Heaven's Wrath
64 Leaving the City
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Heaven's Wrath
Author :FallacyPage
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64 Leaving the City

Central Area of the Red River City.

Rea and Altair waited together for Ashe and Ace with two magical beasts with them.

Ace and Ashe met up with the Rea and Altair two hours after the original plan but to Ace's surprise, it would seem that Rea had already known that they were fighting earlier, at least she knew Ace was.

"How did you know I was fighting? Were you guys watching from somewhere? You should have joined me Altair, brawls are not so easy to start outside of the sect it's a rare chance to have a fight like that after all."

Ace said filled with enthusiasm and delight. The single fight he had just now was enough to make up for the last few days he missed having one, it was as if an unreachable itch was finally taken care of, that's the kind of feeling he had at the moment.

"I was able to see a pillar of black flames and the <<Flame Serpent>> senior brother always use so we were able to ascertain it was you, after all, no one in this continent can match your use of that technique even if they wanted to.

"Also, about not going there, I really wanted to fight and try something out but it felt like I'll just be in your way and hinder senior brother if I went there besides, I was together with Rea and with your tardiness it felt like I was about to get scorched at any moment,"

Altair stated his misgivings at Ace with his voice lowered as much as possible, he did not want to let Rea what he's saying in fear of getting beaten up. He had seen her capabilities before and he knew that he will not even able to hold out against her for a few seconds in sparring.

"I understand what you're talking about and sorry about being late."

Nodding his head Ace showed his understanding notion and sorry to Altair, the two talked for a short time and as they did Rea and Ashe was having a secret conversation of their own.

"Sorry about that Rea, I never thought that it will take that long, it seems like I unknowingly took too much time taking care of trashes in the city. I truly am sorry for the delay."

Ashe bowed and hectically apologize for what she had done, Rea's face showed a smile as a light tone escape from her lips.

"It's fine already, but tell me, what did you do exactly?"

She asked with curiosity, although she was able to make out some things from the talks all over the place, it is still important for her to know what exactly happens and take action from there.

Ashe didn't even hesitate when she answered with a smile on her face.

"I asked the City Lord punish his son, although it was a pretty severe punishment the City Lord push to correct his son's mistake."

When she said these words no lie and doubt was mixed in her heart, she was straightforward and told seemed so pure like an angel that no one would have been able to connect her to the Demonness like lady earlier, even the City Lord will doubt himself.

"So what did the City Lord did to punish his son?"

Ashe smiled and said.

"He castrated him, although I left before he can cut it off though. I am still a maiden, after all, it's inappropriate for me to see a man's partner unless I kill them or marry them, well that's mother told me otherwise."

Rea's inner self nodded to what Ashe has said.

'She's right, it's like how I'm only allowed to see my love's partner.'

Without any kind of way to show other people her true self, it would seem that even Rea was having difficulty when it comes to keeping her inner thoughts under control, so much so that she let a blush slip into her arrogant countenance.

Ashe saw her and could not help but let out low giggling sounds, she was aware that something but she's not keeping it to herself. To keep a secret you have to lie and from what Ashe could tell, Rea was good at keeping that lie but bad at keeping it up for so long.

'She's sleeping up with her act, well she's an amateur compared to me, hehe.'

For some complicated and stupid reason, Ashe showed a triumphant smile as if she had won something nice when she was no better than Rea when it comes to lying.

Two girls with an unknown amount of power that can easily scare a City Lord witless in mere moments and two boys who absolutely don't have any idea what kind of monsters living inside them, this group from the Immortal Demon Sect was something else all right.


The whine of the bird was heard as they had their own conversations, Ace's attention was pulled towards at the two feathered magical beasts that's beside Rea and immediately his excitement and curiosity were immediately lit up.

With a body as large as an elephant, the head of a hawk, claws that are sharper than any sword, and green feathers that are harder than normal steel, Ace was left in awe as he stared at these beasts.

"Killer Tree Hawks, these guys should be around eighty years old, oh, they're already at the fifth level of Minor Saint stage? They are nearing their bloodline evolution phase."

Ace approached these beasts and started checking them like a true expert or magical beasts, starting from its head all the way to the tip of its tail Ace observed them while making comments.

These beasts were known as Killer Tree Hawks, with their green feathers they are almost undetectable when they dive down from above and into a forest filled with trees.

Feared for their speed that is said to top even the Eagle Kings, they are fierce predators that hunt even higher level magical beasts, although that's the case these fierce feathered beasts were easily tamed by cultivators who specializes in taming beasts.

With the Records of the Ancient burned inside his head, Ace was like a walking information bank about beasts, no matter what kind of beasts it is he had it recorded inside his mind.

However, Rea and the others did not know that such a wonderful book like the Records of the Ancient exist so they could only think that Ace specializes in this kind of dealings.

"You're awesome senior brother, you know everything about the Killer Tree Hawks in one look. Except for the bloodline what senior brother just said was everything the old man in the [Red Den], where we got these guys said, you're like a true expert."

Realizing what he had just said Ace finally calmed down. This is the first time he actually sees a magical beast without having it together with someone he does not like or from having been picked up with it.

Ace scratches his head and said with a straight face.

"I did some learning before coming to the sect. I am pretty fond of them after all. Well enough of that, what will we do now, or a much better question, where will head to now? We can't exactly stay here after all that happened."

He asked as he hurriedly got away from the Killer Tree Hawks. Directing his eyes to Rea waiting for an answer.

"Red Tiger Valley, we have to pass there before going to White Legion City. We'll be leaving as fast as possible, so Ace, you get on with Altair I'll ride with her."

Ace and Altair looked at each other, they didn't have anything against one another but they the sight of disappointment showed in their eyes.

They didn't stay at Red River City any longer as they immediately mount the Killer Tree Hawks as soon they finish finalizing the route they will take.


Three hours after Ace, Altair, Ashe, Rea and the news about Ace and Ashe's little incident in Red River City entered the ears of Miwa and as it did, she sighed as she murmured to herself;

"She didn't even finish a single day outside the sect before doing something like this."
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    《Heaven's Wrath》