Heaven's Wrath
63 A Demoness Inside the City Lord“s Manor
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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63 A Demoness Inside the City Lord“s Manor

As the sun set and the moon took over watching the world, Ashe sat in front of the Red River City's City Lord.

Inside the City Lord's Manor, the decorations were luxurious as the Earth-rank treasure Luminous Pearls were used as decorations and lights inside the manor.

In front of Ashe were three men, the one in the middle standing in the middle wearing the luxurious robes adorned by beautiful crystals and embroideries is clearly the money loving City Lord, his pig-like physique also says his character.

With five layers of fat, and head which seem to be lacking a neck, this fatso was the City Lord of the Red River City. His beady eyes rolled over to Ashe with caution as if he, a third level Great Saint with a youngster like her.

Two old men stood behind him and their strength were both at the first level of Great Saint stage and with the third level Great Saint stage City Lord these group of three were the strongest might in the whole city.

Looking at Ashe who sat at the sofa and at the young master Min beside her, as they stood there no one spoke a word and observed this young ladies action they were left with no next move.

Strange things happened to them on the inside as they stood there in front of Ashe, their Soul Embryos revolved inside them trying to keep their hearts calm but they felt as though their hearts will come out of their mouths if they speak.

However, that is not the worst thing because while Ashe sat there smiling an invisible pressure enveloped them and made them want to prostrate themselves in front of her, she did nothing but they felt they needed to show her respect.

'This girl is not as simple as she looks.'

All three of them thought at the same time.

Time passed like this for a while until they heard an explosion coming from outside after that explosion a towering black flame emerge from out of nowhere followed by roars of the guards desperately trying to fight an opponent they can't seem to even touch.

They did not have any eyes outside but they could feel that the enemy outside were strong to the enough to keep hundreds of guards busy and from what they could tell the sounds of lacerating lightning came from this expert.

'Who the hell are these brats? Are they from the Immortal Demon Sect or are they from the White Legion? Shit, this useless son of mine has brought trouble for me once again, this brat, if you're not my son I would have skinned you alive a long time ago.'

The City Lord cursed as he looked at his sobbing son and then as his eyes wandered around Ashe who had been quiet all this time finally said something to the three people in front of him.

"I don't have time to deal with you as my fried outside seems to be enjoying himself too much that he's about to make all your guards fall asleep so here what I am here for."

Ashe took a deep breath, before using some kind of mysterious force to fling Min in front of her and show his pathetic image to his father.

The handless young master Min beside her saw his father and tears immediately started rolling down his face as he recalled what Ashe did to him.

"Father, please help your filial son, I have been wronged by her and took your name for granted treating it like it is nothing but air."

Half of his words were not a lie, he was humiliated by Ashe by being paraded to the city while he's in this kind of conditions and it was also true that she took the name heaviness of the City Lord's name for granted.

However, instead of taking pity to the young master the City Lord, in turn, scowled at him and gave him a nasty glare, if the other two experts behind him the City Lord would have kicked his son a couple of times to add some more injury.

With both hands, cut and heavenly essence disrupted by some kind of force young master Min lay on the floor powerless without any power to resist Ashe.

"Your kid tried to assault me earlier so I cut off his hands and instead of repenting for what he did when I left him alone for a while he pulled out a Protective Talisman and of course you know what that meant… I'll keep this simple, I just want some few things in order to calm myself down."

Ashe pulled out the talisman she took from Min and showed it to the City Lord. The talisman was nothing more than a few inches long piece of paper with a piece of the divine sense the City Lord place in it, which she used to track this place down.

The owner of the divine sense was nothing but an amateur who was not able to make any proper preparations to block any kind of backtracking method so it was easy for Ashe to find this place and determine where the talisman came from.

Hearing her the City Lord was made to hate this girl in front of him even more, he cursed her for her wickedness. She already cut off two of his son's hands so what more could she ask for?

'This bitch is too malicious. Just look at my son writhing in pain with the injuries you gave her and you want to take more? Cursed you bitch all the way to your ninth descendants.'

The City Lord cursed Ashe with all his heart but because he did not have the courage to say those words he could only swallow those words and say;

"What do you need then...? I don't know your name little girl so can you please te..."


A clear sound of a sword moving with great speed in front of the City Lord was heard. Nothing was cut other than a few strands of his hair from the City Lord's head but it was as if his throat was cut when his voice couldn't seem to find its way out.

Third level Great Saint, that's the level of his cultivation and those old men behind him were both at the same stage only a bit lower, however, not one of them was ever able to detect her sword moving and the minute sound they heard only became visible when they noticed that Ashe was already standing in front of the City Lord.


