Life is trash
2 A new friend!
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Life is trash
Author :yaboigsans
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2 A new friend!


I made a new friend tonight! He's too shy too tell me any thing, but I told him it's ok he doesn't have to be shy. He told me no one can know about him, I still try to encurage him not to be afraid but I respect his wishes. He walked me everywhere, holding my hand along the way. I can't wait to see him again tomorrow!

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TODAY WAS AMAZING! MY LITTLE SAM-SAM WAS BACK! But, he said he wanted me to stay away from him, of course I wouldn't though, he's just afraid to confess his love to me. I told him it was ok though.


Me and my new friend walked threw the city again, he said it would get pretty cold soon, he segested we go to his hide-out, but I still want to explore. But he was right, it was all ready getting pretty chilly, so he gave me his coat, it was so nice of him. He even gave me a ride home! He's really becoming a good friend.

- 15

Today while I was walking to school, my new friend saw me today, he asked me to spend the day with him instead of going to school. Of course I said no, my little Sam-sam was at school, and I could NEVER be away from my little Sam-sam. We would both go crazy! Other then that, today was pretty normal.


I saw my new friend tonight but he left, he said he was mad at me for refusing to come with him, I felt bad about it but I didn't regret it, I'll do anything for my little Sam-sam. But it was a little creepy exploring on my own, geuss I'm used to him being with me...


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