Immortal Love
22 Laws of Nature
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Immortal Love
Author :Kritdeo
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22 Laws of Nature

In a place, within dense forests of Vindhya mountain range, two Yogis are in deep meditation. Veer and Arya have been in meditation at this mountain top for almost a few years now. This place is very far from the hustle bustle of human beings even if it is surrounded by different kingdoms.

In the deep universe, Veer is sitting in meditative state, Priya is watching him lovingly. Arya is also sitting in a meditative state but she is just observing her mother and father with a slight smile playing on her lips.

After looking at Veer for a long time, finally, Priya mumbled "Can't you just bless me to take my rebirth as you did with sister Shri? Why should I keep waiting like this?"

Veer slowly opened his eyes and looked at Priya and said: "You are not in your mortal body, so blessings or curses might not work on you."

"Why?" Priya asked.

Veer smiled and said "Because you are not a part of the mortal world and its laws will not have an effect on you unless you become its part. And to be a part of the mortal world, you need to have a physical body of five elements."

Suddenly Arya joined and chirped "Father! What are the laws of mortal world? I never heard you telling me about them."

Veer looked at their daughter and said "Actually the world operates based on the laws of nature. Did you not notice the things which happen everywhere? Like a body is alive when it has a soul, it dies if the soul leaves. Five elements have their own properties and they interact under some certain rules. Can you tell now the laws associated with five elements?"

Arya also joined happily "Air can carry light objects and sound waves. Water flows downward. Creation of different worlds due to differences in energy level."

Priya also asked "Things change with time. Could it be due to the various laws of nature?"

"Yes, it is. Earth gives nutrition, Fire gives heat and produces energy, Water gives vitality and Air gives life." Veer smiled and said.

Then Arya went into thinking for few moments and then said while looking around "All these objects around us which are different Comets, Meteorites, Planets are developed and are changing based on the laws of nature like gravity, vacuum, and others."

Veer smiled and said "Great. We can also distinguish the laws in categories like laws of space, laws of time, laws of five elements, laws of souls, laws of mortal beings. These laws are all defined or we can say have evolved within nature in millions of years and workings of nature depend on them."

Priya nudged Veer and pouted "How is it related to the blessing I was looking for? You changed the subject again." Her gaze is complaining.

Veer laughed and said "No, I am still on the same topic. My wife is just too impatient."

"Are curses and blessings related to laws of nature?" Arya asked curiously.

Veer answered "Yes. Now we know everything is working according to the laws of nature. A curse or blessing is something which makes changes into nature's working by fitting itself in it. That is why you need enough strength to be able to do that."

Arya asked "But the laws of nature are so prominent. How can we make changes to them?"

"I never said curses or blessing can change laws of nature unless you are as powerful as nature itself. A curse or a blessing is just a small law created by the power of a soul and it only works temporarily within the universe." Veer explained.

Arya looked confused and said "Father! Can you please give me an example of how it works. It is really difficult to understand." She walked and sat beside Veer and looked toward him in apt attention.

Veer smiled and said "Okay then. Consider that this universe is a big lake which has its own ecology with different living beings and laws governing it. Small ripples are caused when a fish or small toad jumps on the water surface or when a small pebble is thrown in the water. There might be one or many small ripples at a time. You can imagine how ripples can superimpose on each other and how they get merged with lake system slowly. These ripples only affect the very small area where they generate and for only a small time. They adjust themselves and go away after making a small impact. Every ripple is a law in itself and it ends after doing its work. Ripples are generated by some event and are not permanent."

"Okay, okay. I got it. We can think of those ripples as blessings or curses. These blessings and curses are not permanent and are only applicable to a certain area and time and they become extinct after doing their job. While the laws of nature are permanent and these can be used by those ripples but are not changed by them. Hehe, I got it." Arya laughed while explaining what she understood.

Veer smiled and said "Yes. You got it." And then he looked toward Priya and said "And you my wife! Now we are ready to clear your doubt. In a mortal world, blessings or curses apply to those who have a mortal body and it works on the body and then soul through it. A soul cannot be blessed or cursed because it has no mortal identity."

Priya pouted and said "But I am different from other souls. Aren't I?"

Veer smiled and said "With a blessing, we can bless a soul but only when it has a way to receive it. A blessing or curse could only be received through a body and mind. A soul is the purest form in nature and it can not be blessed or cursed directly."

Arya asked again "Father! I got one more question. Can a soul choose to accept or reject a blessing or a curse? Similarly, if a soul is strong, your blessing or curse might not work on it."

