I'll do anything to grab my wish
7 Chapter 7 Big Fight 2
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I'll do anything to grab my wish
Author :SpiralCat
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7 Chapter 7 Big Fight 2

Note: I'm sorry for the late release, I'm not dead yet, real life assignment sometime make my schedule haywire, well for the next update it can be delayed because the same problem, I hope it will not happen. Thank you for understanding.

After 2 hours of fixing stuff and prepare the stuff for the big boss battle Eliana finally ready to go to the strategic area that she found behind the 2 big monster, from up close the monster really big and the size is almost equal to 6 story buildings. Eliana don't have confidence if her weapon can damage the 2 big monster.

Eliana Winter: I'm not sure if I can damage that big ass monster, even I doubt, I can kill it with my weapon Ely do you have suggestion for me.

Ely: why don't you try making a little bigger weapon like anti-material weapon, or maybe anti- tank gun, or if you want to deplete your Mp you can try to make anti-material rifle.

Eliana Winter: but, I still can't make big weapon, right Ely?.

Ely: you just can't make tank, artillery, or warplane, but for anti-material weapon, anti-tank weapon, or anti-tank gun you still can make it, well if your creation skill not limited you can even make robot or spaceship Host.

Eliana Winter: I hope my creation skill will be use with all its potential and not limited, but I guess it's still far in the future.

Ely: just do it for now, and if you have a problem you can ask me again.

Eliana Winter: thank you Ely.

Now Eliana got back her confident but before she make the weapon she tried to make the 2 big monster, for her first target she target the giant metal turtle, she use blink jump from her from her hidden spot and try damaging it's back with her steel sword, but because the turtle shell really hard to damage the steel sword broke apart. When the turtle notice he was attacked Eliana use blink again to run away from the giant turtle. Now with her steel sword broke apart Eliana from the bush still don't give up and try it with her gun, but the result is still same with no damage caused from Eliana, and her bullet don't even gave de-buff effect to the giant metal turtle.

With this the winged snake notice that the turtle got distracted by some human and the snake spew poisonous breath and spit a few acid from his mouth, Eliana really panicked in here because even though she is a cyborg but she still breathing and can die from poison. With haste she use blink again and again to run from the area affected by poisonous breath. Luckily Eliana can evade it.

Eliana Winter: you are right Ely, I need a bigger weapon to deal some damage to them, and kill them with some prolonged fight.

Ely: well I said it earlier but you still want to try your weapon and fighting skill, so what can I do except let you try it.

Eliana Winter: okay Ely I believe you know so forgive me.

Ely: okay apologize accepted.

Now Eliana in her hiding spot and activate her camouflage+ Presence Detection skill after that, she concentrate all her attention to make anti-material rifle and some anti-tank weapon type weapon like panzerfäust after she has made a lot of them, she take some rest to regain her lost Mp, after her Mp back she use blink from building to building just to make the anti-tank gun, she choose pak 38/70 anti-tank gun as the model, with its bullet and place it in the tall building, well her tactics is simple blink and shoot it with the weapon she make.

Eliana Winter: Ely, can you show me their status.

Ely: okay host.

Giant Metal Turtle Level:??.

HP: 9300 MP: 600 Atk: 750 Def: 1400 Eva: 250

Winged Snake Level:??.

HP: 7600 MP: 680 Atk: 1550 Def: 670 Eva: 450

Eliana Winter: what the hell with their status?, their status is too broken.

Ely: their status is not broken, you are just too weak host.

Eliana Winter: you straight forwardness sometime hurt me a lot.

Ely: thanks for the compliment Host.

After Eliana ready all her weapon and all the preparation, with all the help from her passive skill, Eliana launch her attack to the Giant metal turtle, from the ground she always shoot the turtle legs with panzerfäust and when she got into tall building she shoot the turtle with her anti-tank weapon and every time she landed her attack with his bigger weapon, she always got critical hit.

Critical Hit 2143

Critical Hit 1345

Critical Hit 1678

When the giant earth turtle got weakened because her attack, the winged snake took the opportunity to spew his poisonous breath and make Eliana annoyed and decided to change her target and take care the winged snake first.

