I'll do anything to grab my wish
11 Chapter 11 Contrac
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I'll do anything to grab my wish
Author :SpiralCat
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11 Chapter 11 Contrac

After Eliana returned to her room, she found Eriko, who had finished resting with improved conditions. Eriko was seen sitting and thinking about something Eliana didn't know, Eliana was curious and started asking Eriko.

Eliana: Eriko, how is your condition after resting, and can you tell me more about yourself?

Eriko: my condition has improved and is ready to carry out the task, master, and the story about me is very long, does the master really want to hear it?

Eliana: yes, I want to hear it, please tell your story and experience Eriko. After that I want to know what is the reason you serve me? And after I know your reasons and consider them, I will formally introduce myself.

After that Eriko told the story of her very long life to Eliana, since she was not yet a ruler until she met Eliana and evolved.

Eriko: I was born in this city, when I was born the conditions in this city are very bad, the monsters fight with each other and fight over the territory, eat each other, I'm confused if only I can think like this, is there no monster that can think clear and not fight with each other.

Until the day when one of my race elders taught me that not all monsters can think clearly and all they can are monsters chosen by the gods and they are unique, they are destined to do great things. My race elders said my parents were not one of the chosen monsters and died while protecting their territory.

Eliana: and your reason to serve me?

Eriko: The reason is, your persistent resistance fascinates me, because you are clever and strong. At the same time I was thinking about what's the point of having a grudge against you for killing my men, if I could learn a lot about what I wanted and could serve you, then I decided to serve you master. Besides that, I'm really curious and eager to learn about "little race".

I want to know the reason why they always attack us, they always call us monsters even though not all of our groups are wild and can't think properly. I want to learn about "little race". I also want to know about you as well master so I serve you well master, therefore I want to know more about you too.

After Eriko told her all about herself, Eliana considered whether she should give all the information she had or not. That's when Ely gave good advice to Eliana.

Ely: Eliana you can use the contract skills you have if you doubt the loyalty of Eriko. All you have to do is make her repeat the chants that you say, after that the last step is that she have to drink one drop of your blood.

Eliana: Ely, then what's the chant for the spells?

Eriko: This is the chant of the spell, Eliana please always remember it

Tie now the Golden thread.Tie now the roots of our existence.The holly, so that we may not be separated.The vines, so that we may not come apart.Tie to the yew tree eleven times.Until the day the sun rises from the west.

Eliana: Ely thank you, you are indeed the best system and also the best companion I have.

Ely: Anytime host, ups Eliana I mean.

Eliana: The information I have is very dangerous, if even one information is leaked, then not only my life is in danger but your life will also be in danger and we both will continue to be hunted by bad people, are you still sure you want to know all the information I have?

Eriko: Don't worry master, I can keep a secret, and I won't divulge any information from you even though my life is at stake

Eliana: Alright, I'll give you all the information I know including information about myself, but I have one condition

Eriko: Master, what are the requirements? I'm sure I can meet all of your requirements.

Eliana: The condition is that you have to make an absolute loyalty contract to me, do you still want to do it?

Eriko: I insisted and still wanted to do it

Eliana: If that's what you want, follow me and repeat what I say

Eriko: Ok master I will follow you even to the end of the world

Eliana: Fu fu fu fu, this cute subordinate of mine, once again, hold my hand and close your eyes and don't forget to repeat what I said, ok let's start, ok let's start

When they began to chant the contract spells, a magic circle was created under their feet slowly and surely, then both of their bodies slowly glowed and the rays they were radiating felt warm and comfortable.

Eliana: Tie now the Golden thread.

Eriko: Tie now the Golden thread.

Eliana: Tie now the roots of our existence.

Eriko: Tie now the roots of our existence.

Eliana: The holly, so that we may not be separated.

Eriko: The holly, so that we may not be separated.

After that the chains come out of the magic circle and fly in the air unusually. The chains slowly but surely lead to Eriko and Eliana, the chains bind their souls so that they cannot be left apart from one another until the day the sun rises from the west.

Eliana: The vines, so that we may not come apart.

Eriko: The vines, so that we may not come apart.

Eliana: Tie to the yew tree eleven times.

Eriko: Tie to the yew tree eleven times.

Eliana: Until the day the sun rises from the west.

Eriko: Until the day the sun rises from the west.

When viewed from outside the base, the views of Eliana and Eriko when making contracts from start to finish are truly beautiful and captivating.

Before all the light surrounding those both faded, and the contract magic ended, Eliana made a small knife and sliced the tip of her index finger, blood began to flow slowly then she said.

Eliana: Now drink my blood, Eriko, to fulfil and seal the contract we made and said just now.

Eriko slowly drank blood from the tip of Eliana's index finger. A warm feeling slowly began to spread throughout her body and she felt her soul bound eternally to Eliana.

Eliana: Now that you have sealed the contract that I made, then I will give you all the information I have so look and listen to my explanation carefully.

I am someone who has been reincarnated, I was reincarnated by the god because the god made a mistake in the wheel of destiny and made the wheel of destiny have a gap in it.

In my previous life, I was a retired veteran soldier. I live as an ordinary person who has a family and like any other human you can find anywhere. In your language humans are included as one of the "little races".

My life ended in old age precisely when I reached 75 years old, I still remember in my old age I often play with my grandchildren. They are really cute and funny.

I arrived here without knowing anything about this world, until the god sent me a message that the planet was on the verge of collapse. The cause is the crazy human scientists "little race" who made dangerous experiments and failed and the process continues to repeat again and again, until the planet is almost destroyed and you can see the conditions around you. Creatures like yourself should be called and admired because your class can evolve. The condition of all parties changed completely because of these crazy scientists and made creatures like you can no longer be distinguished from real monsters.

Eliana: I am lucky because I have a "status" that I can see and I update that allows me to live in this world and meet you Eriko. I also want to achieve my hopes of achieving peace in my life.

Eriko: What is a "status" master? Can I be strong because of that? I want to be strong and continue to serve and learn from you. So don't leave me a master.

Eliana: This is a rough description of your status?

Name: [Eriko]

Race: Metal Turtle Demi-Human

Job: Metal Guardian

Gender: Female

Age: ?????

Level: 61 à 65

Eriko: Master I can't read it, sorry I forgot to say I have never learned to read the language of the "little races".

Eliana: Hah ..., really? if it's true then let me think for a moment then I'll teach you about all the basic things that I know.

Eliana: "Telepathically" Ely, my "universal language" Skill, does my Skill have information about all the languages used on this planet? Sorry that's not what I meant, what I meant was intrinsic information in the language such as grammar, spelling, words, and etc.?

Ely: don't worry Eliana all the things you mentioned earlier are in your skill and you can teach anyone. So the problem is not the material you are going to teach, but you can teach someone well or not.

After that Eliana taught Eriko all the basic things she knew, starting with language, manners, common sense and general knowledge. After Eliana taught Eriko everything she knew, the time seemed to change quickly and it was morning again.

In between the time of Eriko studying, Eriko was curious about the flying object beside Eliana and asked

Eriko: I'm curious, master, what is that thing flying next to you master?

Eliana: It was the "Advance Support Droid" that I found and repaired in one of the rooms at this base. It was harmless and you could say it was my assistant. Although it has various types that I have, it's special like you and I named it Ely.

Eriko: how do you do Ely, my name is Eriko, nice to meet you.

Ely: how do you do Eriko, my name is Ely, nice to meet you too

And that is the beginning of a close and unbroken friendship that will shake the world in the future.

Author: SpiralCat


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