Veer smiled and said "You do not understand. This is the thinking of the enlightened level and is related to respecting nature and bowing to her laws. You should know that a soul is a part of nature itself with its own consciousness. Although a blessing or curse is not a law of nature it is created from that only and is being generated by another representative soul of nature. So a blessing or curse is a representation of nature's will. A powerful Yogi will always choose to accept it because he will always respect the will of nature and weak ones do not have a choice itself. If a soul is in sync with nature's will, it will always accept a blessing or curse coming from another soul. There may also be people who might choose not to accept if they are strong and in a way they are going against nature."

Arya fell into contemplation and said after a few moments "It feels a bit unfair but I can understand. For now, I will think of it as accepting and bowing to the wishes of my father and mother as they are the ones who has given me life and made me what I am today."

Priya smiled and then walked to Araya and sat beside her and caresses her hairs adoringly. Arya laughed seeing the loving expression of her mother.

Veer and Arya continued their tour of the mortal world toward the western borders of Bharatvarsha. This is almost the end of the fourth century since the end of King Vikram's rule. Western states of Bharatvarsha are not in peace anymore due to the aggressions of invaders from the far lands in the northwest who are called Hunas.

In these disruptive times, Veer and Arya traveled through the western lands and saw different things happening in the mortal world which was rarely seen into the history of humans. They saw how unarmed civilians are also killed by invaders. How soldiers do not distinguish between men, women, and children when they are using their spears and swords. Women and children are being treated as objects. Persecution is happening based on faith and beliefs.

One day they are passing through a region and saw that a Buddhist monastery is being attacked by Hunas and the Huna commander is giving orders in loud voice "Kill all these coward Buddhists. They only know how to thrive by changing the patrons from one King to another and work as a pest toward the land they are living in. We do not want such type of people in the Kingdom of great Huna King Mihirakula." Veer and Arya looked while monks are being killed. Some monks also tried to fight back and some ran away to save themselves. Some are also trying to save their scriptures and statues and trying to secure them from destruction. Things are chaotic inside and around the monastery.

Arya looked at the things happening and said "Father! Why does nature not want us to interrupt when something like this is happening? If this type of things continued, the whole mortal world will become chaotic one day and sins will prevail over virtues in nature. Shouldn't nature take action to stop this?"

Veer smiled and said "Nature is vast and boundless, how can sins prevail against the virtues in nature just based on some happenings in a small area? Earth is not the only sanctuary of mortal beings. In other words, the mortal world has many places like earth."

"But why can I not sense those other planets or places of mortal beings? Are there restrictions which are preventing us from being able to do that?" Arya asked curiously.

Veer looked toward Arya and said "Of course there are restrictions. It is better to say that those restrictions changes in laws of nature. In different places in the universe, five elements have different laws associated with them due to the certain conditions in that part of the universe. Those conditions might be related to the suns, stars, the speed of moving of planet or even the size and distance from their sun. And while moving from one place in the universe to another, our soul does not feel any restriction but those places are unknown territories because our soul and body only know the places they are at. So, normally yogis do not travel to those parts of mortal worlds unless they receive a command from nature itself or become one with nature. Once a yogi becomes one with nature, he can be anywhere anytime in this universe like nature itself."

Arya contemplated for a second and muttered: "But I wish to see those different places and alien species."

Veer patted her head and said "How can you say they are aliens? Every living being in nature is in the same world in which yogi is living. If you call them alien, what is the difference between your thoughts and a simple mortal being? This universe is the body of nature and yogi tries to be one with nature. Then how can any being within nature be an alien for a yogi? When you reach a higher level of yoga, you might see and meet people of those different places without going there because there are many travelers of spirituality everywhere. They are always in search of themselves in this vast universe."

"I almost forgot for a moment. Thank you father, for reminding me. I will be more diligent and try to cross to the stage of Cognizance, so that I may explore those places in the vast universe. Hehe." Arya said and laughed embarrassedly.

Veer also smiled and looked toward his daughter and said "Be content, okay? Being content is a must for the yogi. Being content does not mean you stop striving for better but it means being content without being complacent and striving without desires."

Arya smiled and said "Yes Father! I will remember that." And then she turned her head toward the cries of mortals which is resulting due to the torment of Buddhist monks by Huna soldiers. Now a regiment of soldiers has come who are here to save the Buddhist monastery and the area surrounding monastery has become a battlefield.

Veer also looked toward the happenings and said in a calm voice "You can see many things which support the working of nature here. Victims and tormenter, virtues and sins, life and death. All these things constitute the working of nature. These things will ultimately become the Karma of their souls. One soul is benefitting other due to the rule of cause and effect of nature. This process continues and helps in the working of nature."

