I'll do anything to grab my wish
4 Chapter 4 Fight 1
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I'll do anything to grab my wish
Author :SpiralCat
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4 Chapter 4 Fight 1

After get into position with a ruble surrounding her and make it as a defense wall, Eliana make a sniper rifle with 200 bullet that depleted almost all of her many and make her almost fainted, she tried to kill the weakest monster first to get a level up and restore her Mp instantly and her target to kill is a weak looking zombie because when you hit their head they will instantly dies, her next target will be slime, this one is rather tricky because you must hit their core to kill them instantly, but their core will always move inside their body and make it hard to hit.

Eliana Winter: Yosh, I got a nice cover, to protect me from flying debris and projectile from enemy weapon, now I can slaughter them and level up easily.

System: I don't want to reduce your confidence, but please remember this place is a monster nest you must be prepared to get some ambush from assassin like monster or be sniped from a distant by some unknown enemy, so don't let your guard down, stay focus, and mind your surrounding.

Eliana Winter: Alright, alright, let's do it, start early and end it early, so I can eat and rest properly.

Eliana ready her sniper rifle, shoot true to her target. She always do one shot one kill, and she have a high precision targeting, and with her night vision she become a night hunter, that kill without mercy, every kill always make her bloodlust up, and every 10 to 15 minute she must rest to calm her bloodlust, if not the high leveled monster can sense her bloodlust and track him down.

Headshot first blood, double kill, triple kill, ..., exterminate, all zombie has been eliminated.

Eliana Winter: Fyuh, zombie is really easy to kill and their stat is just a joke, they are basically dummy target that almost don't move from their position, if it moving, they are just wondering around aimlessly. Is their existence a joke?, even I don't feel like I exterminate 15 Zombie that have level from 8 to 17. And system can you show me the zombies status?, please.

System: host has successfully killed 15 zombies that have lvl between 8 to 17

This is a crude stat from zombies you killed

Zombies A: lvl: 10 Hp: 450 Mp: 25 Atk: 40 Def: 25 Eva: 15

Zombies B: lvl: 17 Hp: 650 Mp: 40 Atk: 55 Def: 40 Eva: 20

Ding! You gained 1500 exp

Eliana Winter: They give me a little exp like goblin, every kill gave me 150 exp, now my exp is [2000/5000]

System: I agree with you, but please, never underestimate your enemies, for example zombies can evolve into a ghoul that have faster speed, and precise attack that can penetrate steel plate and can kill you with one swing of their claw.

Eliana Winter: hey system I'm just wondering if I can give you a name? So I don't always say system here, system there, it make me feels weird.

System: sure you can, but I will not accept if you give me some ridiculous name, like schwein or something like that.

Eliana Winter: do you have a grudge with me or something like that, or I'm just have a bad naming sense?

System: you don't need to know and just hurry up and be done with it.

Eliana Winter: okay then, well let me think hmmm, whats good name for the system if it from my previous life, I know some system name like skynetizen, black queen, \u0026 blue queen. I wonder if it good if I give it a female name. Okay then I will name you Ely do you like it?.

Ely: I like it from now on please call me Ely, please take care of me host.

Eliana Winter: okay then and please call me Eliana from now on and please take care of me too, now let's get back to business!.

Ely: nope I will not change the way I call you, because it's really convenient for me

Eliana Winter: up to you Ely and just let me get back to the business please.

Eliana ready her sniper rifle again and shoot at the slime from her hiding spot, but her shot almost miss their core but fortunately her strength is better than the slime so even if her shot miss the core she can still kill them with one shot one kill.

Eliana Winter: What a nice way to level up, killing weak monster like this and become stronger I feel somewhat empty inside, Ely can you show me the slime status?.

Ely: host has successfully killed There are 30 Slime that have level from 6 to 10

This is a crude stat from Slime's you killed

Zombies A: lvl: 6 Hp: 150 Mp: 15 Atk: 20 Def: 5 Eva: 10

Zombies B: lvl: 10Hp: 250 Mp: 20 Atk: 35 Def: 10 Eva: 25

Ding! You gained 6000 exp

Ding! You have leveled up

Eliana Winter: They give me more exp than zombies and goblin why?, every kill gave me 200 exp, now my exp is [5000/6000].

Ely: The slime you kill are a unique monster they are metal slime, poison slime, \u0026 acid slime, sometime they are really tricky to kill, because of their ability like metal slime have hardening, acid can melt your weapon and arrow, poison slime can poisoned you to death, well I guess you are lucky, btw you don't get to see their race because you don't have their species knowledge.

Eliana Winter: but why didn't you tell me earlier Ely?

Ely: well like host like system, I'm too lazy to inform you so you can learn it yourself in the next city adventurer guild.

Ding! You got Marksmanship Passive Skill

Ding! You got Snipe Active Skill

Ding! You got Knife Mastery

Ding! You got Sneak Passive Skill

Ding! You got Camouflage Active Skill

Eliana Winter: damn you Ely, I will not argue with you and as expected from fantasy world they always have adventurer guild, and wow I get a lot of skill just from killing zombies and slime, well I leveled up to like expected from the exp I get by killing 30 slimes.

