Immortal Martial world realm
5 Chapter 4 : Luo zi
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Immortal Martial world realm
Author :MartialZONGHE
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5 Chapter 4 : Luo zi

Now Xia Chun is in front of an inn. As soon as he returned he was met by a middle-aged woman.

Woman: Hello sir the room will charge you a gold coin the month meal included.

Xia Chun: Thank you so I will take the month and you can put food in front of my door every morning.

Woman: Of course, he went to sit at a table.

In remembering his technique of divine level peak culture it seems that it takes a prerequisite for

powers to use all the steps at the same time because it not only by cultivating it can refine the

bones, blood, remove the impurity from the body , but little increases the body defense and the

prerequisite is to start cultivation with zeros, widen his merediens to be able to accumulate more

celestial energy and to have a good base as a mortal.

As he ate he noticed someone who did not seem mentally fit so he headed for that table.

Xia Chun: Hello then I sit down with you?

??? : Hello yes if you want it.

Xia Chun: Thank you, my name is Xia Chun, I was wondering why you looked so unhappy.

HIM: Hi me Himself I'm the young master of the Luo family Are not you from the Xia clan?

Xia Chun: yes, but given that I was adopted by a senior person does not take.

Luo zi: I heard you say that you fought with the son of the patriarch xia.

Xia chun: yes it's true because I could not wake up my Martial spirit.

Luo zi: But how is it that you can not do it?

Xia Chun: Well I'll tell you if you accept that I wake up my Martial spirit at Luo family.

Luo zi: Well I accept nothing to complicate so tell me.

Xia Chun: Well it's because of my lineage that is about to awaken.

Luo zi: What? !!! A brother Chun lineage do you know that only the big families of the mainland Hong

have a lineage?

Xia Chun: Well not said it indifferently.

Seeing the indifference on the face of Xia Chun Luo Zi could not really talk about it.

Luo zi: When to know the reason why I am not in great shape is because of the recruitment of

external disciple of the sect of the act of the phoenix but to have entered there it is necessary to

have noins of twenty years and to be kingdom qi stage two and I'm only a deadly stage new so I do

not have the qualifications to go apart age.

Xia Chun: Well, it's only that I can help you if you help me by waking my Martial mind.

Luo zi: Really ?? It works Brother Chun. Let's not waste time going to the neighborhoods of my Luo

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    《Immortal Martial world realm》