After few moments of the wait, Veer said again breaking the reverie of Araya "But there is an ultimate law of nature which can never be broken."

"What is it?" Arya asked curiously.

Veer contemplated for a few moments and said "Virtues will always prevail over sins. Here we can see sins prevailing but the result of the ultimate fight is always virtues prevailing over sins otherwise nature would have been under control of sinners who live in the netherworld."

Arya looked toward Veer curiously and said "Father! Now I am curious to know about these worlds. Can you please tell me about them?"

Veer smiled and said "As you can see, we are in the mortal world. This mortal world is the place for souls to accumulate their Karma. Other than this world there is another world which is the soul world which is only accessible to pure souls who wait for their salvation or rebirth there. Spiritual power is not only in virtues but also in sins but they have a different effect on the soul receiving it. Suras are the beings who live in the world of heaven and Asuras are the beings who live in the netherworld. Beings of heaven thrive on spiritual energy of virtue while Asuras on the spiritual energy of sins."

Veer stopped for a moment when Arya asked "Father! Have you seen any being who is Sura or Asura?"

Veer laughed and said "How can I see them? We are in different worlds and it is not easy crossing the boundary unless you have achieved perfection in the stage of abstraction. Also, it is not easy for them to enter the mortal world due to its low soul strength restriction."

"Then how do Suras and Asuras receive their spiritual energy? All virtuous people are in heaven while sinners in the netherworld. How do they receive the spiritual energy and soul strength?" Arya asked.

Veer smiled and said while looking toward the horizon "This is the mortal world which is used by nature to recycle and reproduce the spiritual energy and soul strength through the mortals. We are the blessed ones to be born in the mortal world and are allowed by nature to pursue the path of spirituality by being in the mortal world and interacting with mortals directly. Even Suras and Asuras may feel jealous of Yogis of the mortal world."

Arya looked toward the battle which is happening in front and murmured "It means the actions of mortals will ultimately generate spiritual energy of virtue or sin. Those spiritual energies flow in the universe without any restriction and Suras are able to receive spiritual energy of virtue while Asuras thrive on the spiritual energy of sins. And the same time souls will strengthen or weaken themselves by these acts of virtue and sins and create their own Karma. Due to their Karma, souls will either get salvation or go through the cycle of rebirth."

"Yes. You have almost understood the things which are learned by me after a lot of contemplation. You can not see those things but you can sense them when you are nearing to the stage of abstraction." Veer smiled and said while caressing the hair of Arya.

Arya smiled and said "Although I am still practicing into the stage of conception, having the father as my teacher is truly a result of my good Karma. He hehe." Veer also smiled at the playfulness of Arya.

After few moments Arya again looked toward Veer curiously and opened her mouth to asked something, but Veer said "Hold it for now. Questions related to salvation and how virtues prevail over sins in nature, I will explain them to you after I have confirmed them properly myself. No need to discuss the assumptions now." Arya pouted and looked toward the battle which is almost toward its final phase. Veer smiled seeing the expression of Arya.

Now the battle has ended. Huna army has won over the armies who came to protect Buddhist monastery and monastery is destroyed and many monks got killed. few monks are able to run away with whatever they could save, some scriptures, records, relics or only their lives. The apathetic gaze of Arya looked at the scene at the front and she said "Virtues always prevail over sins. When will it happen in the mortal world? As of now, it seems, sins are prevailing. If sinners increased, it might also create obstructions for the spiritual journey of yogis due to the reduction of spiritual energy of virtues."

Veer smiled and turned to move ahead said "It is just a small tiny region of whole mortal world spread in the universe. A yogi should also trust in the working of nature and its laws. Nothing escapes her eyes. She has rewards and punishments for virtuous and sinners. Just observe and understand it well to make progress on the path of spirituality."

Arya looked at the scene for the last time and then followed Veer and said: "Yes Father."

Veer and Arya moved further and they saw many similar instances happening into the western region of Bharatvarsha. The golden period of Bharatvarsha is ending and foreign invasions are intensifying.

After a few years, at the starting years of the 5th century from the rule of King Vikram, Huna King Mihirakula was defeated by a coalition army of King Yashodharman and Gupta King Baladitya. Hunas rule into the western provinces of Bharatvarsha got completely routed by this defeat. Many repressed warrior clans took the opportunity of the weakened state of Hunas and used it well to establish new kingdoms. After this event, only Hunas who assimilated themselves in native society remained in Bharatvarsha and their ruling clans and warriors were either wiped out or driven away.

