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I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband
Author :KazzenlX
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Hello my dearest readers, this author has an important announce for all of you so please read this update until the end. ^.~

Ahh, it's been more than a month since I last updated this book. Did you miss our characters? Who is the character you missed the most? 

I checked the comment section for the last two chapters of this book and saw questions there so I've thought about doing an interview to answer your queries. Of course, I invited the main character of ILYM to do the interview, so let's start!

DAVI: Hello author-san! I'm so glad you chose me and my husband to be your interviewer. *smiling warmly* 

SEI: *silent, in chibi mode* 

KAZZEN: Of course, you guys are the main characters here so choosing you both are a given. *grinned*

DAVI: Okay, the readers really wanted some answers so we better start now. *turned to her quiet hubby and whispered at him* Uhm… darling, it's your part.

*Sei cleared his throat first before he started reading the notes in his hand* 

SEI: First question… when will you release the promised after story?  

KAZZEN: Ah, I'm afraid I can't give you the exact date but it will definitely come. Of course, I hope my dear readers can wait. Don't worry I already started writing it and I will promise you guys that your waiting will be worth it. Because the after story will be all about their journey as a family. You will see what kind of husband Sei would be like when his dear wife is pregnant until she gave birth. Of course, Hinari and Zaki's married life will also be included. So please look forward to it. *grinning wide* 

DAVI: *blushed* Well, hubby wasn't with me when I found out that I'm pregnant until I gave birth so I'm kind of looking forward to his reactions as well. *Smiled excitedly at Sei*

*Sei just cleared his throat again but he also looked excited.*

DAVI: Okay, second question. What happened to Zaki? Was he cured? The readers are also asking if you are planning to include the answer of these questions in the after story.

KAZZEN: Yeah, I saw a lot of questions about that and this was one of the main reason why I decided to do an interview. I'm sorry but I'm not planning to include Zaki's battle with his illness in the after story. It's because the after story will be focused in their marriage life and I don't want to include depressing and sad moments in it. Moreover, there will be a time leap so the talk about Zaki's cure won't be tackled in this book's upcoming volume…

SEI: *silent*

DAVI: So does this mean that you will not reveal if Zaki is cured or not? *curious*

KAZZEN: Haha, Zaki's fans would get mad if I do that. *sweat drops* 

DAVI: But you said you won't include it in the after story. 

KAZZEN: That's right. It won't be revealed in this book. 

SEI: !!!

DAVI: Eh? Not in this book? Could it be that you will make another book for Zaki?!

KAZZEN: *grinning* Hehe. No, there won't be a new book about Zaki alone.

DAVI: Come on dear author, just spill the beans. *sweat drop*

KAZZEN: Okay, okay. Honestly, there's still a lot of questions about Zaki's character. There's more about him that wasn't revealed in ILYM. I can say that there are still some mysteries unsolved about him. But of course, I won't reveal anything here. *evil grin* If the readers want to find out more about Zaki, even about whether he will survive or not, I'm asking every loyal reader of mine to migrate in my other novel, I HATE YOU DEVIL. 

DAVI: So you mean, Zaki will be one of the major characters in that book?

KAZZEN: Hmm… he will be one of the most important character there. Of course, the rest of you will be there too. *wink*

DAVI: Aww… really?!!

KAZZEN: Yep, so my dearest readers, if you miss ILYM's characters, come meet them again in I HATE YOU DEVIL. That story might have its own flavor but I think if you loved ILYM, then you would definitely love I hate you devil too. I'm advertising it here because I can't see most of ILYM's readers there. T^T I wonder if they didn't like the idea of rebirth but there is a reason why it needed to be that way. Everything has a purpose. And I assure you guys that it wasn't a depressing story. I saw some comments saying that they think the novel will be another cliché rebirth story that is focused on depressing and endless revenge and that's why they dropped it upon reading the first two chapters, but no, really, I hate you devil is not a revenge story. Like, who set the rules that all rebirth stories will always be all about revenge, revenge and revenge? I'm not saying that my FL is a goody-to-shoes that will never retaliate. Actually, she's a strong woman. If I would describe her, I would say, she's like chess player, someone who stay lowkey ns silent until it's time for her to say 'checkmate'. And you won't be seeing her real ability in the first 100 chaps ^^. But I just wanna say that I hate you devil is fun and not a tragic type so please give it a try. ^^ It is connected to ILYM. And there's a much deeper connection between Zaki dear and our male MC there. 

DAVI: Wow, that's some great surprise! I wonder what will be our role there. *grinned* And uhm… connection? Now I'm curious.

KAZZEN: That will be answered there. *zip mouth* About your roles… you two will always be yourselves. Hehe. But I think you will have more appearance there than your husband. 

*Sei's face immediately darkened*

KAZZEN: Haha, it's a joke Sei the great! I just wanna tease you because you're such a no good interviewer. 

SEi: *silent*

KAZZEN: Ah, I have this question for you Sei. What do you prefer? A baby girl or a baby boy?

SEI: B-baby? *surprised and then suddenly knelt in one knee before his wife*

SEI: My wife… are you pregnant?!

KAZZEN: Haha, er… I'm just asking okay? Now I kind of feel a bit worried when your wife gets pregnant again. *grin*

DAVI: Hehe. Hubby, please go back to your seat. Let us close the interview first. Author-san, do you still have a word to say?

KAZZEN: Okay, so dear readers, the after story is still on the process but while waiting for it, you guys have to read I hate you devil, and meet our beloved characters there again and of course meet the new ones while uncovering some mysteries and sailing for another journey. SEE YOU THERE. *wink*

DAVI & SEI: See you guys in I hate you devil. *waved* 

*Curtain closed*

P.s. if you still have questions, drop it in comment box and i might release another interview to answer it...


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