Life is trash
5 The pool of blood only grows
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Life is trash
Author :yaboigsans
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5 The pool of blood only grows

@@- 11

im terrified of mike now, hes killed so meny in the past few days... i dont know how long i can last here. mikes been introducing me to some of his friends, and i mean in a bad way... the people he brings me to hurt me, **** me, one guy even drinks my blood! its exausting, but mike says im a masochist, what ever that is.


i found out what masochist means, AND I AM SO NOT! that bastard can go to hell if thats what he thinks... im gonna go out to night, mike says i shouldnt cause there are people who will take me away from him, even though thats what he did. since hes asleep he wont notice im gone, as long as im back before he wakes up, usualy i sleep with h so i have to be carefull...

- 18

the past week has been the WORST! remember that guy who drinks my blood? well mike sold me to him! the entire week he beat me agenst the wall so i would cough up blood, then kiss me!? who does this guy think he is!? what really hurts me tho, i had to kill him to get him to stop... I just, i dont know, i feel like im becoming numb to murder. i hope not...


im being used as a prostitute, so im thinking of leaving mike to start my own empire... im tired of mike getting paid for my hard work! its time for me to get some of the money. and i can fend for myself too, thanks to everything thats been going on, i can either fight back if i need to or just kill them. makes things easier i geuss...



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