This all happened in a span of fifty years when Veer and Arya were wandering into the western states of Bharatvarsha. Arya witnessed these events and said "I was wrong to question the workings of nature. Nature has its own way to balance things. Some live some die. Some earn virtue, some do sin. Some strengthen their soul, some weaken it. Their actions generate the spiritual energy and help in working of the world."

Veer smiled hearing the smile while listening to the self-talk of Arya. He knew that the next question is coming. He turned toward Arya and waited for her question. Arya contemplated for a while and then looked to Veer and found him looking at her. She pouted seeing the smile of her father's face and said "Father! I am confused again."

Veer laughed and said, "I am waiting for your question."

Arya said "Father! I am confused about how is the spiritual energy of virtue or sin is generated. When someone is doing something, there will be emotions, intent, and actions. If we look deeper, there might be some call from the consciousness which may or may not be from the soul. But where does the spiritual energy comes from and how does it become the spiritual energy of virtue or sin?"

Veer smiled and said "Nature has complex ways of relations among soul, consciousness, mind, emotions, and actions. Your soul and emotions are the driving factors to create intent which joins with your action. Intent which accompanies a yogi's actions come from his or her soul. The intents of worldly mortals are generated due to their emotions which come from their interactions in the mortal world. Intents coming from a soul are more powerful but still intents, whether powerful or weak, they are still intents. The action of one yogi generates the same amount of spiritual energy which might need hundreds or thousands of mortals to act. And this intent is the thing which affects the elemental energy present in the world and makes it the spiritual energy of virtue or sin. And how much energy is made, depends on the strength of intent. Do you understand?"

Arya turned quiet and reflected on the points mentioned by her father and then said "Yes, I understood. The intent with a virtuous act will help create spiritual energy of virtue. I got it now. Intents generated form the soul might use some soul power but once the action is executed, the soul power received by gratitude, respect, and veneration can fulfill the shortage made in soul power. Haha. The same way intent created by worldly emotions can also help us strengthen the soul and that is a way of worldly mortal beings to move toward being a yogi."

Veer and Arya continued their journey in the central part of the land of Bharatvarsha. One day Arya stood and observed a temple construction which is going in one of the cities of central Bharatvarsha. She lamented "I wonder what is the progress of that temple in Elapura city. It has already been more than two hundred years."

Veer smiled and said "It has been almost three hundred years. Temple is already completed for a few years. Shall we go and visit the place?"

"Really? I wish to see the temple constructed from a single rock. I wish to see the result of faith and devotion of people of the mortal world. It might be a few years before we will go back to Himalaya again." Arya said somewhat curious and somewhat longingly.

Next moment Arya found the surrounding changing and when things become clear Veer and Arya are standing in front of the temple of the city of Elapura. Aya laughed and said "For a moment I forgot about father. I was thinking about the wonder created by mortals that I forgot the greatest wonder of nature that is my father's attainment in spirituality." Arya looked toward her father who has suddenly become quiet and said emotionally "No, the greatest wonder is the love of the father toward mother." Veer looked toward Arya and smiled and caressed the hairs of smiling Arya

This is the time of afternoon and temple is standing in its full glory. A temple which is carved from a single hilly rock is not a simple matter for the mortal world. Arya looked at the entrance tower and carvings made on temple entrance.

Veer smiled seeing the appreciation in his daughter's eyes toward the mortals for creating such an architecture showing their dedication and devotion. Veer moved ahead to enter the temple and Arya followed him. Temple is mainly dedicated to God Rudra but other gods are also given their placings. Carvings are done all around denoting the gods and good words of faith and morality.

Arya looked around the temple and its courtyard and appreciated the details. She murmured "I have actually undermined the devotion and diligence of those who started the construction of the temple. I thought they would try to complete the temple in their lifetime. I never thought they will start it in such a grand way and would still continue, even if they could not see the final result of their work." For a moment she felt nostalgic and whispered "Am I being affected by worldly feelings?"

Veer smiled and said "No, you are not being affected by worldly feelings. You are just blessing them for their devotion and dedication and selfless nature."

Arya looked toward her father and after few moments laughed and said "Yes. That is it."

Veer and Arya remained in the courtyard of the temple for few days and Arya also delivered her sermons to the devotees during evening homage ceremonies of the temple.

Arya told people about the devotion and dedication of the patron and artisans who started the constructions of the temple. She also told them about how should they act in the world so as to receive the blessings of nature who is also represented as different gods. From her travels and stay among worldly mortal, Arya has understood how a mortal being can earn more virtue among other mortals. She told devotees these in her teachings.

Finally, after their three hundred years of wandering into the world of mortals, Veer and Arya returned to Tapovan in Himalaya.


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