Heaven's Wrath
60 A Scream that Resonated Within His Soul
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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60 A Scream that Resonated Within His Soul

"Argh, my arm, it hurts it's too much, you fucking bitch do you even know who I am!?"

Everyone who was eating inside the Golden Spoon restaurant stopped whatever they were doing and looked at the direction of the commotion.

With blood spurted all over the place and the young master of the City Lord's manor howling like an injured beast everyone inside knew that the next events will become ugly.

Many stood up as if wanting to approach the young master to give support while some just remained seated not knowing what to do, should they help the favored son of the City Lord or just continue watching the goddess who descended upon this land?

Ace, on the other hand, watch a scene in front of him was something the harmless looking Ashe has done and as he did his heart skip a single beat.

'What beauty' he thought inside his mind as he did nothing as the embodiment of elegance and ruthlessness was presented in front of him. He previously wanted to teach the perverted bastard a lesson but before he was even able to do so Ashe had already cut Min's right bad.

Ashe was ruthless and the expression she showed on her face was no different than when she was talking to Ace the other day.

At this moment a clean sword that is untainted by any form of impurities both on the inside and outside was seen on the pristine and gentle hands of Ashe.

"No I do not know who you might be but I do want to know who your parents are and see for myself what kind of imbeciles are capable of raising a man as disgusting as yourself."

She did not mince any of her words and at this time Ace realized something truly important and vital.

'If I was unable to control my urges back then…'

He did not want to think any further it seems like his instincts about Ashe being dangerous was spot on, he was truly thankful for his self-control.

"Get away from the young master!"


While Ashe was talking, the other three men who were with Min attacked all at once without holding anything back.

Three surging heavenly essences of high-level Minor Saints tore the air as the three bodyguards attack Ashe at the same time.

Ashe looked down upon these attacks as retaliation she raised her sword in one swift motion and a wave of sword qi broke the oncoming wave of attack.

Ashe did no use any heavenly essence only pure and unaltered force from her mastery of the sword and everyone in the restaurant finally knew that this girl was an expert.

The bodyguards who were facing her directly knew of the danger she holds but they don't have any leisure f backing down, their job was to keep the young master safe which already failed so the only thing they can do to make do for their failure was to make Ashe pay for what she has done.

In their eyes, defeating this woman in front of them was almost an impossibility but the key point was almost because if they come back to the Manor with the young master like this without anything to show for it then it's clear that their heads will roll.

What's better? To try and subdue a 'young beast' or face the wrath of a fully grown one?


The bodyguards knew the answer to that so they chose to stand up to Ashe and with a start, they were just about to advance when a melodious voice echoed in their ears.

"Sigh, I don't want to make any more causalities so sleep for a while."

Plop! Plop! Plop!

Three unconscious bodies plop down on the floor as Ashe appeared from one place to the other like a ghost. Her red clothes waved around like the flowing waves of a blazing flame.

Still in pain Min stared at his unconscious bodyguards with hopelessness and grieving depression. Those people were elites of their Manor, they were all at the peak of Minor Saint stage and seeing them unconscious like this made him feel the graveness of his actions.

'This woman is a maniac, I need to call my father.'

Min took out a talisman which he keeps hidden inside his spatial item in an attempt to call his father for help he wanted to break the divine sense that's engraved in the core of the talisman.

'Hehe, I will make father get this bitch good and before he kills I'll fucking first have a taste of her. You dare do this to someone of my status? I'll make you learn that the difference between us is heaven and earth."

Making a horrid smile he was about to destroy the divine sense with his left hand when a sword that's thin as a cicada's wings found its way into his wrist and with a slight motion to the left his remaining hand was cut off once again.


"Argh, my hand."

Another scream of pain was heard inside the entire restaurant, the emotion behind his screams was so intense that many were affected by him that the arrogant young master actually seems pitiful at this very instant.

With his tears continuously flowing out of his bloodshot eyes and his snot together with his saliva merging as he screams in pain which started coming out of the restaurant reaching the ears of nearby people.

Min looked horrible and many wanted Ashe to stop but no one had the balls to actually voice out their opinions in the fear of facing that sharp blade of hers.

Ashe took the talisman from Min's cut off left hand and then kept it inside her spatial ring before speaking to Min once again.

"Do you really want to make a scene that much? You're a man and when things go south for your little prideful self you immediately call help for your father?"

Showing a pained expression Ashe seemed have been disappointed for some reason.

'So this is the quality of men outside the sect? We are just a couple hours away from the sect and the first city we get into has this kind of people? Peace truly does make anyone dull, the first grandfather said that people near the "Death's Graveyard" and the other danger spots should have the strength tenfold of this guy.'

Disappointment clouded her heart as she faces the reality of the outside world. The blood she inherited from both her mother and father are something that craves for both blood and destruction so it was natural for her to feel this way in front of a spineless coward.

What is the most important factor in threading the Martial Path?

The Martial Heart and Ashe's here in the outside world to see what it has to offer and what kind of people will make her go to the extremes.

While she was feeling this sense of disappointment Ashe remembered something truly important and with a very gracious smile, she took Min by the collar of his clothes and walked closer to the waiter who led Min inside this restaurant.

"I'm sorry about the entire issue with this... young master, the payment of the food will be taken care of the people on the ground over there, Ace want to come with me to someplace entertaining?"

Ashe did not sound like a proper lady at that instant, Ace showed a wry smile on his face and stood up from the chair he was sitting on.

From start to finish of this little problem he had been keeping his quiet and observing Ashe's every movement and little quirks as he tried to understand more of this strange and eccentric friend of his.

"I'm sorry for the disturbance we have cause we will now be leaving."

Like always Ace sounded calm and collected when the extremes of every situation are present on his face. The one who just caused that loud and bloody ruckus was a friend of his and if she didn't cause all of that, he would most likely have done it himself.

Ace got out of the restaurant and saw Ashe asking some questions.


"Please let me go, I won't do this kind of things again so please just let me go."

Min was practically begging for life as he was dragged away by Ashe in the middle of the street. He was hurting all over and if not for his strong cultivation base then he would have died from the blood loss.

Ignoring the half-dead man on the floor Ace asked a question to Ashe.

"Where are we going exactly?"

Ashe's crimson eyes and white at this moment seem to resemble that of a devil, Ace was truly interested in what absurd things Ashe will do next.

Looking back at Ace's deep red eyes Ashe found something truly interesting as she answered him truthfully and without any hint of false.

"A place where we'll be to find a great place to stretch our muscles after a meal."

She did not lie as every word that came out of her mouth was the single truth she was thinking and although her answer was vague from the way she answered his question, Ace already knew where they'll go.

They're going to meet his lovely father.

Ace felt his blood boil and his soul tremble when this thought entered his mind and shout resonated within the sleeping beast in his Soul Seed and his own unique roar and that's.


His first encounter of the Martial World is about to come.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》