Life is trash
7 How and why...
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Life is trash
Author :yaboigsans
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7 How and why...

@@allow me to explain... after i had prepared my army, i learned that mike had made one too, all out of rage for me leaving. i declared war on him and his new army, the first battle over half my people were killed, we barely scrached the surface on his. all the death destroyed my last shred of sanity, i engraved fear into the hearts and souls of my people, the next time i- no, we killed all of them, not one of ours died. later we became the to ciminals known to man, they could never find the bodies but they quickly noticed that thousands were going missing. all the police were set on finding us, therefor i declared war once again. we shot up schools, released criminals in prision, and ive only been caught once. but in the police station the moment they let their gaurd down, they all died imediantly. many underestimate me because im only eight, but that only makes their beating more brutal. my eyes are even red now, the blood from my enemies have stained them that way. now the more people come near me, the more likely it is theyll die... but its funny all of this started, everything, my reality and yours... all... because... of HIM. . .



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