Long Live Summons
Chapter 788.2 Pain, Chance to Evolve the Six Records Innate Talen
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Long Live Summons
Author :Xia Fei Shuang Jia
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Chapter 788.2 Pain, Chance to Evolve the Six Records Innate Talen

“Die!” A White Tiger Image flashed on top of Princess Qian Qian’s head, and at this moment, she transformed into the strongest white tigress. With a jumping chop, the Prison Emperor Divine Sword slashed the head of a Thunder Rock Giant like slicing tofu, and under the accurate judgment of the Six Records, the Divine Sword directly cut the giant magic crystal inside its head in half. With lightning and fire flashing all around, Princess Qian Qian turned back and stabbed out with the Prison Emperor Divine Sword in her hand, and gracefully stabbed at the face of the other Thunder Rock Giant, and the sword qi of the Divine Sword just happened to pierce through the other giant’s magic crystal.

The two Thunder Rock Giants lost their battle strength in a flash and fell limply to the ground.

Princess Qian Qian, who was unstoppable at this point, leapt up and swung her sword straight at the Central Palace Hall Elder.

“Would I be afraid of you? Without the Divine Sword, you wouldn’t even be a fart!” Until now, the Central Palace Hall Elder only thought that Princess Qian Qian was relying on the sharpness of her divine sword.

“Vermilion Bird Dance.”

Princess Qian Qian twirled and danced with her sword.

She fluttered in the sky, wonderfully like a vermilion bird hovering in the sky.

The Prison Emperor Divine Sword became her beautiful wings, the released sword qi rose to the sky and formed a whirlwind that swayed with the wind.

The Central Palace Hall Elder was secretly alert and onguard, but laughed on the surface: ”Bah, dancing can kill people too? Is this some flashy trick…….Huh?”

At the moment he exclaimed, a sword pierced through his ribs, originally aiming at his heart, but under the strange deformation of the Central Palace Hall Elder’s body, the heart dodged the Divine Sword’s thrust, but the ribs of his body had no chance to avoid and three of his ribs were broken. A shadow of death loomed up in the Central Palace Hall Elder’s heart, he was not even able to use the substitute shadow war beast in time, almost getting killed instantly. Only now did he understand, the elegant sword dance that he had seen was actually just the afterimages of the opponent, the real enemy, had long flown to his own side and launched a deadly attack at him.

Luckily, she only had the strength of the Quasi Heaven Rank.

Otherwise, this would have surely killed him!

If she had enough power to freeze him in place for even a second, it would be over!

The Central Palace Hall Elder who had gone through many challenges started to get angry, his body constantly deformed, and at the same time, his power exploded, and while breaking free from the divine sword’s cross-cut, he extended his long sharp claws and grabbed at the top of Princess Qian Qian’s head.

Pa, Pa, Pa!

Princess Qian Qian had fought against Yue Yang countless times, and her melee combat technique had improved even greater than Xue Wu Xia, if the Central Palace Hall Elder had used energy strikes to counter her, shaking off Princess Qian Qian was still relatively normal, but to fight using close combat techniques, then he was seeking to be abused! Princess Qian Qian spun around and kicked one foot at the belly of the Central Divine Hall Elder, borrowing the force to flip over and hang upside down with the other foot, the sword qi swept out a clear sword mark in the belly, chest, neck and face of the Central Palace Hall Elder.

The Central Palace Hall Elder was in pain and his strike missed.

Princess Qian Qian curled her arms and lashed out, sweeping across the bridge of the Central Palace Hall Elder’s nose, then swept across with her sword, slashing at the face of the Central Palace Hall Elder.

A part of his head and half an ear had been cut off by the divine Sword… The Central Palace Hall Elder escaped to a thousand meters away, he wiped across the bridge of his nose, and saw his hands covered in blood… Now only did he know that this Tigress Sowrdswomen was not someone to mess with, her close combat skills were simply divine.

“Nice, slightly interesting.” The Central Palace Hall Elder smiled indifferently.

As he spoke, his body contorted rapidly.

Turning into a six-eyed, three-horned, four-armed, double-winged, demon monster, the severed ears and broken nose recovered in seconds, and the one heavy wound on his body that had been pierced by the Divine Sword also closed up and healed at a speed that could be seen by a naked eye. In less than half a minute, this Central Palace Hall Elder-turned-monstrous demon had completely recovered as before.

On the surface, it seemed as if Princess Qian Qian had never wounded it before.

He even ended up narcissistically pulling out a mirror and looking at himself, smiling narcissistically at the mirror again.

Princess Qian Qian was about to throw up, how on earth did such a guy survive in the Heaven Realm? He even managed to become an elder of the Central Palace Hall, even the stinking Black Lake was much better than him!

Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia looked at each other and both felt a bit abnormal.

