Immortal Martial world realm
5 Chapter 3 : Mee
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Immortal Martial world realm
Author :MartialZONGHE
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5 Chapter 3 : Mee

4 hours later you can see a boy doing 1.83 opening his eyes

Yes this boy is Aaron now called xia Chun Yong. When he woke up he tried to put his thoughts in place.

(Ding host to know that after the integration of the objects it now has the possibility to untie the system

Host would he want me to untie the system? )

Xia chun was stunned for the question and suddenly realized that there might be problems with the quest system forcing her to do things. Thinking of this fact he decided to accept

'' System untie you please ''

(Is host on?)

"Yes, but still think of thanking the person who gives me these things if there is one.

I can not afford to hang out I will live my life and my adventure normally without being op even though it will still be a little easier with the technique of culture, lineage and superior understanding ''

(Okay host system would like to point out that with the creation of a new body the host's talent for cultivation has become rather high on itself the system will let you goodbye host DING)

Xia chun felt a little sad but finally recovered from this state and looked in those memories for direction to her hometown.


Finally at the end of 6 hours of finished marches to arrive in front of the city of style of the Middle Ages with a great wall, but keeps a beautiful aspect.

As he passed by the crowd, he noticed that everyone was looking at him strangely but he turned on his head, then he went to the door guards.

Guard 1: Stop it's 2 piece of money the entrance

Xia Chun wondered if he had any coins and looked in those pockets and found four gold coins and 2 silver coins and gave the 2 guards agents and continued his way inside the city to look for an inn to cultivate because he did not want any interaction with the xia family at least for now. Walking through the streets he watched the various arms walk of pills and the beggars that resolved him to cultivate quickly.

As he was walking he suddenly jostled to someone so he only got up to see a very beautiful girl with a fatally well-designed body with a veil over her head but even with that veil that hid her face one can imagine a great beauty .

Returning from his thoughts he held out his hand to try to help him up

Xia Chun- Excuse my awkwardness, he said, reaching out his hand but was blocked when he approached his only to see a handsome boy with an arrogant air blocking his hand.

??? How a mere mortal dares to put on Miss Sun

Seeking you die, he says arrogantly

SU MEI: Ming lei stop you saw that he was just trying to help me.

Ming lei: rejoice mortal that this young master let you go there SU MEI let's go in.

Xia Chun always dazed him watching them go away only after a minute he woke up thinking that if this girl had not been there he would be dead.

Xian chun - force I need force says they turn to look for a hostel
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    《Immortal Martial world realm》