I, Luv Hiu
6 Chapter 5: Rainbows
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I, Luv Hiu
Author :luvhiu
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6 Chapter 5: Rainbows

"Does the name ring a bell..ah Ms. Hiu?" asked my show producer. I was only able to convince my head to nod.

"If you've got a problem with this guy, just tell me. But I'm sure he'll be selected based on speculations from the top." he said as he walk away, leaving me all alone in my nostalgia.

I looked down the floor and was immersed with my thoughts when I noticed the clouds forming underneath my shoes.

It was raining when I got out the office.

Still unable to compose myself, I walked towards the parking lot staring at the wet pavement.

I was unaware of the rain pouring down.

Only a few meters away from my car, an image formed in the reflection in the wet concrete floor.

It was Thomas Jonathan Gone carrying the umbrella.

I stopped and closed my eyes.

I was convincing myself to stop the delusion.

"Never will I fall again" I said repeatedly.

Slowly, things suddenly got better.

I no longer have the tense nostalgic feeling.

I no longer feel the clouds underneath my shoes.

I no longer feel the cold rain.

I no longer feel the cold rain... But I was hearing the droplets collected on the sides of the umbrella covering me.

I opened my eyes as quick as the thought which made my body froze.

Standing beside me was Thomas Jonathan Gone.
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    《I, Luv Hiu》