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Immortal Martial world realm
Author :MartialZONGHE
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1 Prologue

Continent Hong

Forest of Beasts

Aaron: where am I ... ARGH

Before Aaron had time to continue, a wave

Memories that were not his own began to overwhelm him.

From these memories he discovers that he is currently on the Hong Continent and in

Another world.

A world led by the strong and the weak by being trampled, a world in which practitioners

From the energy of heaven and earth can hold great power by cultivating it, a world or

Rigid many sects, demons and wild beasts, a world in which the strongest dictates the law,

A world in which one judges you according to the quality of your martial spirit, of your talent for the

Culture, your understanding, and a world in which there are heavenly treasures that could

Significantly change the course of your life.

There are ten kingdoms of culture in this world that are:

- Mortal realm (divide into 9 steps)

- Kingdom of IQ / 9 steps

- Kingdom of the Spirits

- Xantia Kingdom

- Holy Kingdom

- Holy Emperor

- Heavenly Kingdom

- Heavenly Emperor

- Heavenly Immortal

- Immortal of emptiness

Different rank of martial spirit:

- Rank 1 (does not bring anything)

- Rank 2 (culture multiply by 1.5)

- Rank 3 times 2

- Rank 4 times 3

- Rank 5 times 3,5

- Rank 6 times 5

- Rank 7 times 6

- Rank 8 times 9 (one in 70M are able to wake him up)

- Rank 9 times 11 (one in 120M are able to wake him up)

- Rank 10 times 12.5

- HUANG rank 20 times

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    《Immortal Martial world realm》