They all swallowed the saliva starting to form in their throats and as they did the low voice of Ashe was heard.

"You don't need to know anything like my name it's not important anyway, the only reason why I am still here in front of you and not killing this bastard is that I don't want to dirty my hands any further by having the dirty blood of someone like him, now listen to my demands or else I'll kill him myself and soon your heads will also follow with him."


They swallowed a mouthful of their saliva once again because, at that instant, everything about this girl changed in a manner of seconds. Her silver hair seems to be moving by the immense pressure she was producing herself and her own being became entirely different.

Her crimson pupils seemed to revolve as an immense pressure came out of her body that bombarded the City Lord and the other two old men behind him, Min was also affected and his body was almost flattened by the said pressure.



The two old men with their weaker body could not handle the pressure anymore and were made to kneel down before Ashe and as for the City Lord who was younger and slightly stronger than the two endured for another ten seconds before being forced to kneel in front of someone younger.


'Such humiliation, this girl is dangerous if I don't do anything I'll surely die.'

Realizing this simple fact he immediately asks.

"I apologize please let me know what the young goddess wants and I, Han, will thread the Hellish Domain of our continent."

When he said that Ashe seemed to have been pleased and the pressure quickly vanished the next second.

Han, was all smile when he raised his head and saw Ashe's beautiful and calm face he thought that the worst thing was avoided, then Ashe spoke;

"I just want two simple things, first would be the reimburse and apologize for your son's crime to the Golden Spoon restaurant. My grandfather frequent that place so I don't want it having any kind of bloody rumors resulting for it to be closed down."

Ashe said her first simple demand and Han, who heard Ashe furiously nodded his head as he said with confidence.

"Of course, I also frequent the restaurant so I'll do everything to reimburse the Golden Spoon restaurant for their loses."

Han was practically on the ground kneeling when he said these words which made his image look like a retainer trying his to appease his master's anger.

'It's something that simple? I'll just apologize to those bunch and they'll even be honored if I do that making my position look more respectable, haha, this little bitch is not so bad after all.'

"Then as for my the other thing... I change my mind, I'll leave it at that, this 'little girl' is satisfied with that I will leave now after all."

Han heard Ashe and thought that this girl was about to leave with those words. The words Ashe had just used emphasized Han's words of calling her earlier so he immediately said something before she could even take her first step.

"Don't worry young fairy goddess, I am the Lord of this City so I will do everything I can if it's to appease your anger. Please tell me what you want and I shall do it, I can even buy the Golden Spoon restaurant for you if the young fairy goddess wants to."

He sounded desperate, he couldn't let a monster like this leave his city with a grudge for something like a slip of a tongue he made earlier so without holding back he made offers to Ashe, which Ashe replied with a hidden smile.

"Are you sure City Lord Han? This is pretty hard you know?"

"No, No, nothing is hard if it's for someone like your standing in this world."

"Oh, then I'll lower my last request's level of difficulty then... Please castrate your son yourself, I reconsidered killing him for City Lord Han but for his trivial crimes I'll let him off with this, City Lord Han will do this right? You will do anything for me correct?"

He made a sigh of relief inside his mind when he heard Ashe's words, but when the next words entered his ears the only reaction he could make was silence and as he listened to Ashe's words, the more it sounded like the whispers of a Demonness than a fairy.

"I... I can't do..."

He stammered to say that he can't do what she wants but a sword was drawn to his head as he heard a voice rang inside his head.

"You can't? Then I'll take your whole families legacy then, one little thing will save your whole family so it is nothing but a trivial matter."

Han heard Ashe and his back started to sweat like crazy, he didn't doubt the legitimacy of her words because he knew that she was dead serious of doing what she had just said.

"Father!? Please don't listen to him, no, no, noooo."

He did not know when he had done it but he had already taken a sword from his spatial ring and had castrated his son without him even realizing it, he looked around and wanted to see if Ashe was around and when he did he found not even a shadow of a fair young maiden.

What he didn't know was that after Ashe's last words she did not stick around to see if he will do it or not as she had already left for outside, why didn't she stick around? Because she heard the scream coming from inside.


"Ace let's go, Rea and Altair should be fuming with anger right about now."

She got out of the City Lord's manor without any problems and with a smile so honest and pure she spoke to Ace about leaving which Ace replied with.

"Yeah sure, Rea will be truly angered this time, it's been an hour since."

The disappeared leaving hundred of injured guards and unknown damages inside the City Lord's Manor.
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    《Heaven's Wrath》