Heaven's Wrath
62 Destructive way of Learning
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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62 Destructive way of Learning

"State your name you bastard, you and that girl who disappeared with the young master will pay for the atrocities you have committed we greatly outnumber you so give up now or face death."

With the setting sun in their backs and opponent in front and a crowd forming to watch an oncoming act of brutal one-sided execution, the guards took deep breaths.

They saw what the other girl was capable of by disappearing in front of them while they took a stand, but it seems like this kid in front of them was nothing special other compared to that girl so they have confidence.

Standing tall and proud these middle-aged group of people was simply raring to go and annihilate this youngster, they were confident that they will win but the next scenes proved them otherwise.


Ace took the initiative by creating a <<Blazing Pillar>> Ace made the formation of his opponent's disorder and with that, he dove ahead and went to the middle of their group.

The guards were all wearing black clothing and on their hand was a spear which they pointed at Ace who in the middle of the formation, everyone was tense as it was their first time apprehending a 'criminal' like this.

They had seen maniacs throughout their service in the Red River City but they had never seen a criminal with such audacities like Ashe and Ace, coming here while attracting the attention of the people as young master Min screamed for help it was a seen that no one could ever imagine.


Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! Boom!!

Sounds of explosions were heard in front of the City Lord's Manor, Ace got ready and covered himself with black lightning as he moved around while using <<Flash Steps>> and <<Lightning Demon Body>> for the first time outside the sect.

Crack!! Boom!!

As the clap of lightning echoed throughout the entire area Ace moved as if he was a snake that's about ready to coil around the body of everyone and as he did he called out a <<Flame Serpent>> and made it surround the people in front of him trapping them like they were inside a cage.

The road at the City Lord's Manor was wide but it was not wide enough to accommodate Ace's fifteen meters wide and large <<Flame Serpent>> so with his <<Core Flames>> which he uses to form the serpent he made the serpent smaller as to not make any unnecessary destruction.

A serpent made of bright flame was lit up and immediately made the surrounding a living hell for Ace's opponent, however, even with his attempt to reduce the surrounding damage Ace still cause unwanted damages when his flames melted the roofs of the nearby houses.

"This is getting out of hand, if I keep this for too long I'll burn the whole city down. I heard that they don't use durable materials here because the number if beasts are hunted by the sect so it's relatively safer than other places in the continent."

Ace moved ahead once again and made called out two serpents of blazing flames a she made them devour the enemies in front of him, he was ruthless but he made sure that he did not kill anyone.

"Get him!! You son of a bitch I'll fucking kill you, you dare challenge the power of the City Lord?"

Ace smiled as he prepared himself to finish this the next instant, he clasped his hand together and another clap of thunder was heard.

Slowly, a spear of lightning formed from pure blue colored lightning and as he did so a tide of people wearing black started rushing from all sides as they attempted to trap his movements.

This is one of the many advantages of attacking with an organized and trained force, if you have enough cooperation it is possible to dominate those who are far stronger than oneself.

Ace was rushed and as if he did

'We got him, now we have to find the...'

Normally, no one would be able to escape from a formation of tens of Minor Saint ganging up on a single seventh level Minor Saint, however, that only applies to normal people and as for Ace he was far from being normal.

The act of creating a skill is nothing strange for Ace at this point, if he has enough control with his element and with a base skill then he does not have anything to worry about creating a new Martial Skill that has yet to appear in this world and so at this moment Ace made a skill to counter this group of human around him.

Like the veins of a fully grown tree, chains made of bright red flames erupted from out of nowhere and wrapped around the bodies of his unknowing opponents.

With the body of the <<Flame Serpent>> as the catalyst and his <<Core Flames>> as the elemental shackle that puts everything together, Ace created a skill which binds enemies and deals damage at the same time.

'Ding… <<Chains of Underworld>> created.'

The flaming chains did not eat through their flesh but as because of his heavenly essence and control of flames the <<Chains of Hell>> acted like torture for those who are affected.

No matter if it was someone who has experience horrible and torturous events this kind of experience where you are wrapped around by fire was something that will make you howl with pain.

There were twenty people around Ace but he was able to entrap at least ten people or more around him, at this point he was getting bored by this kind of fight and so with the <<Indra's Spear>> on his hand he moved with blinding speed.

"<<Black Storm Lightning>> + <<Demonic Lightning Body>> + <<Flash Steps>>, I'm already late at the meetup point, Rea will surely blow a fuse for not our little agreement on time."

He was in a hurry so he can avoid any kind of nagging from Rea, at this point he and the others can't possibly stay inside this city so they have to move out of town while the moon watches over them.

Clap!! Crack!! Boom!!

Ace moved like a blinding light as no one was able to follow his movements, and with the <<Chains of Underworld>> hindering the others' movements Ace was able to sweep through everyone and destroy them like a thousand years old magical beast destroying a little valley.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》