I Am The System
1 Eridu
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I Am The System
Author :M_T
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1 Eridu

system update... 100%. ....establishing figures and facts.... giving host all the information about the world ...giving the host all the information about the system ...

"status window"



[skills: Mental stability (passive) , system knowledge (passive) , ]

[Rank : F]

Main quest Update.

[ Quest : stabilise the village ]

walking toward the village ,I get what 'stabilise' means the people looked broken, despair everywhere kid are crying, women are wailing, and men are gashing their teeth ,looking at the corpse of the 15 headless men.



"CALM DOWN "(Ajax) All the village looked at me with respect in there eyes.

"7 years , it was seven years ago when the goblins caught me they throw me to the slave village"

I took a deep breath remembering those hell years .

"3 years later we mange to escape been hunted by goblins since then . we took the swamps as our home for more than a year ,still the goblin found us .WE RUN NO MORE, WE WILL FIGHT "(Ajax)

The look of the villager changed ,they believe me, because i never failed them since i became the village chef.

[Quest successful : you reward is village construction stone ]

[Quest : construct a village ]

" bury the dead ,then pack your belongings. we are going to the valley "(Ajax)

[ location : The Valley ]

the valley is also in the north mountain , there is a large lake of clean water , the place is also easy to defend but , we were looking to run not to fight .

I put the construction stone in the ground . suddenly building were rising

[construction complete, Quest complete : 1000 is rewarded ]

"what kind of magic is that " (villager)

"we can't call you village chief any more sir , you are our lord ,LONG LIVE THE LORD "(villager)

"LONG LIVE THE LORD"(villager)

"LONG LIVE THE LORD"(villager)

"THIS VILLAGE NAME IS Eridu, move to the village .Alfred go to the big manor ."

[ Eridu village]

[ population : 182 ]

[ military power : H ]

[ constructed building : 20 houses ,Forge]

I quickly reached the manor, where i found the Alfred waiting

"Lord ajax"(Alfred)

it was Alfred , he an white hair old man , His face is timeworn and it is wrinkled,but his eyes is as bright as a the stars .

[Name : Alfred ]

[gender : male ]

[skill : none ]

[Traits : loyal , smart , fast learner ]

"Alfred , from now on you will deal with all non military action , food , farming , mining , building . if you face any kind of problem you can't solve report directly to me. you should go help the villager settle in"(Ajax)

"yes , sir "(Alfred)

"and Alfred , start building some houses , we will start raiding village to save salves "

Alfred left and fire was burning in his eyes .

In my bag there is hundreds of small rice like crystals, all looted from the from the crops of goblins

. the moment i put my hand inside

[Discovering a mane crystals . Amount : 720 F type crystal change to 360 shop point , Accept Y/N]


i left the system alone ,and opened the bedroom door ... there is an actual bed , never seen that since i came to this world.


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