenly started talking to Rea about the mission. Rea heard him and for a time she was quiet as if she was calculating the time, then after a while, she answered.

"From the pace, we are currently moving I'd say about a month."

"Seriously? That will take a while then, but isn't there some kind of transport we can take?"

Altair asked. Rea started her thinking once more and paused for a moment before asking back.

"There's a way, but I'll have to look for a beast tamer in this city, although I doubt that I'll even find one, it's still worth a shot I want to look for one with everyone but I doubt they'll be done anytime soon."

Rea looked at the pair of gluttons and made a sigh, she then proceeded to stand up and then say.

"Hey Ace, I'll be leaving to find transport let's meet up in the central plaza of the city in three hours, also pay for the food with this."

Rea threw a spatial ring which contained Mortal Restoration Pills that numbers to thousands. Ace caught the spatial ring and nodded his head, he wanted to say something to Rea but Altair stood up first and announced.

"I'll go with you, I'm the one who brought this subject up so it's best if I come with you. Don't try to argue litt… Rea, I'll also be a good repellent for other men."

Rea wanted to say something back to this man in front of his but after hearing his words she chose to agree and motioned for Altair to come and follow.

"I'll see you later senior brother, I'll get us a good ride I promise."

Ace nodded his head and watch them get out of the restaurant, seeing their silhouettes disappear Ace was left with Ashe.

The two of them made small talks with one another as they ate the oncoming food, the atmosphere was calming but then everyone around them suddenly got weirdly quiet as someone in the restaurant suddenly greeted.

"Good to see you Young Master Min, we have been expecting you please follow me to the upper floors."

At this moment, four men and two women entered the restaurant. The man in the lead was an energetic man in his twenties, with his handsome face and luxurious clothes it was clear that he was the man named Min.

With two beautiful women on each arm, his image says much about his temperament and likings. Young master Min was a frequent customer of the Golden Spoon restaurant and he especially likes coming here to show off to women he likes to play with.

The waiter was very polite to young master Min and kept bowing to him like an ancestor. This lustful young man was the son of the City Lord after all.

Many people bowed to young master Min in order to show their respect, no one wanted to take the hate of the son of a Great Saint after all.


Young master Min nodded his head in acknowledgment to the waiter's greetings, he started walking for the stairs and as he did his eyes started to move about the first floor's customers and then his eyes finally landed on the Jade beauty Ashe.

Both his eyes squinted as an image of this beautiful woman begging him appeared inside his head. Translucent skin, perfectly proportionate body and a perfectly alluring face, she was the most perfect woman she had ever seen.

"Who is that girl? Where is she from?"

Young master Min asked the waiter and the waiter answered hesitantly.

"I'm sorry but I do not know her background, she's someone who just arrives in our establishment today so she's most likely from outside the city."

The waiter gave an honest answer to the question, he also made sure that he will be able to warn the young master about her unknown background but the young master seemed to have no care about it and with swagger walked up to Ashe.

"Young lady, it seems like you have quite the appetite, why don't you come with me to the upper floors and I can treat you to some more food."

He was sounded very kind and polite and as a young master of the city walking up to a woman himself was something that's rarely seen, he would at times let his bodyguards approach the lady before he does.

However, Ashe seemed to have no care about his 'sincerity' and just kept happily eating, she even spoke to Ace as if to tell Min that he was nothing but air.

Normally the young master Min would have been angered by this humiliating act but for the beauty, in front of him he just made up his mind that she just didn't hear him so he spoke up once again, this time he even touched her by the shoulders.

"Haha, Young lady w—"


His hand was slap away by Ashe and spoke up while taking another bite of the meat on her plate.

"Please don't touch me so easily, and get lost for me."

Tak! Tak!

Young master Min took a step back instinctively feeling danger was creeping up on him, however, this single action of him made him look scared of the harmless looking young lady in front of him.

What's more, is that he was told to get lost by a woman inside the city of his father, it was something he cannot live up with.

What was this if not an embarrassing situation? Everyone was most likely watching him and for him to take such demeaning actions it was something his prideful self cannot take so with a bit more force this time he grabbed Ashe by the shoulders and shouted.

"Don't be too arrogant or else I'll make you regret ever crossing me!!!"

Ace was about to make his move but before he can even lift his hand the sound of flesh being cut was clearly heard.




Min's hand fell to the floor with a thud and as if it was a fountain his blood spewed out everywhere.

"Argh, my hand!!"

Since she was a child Ashe did not care much other than having as much fun as possible and she got these tendencies from her the Grand Elders' eccentric teachings and the Peak Elders' spoiling.

However, she was also thought one more thing by her elder's especially by her parents and that is, "Don't be scared of being decisive and do what you need to do."

Ashe stood up and looked down upon Min who fell on his knees and said.

"Seems like second grandpa's method of teaching stubborn perverted people really works, but because it's too bloody I can't eat this anymore, now, how will you compensate us?"


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    《Heaven's Wrath》