Ely: I feel sympathy toward them now because of you, poor slime, please let them rest in peace and not become extinct from too much hunted, well they are really profitable.

Eliana Winter: I will expect many kind of magic stone with different quality and property from them, hua hua hua hua, I love it I can get rich and life in comfort in a nice house.

Ely: don't day dreaming, we still get something to be done here.

Eliana Winter: why can't you let me have my moment, btw can I use my free gacha ticket and my gacha and shop point here?.

Ely: I suggest not now, because maybe in the city you will get some special gacha that can drop some mythical or divine item for you.

Eliana Winter: okay for now I will believe you for that special gacha and what about the shop?

Ely: the mysterious shop will be opened when you complete your 1st mission in the city, even if it expensive you sometime can get to see mythical and divine item, if you have the point you can even buy it from there.

Eliana Winter: hmmm, okay then next target is the skeleton group.

Eliana try to change spot but it become harder to shoot the target, she make spare bullet for her sniper rifle and make a SMG UMP 45 and 10x 45 ACP cartridge for close range combat that take almost 1000 of her Mp. When she exterminate the weak skeleton like skeleton soldier, skeleton archer, and skeleton mage that feel like some brittle brick from afar with her sniper she got an idea to challenge the skeleton knight in hand to hand combat.

She store her gun at her inventory and take her knife in both hand and launch a surprise attack at skeleton knight, 2 of them instantly killed, but the 4 other was alarmed and prepared for a fight, Eliana launch a pre-emptive attack but skeleton soldier always parried her attack with their shield and launch give a counter attack with their sword, they have auto regeneration to, but not too fast to regenerate some broken bone in a minute they still take time, at least with their ability the fight become more hard and exciting. Eliana see their weak point, their weak point is their little core behind their shield so Eliana always try to hit the back of the shield with her knife, when she did it they instantly dies.

Eliana: huf huf huf, I'm really tired, Ely can you show me how many exp I get from killing all skeleton and of course don't forget to show me their status.

Ely: okay host wait a moment, here they are.

Ely: host has successfully killed There are 40 Skeleton soldier that have level from 8 to 16

This is a crude stat from Slime's you killed.

Skeleton Soldier A: lvl: 8 Hp: 50 Mp: 5 Atk: 10 Def: 5 Eva: 15

Skeleton Soldier B: lvl: 14 Hp: 150 Mp: 10 Atk: 25 Def: 10 Eva: 35

Ding! You gained 2000 exp

Ding! You have leveled up

Eliana Winter: They give me less exp than zombies and goblin why?, every kill gave me 200 exp, now my exp is [1000/7000], what about the other skeleton status.

Ely: please, can you be patient host?.

Eliana Winter: okay, okay, but hurry up!.

Ely: host has successfully killed There are 18 Skeleton Archer that have level from 4 to 13

This is a crude stat from Slime's you killed

Zombies A: lvl: 4 Hp: 30 Mp: 15 Atk: 10 Def: 5 Eva: 10

Zombies B: lvl: 10 Hp: 50 Mp: 20 Atk: 15 Def: 10 Eva: 15

Ding! You gained 900 exp

Ely: host has successfully killed There are 4 Skeleton Mage that have level from 8 to 20

This is a crude stat from Slime's you killed.

Skeleton Mage A: lvl: 14 Hp: 150 Mp: 75 Atk: 50 Def: 35 Eva: 10

Skeleton Mage B: lvl: 20 Hp: 250 Mp: 100 Atk: 75 Def: 50 Eva: 25

Ding! You gained 3000 exp

Ding! You have leveled up

Eliana Winter: They give me more exp nice, but they don't have many mob for the zombie mage every kill gave me 1500 exp, now my exp is [4900/7000]

Ely: host has successfully killed There are 6 Skeleton Knigth that have level from 48 to ??

This is a crude stat from Slime's you killed

Skeleton Knight A: lvl: 48 Hp: 450 Mp: 35 Atk: 120 Def: 65 Eva: 55

Skeleton Knight B: lvl: 54 Hp: 600 Mp: 40 Atk: 165 Def: 90 Eva: 75

Ding! You gained 18000 exp

Ding! You have leveled up

Ding! You have leveled up

Ding! You got close quarter combat Passive skill

Ding! You got pinpoint Active skill

Ding! You got prediction Passive Skill

Eliana Winter: what a nice jackpot, they are basically a fat sheep to be slaughtered, I need more of this kind of skeleton, i can exercise properly can stronger properly and leveled up with some meaning.

Ely: what a battle maniac my host is. Sigh….., Host stop your daydreaming and get back as soon as possible to reality please.

Note: I will edit and update old chapter when I get to chapter 5, when I edit and update the old chapter, I will fix some little mistake, add some missing detailing, and maybe add more content, well its up to my memories and inspiration, and be warned old chapter will be checked every 5 chapter, and if it need to be edited I will inform it in the next chapter.

Author: SpiralCat


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