Immortal Martial world realm
6 wake up part 1
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Immortal Martial world realm
Author :MartialZONGHE
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6 wake up part 1


In front of a complex where Luo's name was written in large, you could see two teenagers

Of course, these teenagers are Xia Chun and Luo Zi.

Upon entering the building they were guided by two guards who seemed to be deadly stage three beings and while he looked around him Xia Chun discovered that most of the people inside seemed to be between the level of mortal five and seven he came back from these thoughts by the cries of Luo Zi.

LUO ZI: Brother xia we arrived at the door of the main hall of the LUO Clan.

XIA CHUN: Sorry, let's go in this case.

Upon entering the room he noticed that there seemed to be more than eight level Elders only one of them was in the area of ​​the stage qi a level forward and a middle age man on what appears to be a throne With a level of culture at levels seven and seven, there were people a little older at the level of four to five. What Xia Chun does not know is that for a mortal to be able to feel the culture of someone is an incredible thing and all that he can give he can give thanks to this perception ten times superior to a normal human.

LUO ZI: LUO ZI greet father, elders and elders.

The patriarch of the LUO family is called LUO MANG someone who has participated a lot in the waves of animals with great merit and is very respected by mortals not only for that but because his family is not as arrogant as the other families of the city of BOAMING.

Next to him was his wife, MU YIN, and her husband met during a wave of monsters because at that time she was a mercenary and helped defend the city.

MU YIN: Zier what's going on why do you look so tense?

LUO ZI: Mother, Father I met Brother CHUN who says that he can increase my culmination but in exchange I should help him to awaken his martial spirit so that I can enter the outer section of the phoenix acre sect before my 18 years so I will have more chance to become an inner disciple during the next 2 years.

LUO MANG: My boy tell me why I will have to help you reveal your martial spirit?

XIA CHUN: Well, because not only would it help me to wake up my lineage that will increase my cultivation speed and when I'm in larger sects you'll get help for you and your followers.

When LUO MANG first heard his face showed a frown but inside he was completely shocked and he was not the only one even the old ones was shocked because he knew what it meant having a lineage and afterwards delighted because he still counted on helping their clan.

LUO MANG: Well, good child, I thank you in advance Then he turned to the elders and said - you can have afterwards to look back at the elders as if to tell them something they understood right away and went to the room to prepare the waking hotel.

LUO MANG: Little Chun follow me in the recovery room.

XIA CHUN: yes and thank you patriarch LUO. He said next

(Note of the author: I just want to tell you that I will put the chapters but a little late

We are in the holiday season and I have things to do but I will stop for nothing in the world this novel)
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    《Immortal Martial world realm》