Life is trash
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Life is trash
Author :yaboigsans
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mike found my journal and read all my entries, hes been tortureing me because of it, its been weeks since he gave me my basic rights back... but he did push me over, itll take a few days to get 100% ready to leave but i know itll be worth it in the end. till then i can only hope he doesnt look at my journal again...
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ive gone out and met someone new, they agreed to help me start a empire as long as he gets a cut of the money. he says if i can raise the money to pay of rent for a building, that we can start there. and his name might be important too, which is jerry.

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its getting difficult to find the time to write. its been almost three months, i found my jounal while looking through some old boxes... i geuss in the time sice i last wrote ive built a huge empire, i have at least three buisnesses, all warped around crime, i killed the man i started with, that bastard... i finally got over my insane obsession with sammy from school, but may or may not have developed a new one for jerry, the man who helped me begin my empire. ive been so busy with the killing and tortureing... a very long time ago. . . I W A S P U S H E D O V E R . . .


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