Heaven's Wrath
61 The talk of the Two Peak Elders
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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61 The talk of the Two Peak Elders

Immortal Demon Sect

After Ace and the others, the Elders made a fuss for a short while because of the sudden actions but after a while of thinking and deliberation, everyone got over it.

On the first peak of the Eleven Peak Mountains, the first elder and the second elder sat together while they some kind of clear tea and as for the snack they were eating normal beans.

The first elder made a sigh as he started thinking of Ashe going out of the sect, the second elder saw him doing this and could not help but comfort his old friend acting like this.

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure the little girl of the Heavenly Flames will look after little Ashe, you propose this yourself so have some confidence old man."

The second elder tried 'cheering up' his friend but when the first elder gave him a look in the eyes he knew that something was wrong so he asked and the first elder answered;

"It really is good thinking that everything will be fine, we may treat her as a frail little girl when the truth is nothing like that at all. Her bloodline has an innate craving for destruction and violence, she may look like a beautiful fairy but with the blood of Miwa and her father coursing through her…"

The first elder stopped his words, the second elder finally realizes what the first elder was talking about and took a sip of the teacup on his hands.

"Everything in the universe has a reason old friend, some may curse the 'Devils' of the past but because of their existence many things occurred that no one ever thought possible and just like the Devils, Ashe's existence will make a significant change in this boring world of ours."

The second elder made a silent laugh while the first elder said.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm scared about the coming changes the new generation will bring as a matter of fact I am glad that some changes will finally happen."

"Then, what are you so worried about? The 'Heavenly Flame' child already made the flow of time distorted and I fear that the child of 'Death' has already descended just like 'Revolving Sun', and the last of the 'Emperor' bloodline, our job in this world will soon come to a close as the new generation rise and Ashe will become one of the key people of the upcoming change."

The second elder took a deep breath as he announces his opinions to the first elder. They were old friends and since their childhood, a couple of hundred years ago so they have always talked about important things like this.

"We are powerful and we have achieved the right to live for eternity, but once everything falls into place then we will not know what will happen afterward, we can die during that event but we will also leave good saplings in this world."

In this world of mighty emperors and heaven-defying powers, Elders who practiced longer should have high pride that exceeds the norm and with their statuses of people who stand on top of the Nine Worlds, this two elders should not be talking about their time or anything that may have a connection about their downfall.

Their talk was originally Ashe leaving earlier but from what others may understand from their words will be, 'With Ashe's descent to the Old Dragon Continent change will come and the rise of unknown power will rise.'

Their words might be weird for many but from their profound knowledge, these words were not wrong in the least. Although their words seemed to be inappropriate and seem to have no clear meaning it was still something that one should remember.

With that said the first elder made another sigh as he spoke what was in his mind one more the only difference this time is that he was more at peace with himself that before and he came to accept that what's to come is inevitable.

"Well, everything will happen at some point I suppose, but you have to admit that our Old Dragon Continent is lucky. We have eight outstanding youths and the top rankers of the Celestial Demon Rankings are also blooming with talent.

"With the addition of the Revolving Sun, Bloodline Emperor, Heavenly Flame, Child of Death, Heavenly Demon and the four headaches of the sect I can say we have a good chance of living another hundred thousand years.

The first elder laughs wholeheartedly and the second elder looked at him with weird eyes.

"You always give them strangest nicknames the moment you see some potential in them, sigh, this is the reason why the other disciples who came here don't like their Monikers."

Revolving Sun, Bloodline Emperor, Heavenly Flame, Child of Death, and the Heavenly Demon these names were not names of peerless men of the Nine Worlds but the moniker they have given to future Core disciples.

The first elder snorted and said.

"Don't give me that shit, my nicknames are always on point and straightforward of what they are capable of so stop complaining or I'll tell your wife about your past adulteries."

The second elder froze for a moment and upon thinking that his wife will make him kneel because of what he had done the second elder immediately change the subject.

"Let us get back on topic, shall we? Ashe is out there now and we must get ready for what she'll do, I suppose a great change will come with her on the loose."

The first elder looked up at the sky and said with a smile.

"Everyone must stretch their wings before they can mature, I just wish our great teachings will help her when dealing with the people of the Martial World."

"Don't even dream about it old man, with your teachings plus the other elders' way of thinking if she were to actually use your teachings then a great culling will be done… in the… continent… that doesn't sound bad either."

With that said the second elder and the first elder proceeded to drink their teas and eating the snacks they were previously having.

Talking about old times and what is yet to come with great seriousness. What they don't know is that at this moment, while the sun is just about to set and the sky was about to turn into the color of beautiful hue something was happening in a nearby city.

While they were talking with a melancholic tone behind their voices something was coming to their world, the start is yet to begin but in three minutes after they took the final sip of their tea, the start of the oncoming change was set in a nearby city.


"So what now?"

Under the setting sun, Ace asked a question with his body and heart trembling for the people in front of him. His heart was beating fast and his blood was boiling as his muscles were starting to heat up.

His heavenly essence was just about to erupt when he was answered by Ashe who was just right beside him at the time.

"You can take them all, I will be meeting with the City Lord and deliver his son to him. I just have one request though, please try not to kill anyone."

With that Ashe disappeared from everyone's sight, Ace stood there alone with nothing but his hands clench as tightly as he could and with over a hundred people at the Minor Saint stage oozing with the intent to fight him.

He was told that they came here, to the City Lord's manor for something fun and before coming here Ace already had a thought of what will happen but actually facing a group of the guards still made his heart palpitate while his face showed seriousness.

This is his first fight as a cultivator outside the sect and he did not even know how this happened when he was just peacefully eating some delicious food earlier, however, he stood there alone with no weapons on hand and as he did a black flame erupted from beneath his feet as he started a group fight that he had missed for so long.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》