Eliana Winter: damn that snake spew his poisonous breath as he want and spit some acid everywhere, I really hate it, I want to kill it and skewer it or maybe I will just make it explode until Smithereens.

Ely: well it's just my opinion, just show your strength and take care or kill the winged snake maybe you can make the giant metal turtle to submit to you and you can tamed it.

Eliana Winter: well it's a good suggestion, I will try it.

Now with Eliana determination to kill the winged snake, she use all her strength to do it, she don't waste time, she blink from building to building to shoot with her pak 38/70 anti-tank gun, but because the snake is to agile, even with her using snipe + pinpoint skill she miss a lot and the snake use her spit to reduce the damage from the bullet, so she tried with her panzerfäust from the close range, and it works, the snake become enraged and pursue Eliana without rest.

The Giant metal turtle know that his attacker doesn't attack him anymore and wondering why the attacker change her target, but he decided not to think about it for now and the turtle decided to help his attacker and maybe will know the attacker reason for attacking him. The giant metal turtle use earth magic metal spike to trap the winged snake, and use all his strength to take revenge on it.

Eliana got surprised because the giant metal turtle helping her so she make some tempered steel sword with some improvement from the magic stone, that can boost his damage, add elemental attack, give buff to oneself and de-buff to the enemy, Eliana always blinking from building to building because she know that the winged snake was trapped by the giant metal spike and tried to shoot it with the pak 38/70 anti-tank gun + using snipe, pinpoint skill and its effective because all her attack landed and got several critical damage.

Critical Hit 1252

Critical Hit 1143

Critical Hit 1345

Critical Hit 1678

Eliana never give up because with 2 more hit and the winged snake dead, and with aloud shriek the winged snake keep on struggling it use a tail whip, poisonous breath, poison spit, on the surrounding without stop, and make all her weapon destroyed, well what you can expect from an enraged monster. Eliana thought, what must I do, because almost all her weapon is broken, she need to make a new weapon again, need Mp again aarghhh really troublesome.

Eliana Winter: Ely is shop still can't be use, I need to buy some weapon from it.

Ely: I suggest you use it in town, because you will get some surprise.

Eliana Winter: God damn it, I need to waste some Mp again.

And so Eliana make some anti-material weapon that focus on the durability. She doesn't forget to make the bullet, well for the anti-tank gun 8.8cm Flak 37, her favorite weapon. She make the weapon from the debris of her previously destroyed weapon. The giant metal turtle give a direct blow to the winged serpent with charge beam attack and make his opponent Hp down until 578 Hp left, with it's attack the winged snake got distracted. Eliana use that chance to try her 8.8cm Flak 37 + activate snipe, pinpoint, assassinate skill and with its shot, the bullet make a direct hit on his stomach and kaboomm the winged snake stomach got pulverized and the snake instantly dead.

Critical Hit 2187 Overkill

Ding! You have leveled up

Ding! You have leveled up

Ding! You have leveled up

Ding! You have leveled up

Ding! You have leveled up

Ding! You have leveled up

Eliana Winter: damn got six level from killing a winged snake, what a big haul.

Ely: you sure can be happy in this kind of situation, still don't drop your guard, there is still the Giant Metal Turtle there.

Eliana Winter: sorry Ely I got distracted from the level up announcement.

Ely: well it is just my opinion you better check you status at the base.

Eliana Winter: okay, but why I don't get a new skill Ely?.

Ely: do you think getting a new skill is easy?.

Eliana Winter: well I guess getting a new skill is rather hard, maybe with some condition or special condition I will get a new skill again.

Ely: well you are correct if you can do the condition, you will get a new skill. Btw try to come closer to the giant metal turtle maybe you can talk to it, or you will get some benefit from, I don't what will happen though.

Before Eliana approached the giant earth turtle, she got a new notice, which surprised her. The notice indicated that she will get a new skill that maybe she want to have it.

Ding! The Giant Metal Turtle wants to become your subordinate.

Do you wish to accept it Yes/No

Author: SpiralCat


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