And were a bit worried for Princess Qian Qian.

If not for Princess Qian Qians insistence on challenging herself first, Yue Yang would have rushed up to chop this narcissistic guy to death nonchalantly. Of course, Yue Yang also knew that for Xue Wu XIa and Princess Qian Qian to improve through combat was important, and that their battle power, not only in the past, but also in the future, would be pivotal in determining their victory or defeat on the battlefield. The faster they improved and the stronger they became, the more likely he would be able to hold his own against the Central Palace Hall! Not to mention anything else, even the double cultivation enhancement would be enhanced and would also be helpful to Yue Yang, if they were already Supreme Innates, then would Yue Yang still need to agonize over breaking through to Supreme Innate? Would he still need to have a headache about not being able to summon the Celestial Grimoire so far?

“Before, I didn’t know you well enough and allowed few of you kids to be arrogant. But that doesn’t mean anything, on the contrary, it’s just the beginning of your miserable failure.” The Central Palace Hall Elder, who was even uglier after turning into a demonic monster, sneered coldly, ”Let’s show you my true abilities! When you have seen how powerful I am, you will surely regret having lived in this world! An enemy against me is doomed to be a tragedy!”

“…… “Princess Qian Qian was speechless, gripping the Prison Emperor Divine Sword tightly, mentally guarding against the enemy attack.

“Magic Mirror of the Almighty, please tell me, what is the purpose of the eye?” The Central Palace Hall Elder admired himself in the magic mirror with a bit of narcissism.

Yue Yang couldn’t help but throw up.

If it was a beautiful girl then so be it, if there really were no beautiful girls around, he could still accept it if it was replaced with a handsome man looking in the mirror. But an ugly guy holding a mirror and narcissistically striking a girlish posture was just too much to bear. Xue Wu Xia didn’t follow Yue Yang’s ridicule of the monster, instead she spread out her divine realm and secretly protected Princess Qian Qian from the strong enemy.

Both she and Yue Yang had misjudged, if that Central Palace Hall Elder attacked, not only Xue Wu Xia, but also Yue Yang, would also step in to block, then even if Princess Qian Qian did not get to challenge herself with this test, he would not want to put her in danger.

However, the Central Palace Hall Elder did not attack Princess Qian Qian.

He just reached out his claws and gently caressed his face while gouging out both his eyes in one fell swoop….

“Awww!” Princess Qian Qian screamed in pain as she covered her eyes, and although they weren’t superficially hurt, it was as if her eyes were extremely hurt and tears were coming out so badly that her eyes simply couldn’t open. With her eyes damaged, Princess Qian Qian, with her Six Records, was far more distressed than the average person. Although she was hurt suddenly, she panicked but did not lose control, covering her eyes with one hand and wielding the Prison Emperor Divine Sword in one hand to protect her body from the enemy’s surprise attack.

“You bitch, I’ll kill you!” Yue Yang was so furious that he wanted to kill his enemy with a single blow, but out of concern for his heart, he first flew up to embrace Princess Qian Qian, even though he was so angry that he almost exploded his heart and lungs.

“Calm down.” Xue Wu Xia dissuaded Yue Yang, who was close to losing control.

She analyzed extremely calmly, ”This person’s talent or some kind of skill is ‘damage resonance’, no matter if he self-harms, or if we attack, Qian Qian will get hurt. In fact, we should have been alerted to this just now with his quick recovery. Don’t touch him yet, let’s get Princess Qian Qian out of here, this talent or skill should have limited distance!”

Yue Yang wanted to hold Princess Qian Qian, but Princess Qian Qian broke free and waved her hand, ”It’s okay, my eyes are just in pain, they are not really hurt. This is just nice, in this situation, I can train my Six Records, even without using my eyes, I can still fight… The future enemies will only get stronger and stronger, if I can’t even pass this hurdle, then what will I do in the future? You guys back off a little, as long as it’s not real damage, and just mental pain, it’s nothing, I can still continue fighting. Let me try again, even if you just give me a minute!”

Seeing that Princess Qian Qian was adamantly unwilling to concede, vowing to challenge herself to the end in order to advance.

Both Xue Wu Xia and Yue Yang had no choice but to agree.

In fact, Princess Qian Qian’s eyes were indeed unharmed, she had only temporarily been blinded, and mentally felt the pain of her eyes being gouged out……

“Six Records Innate Talent, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to enhance it, today, I will take it as an opportunity!” Princess Qian Qian gritted her teeth and endured the pain, allowing tears to run down her face, but her hands were open, as if she wanted to embrace heaven and earth with her remaining five senses. She had a hunch that if she could fight under such conditions, she believed that the Six Records Innate Talent would definitely evolve… Although it was painful, the opportunity for evolution was right in front of her, in order to become stronger, for the ideals in her heart, in order to catch up with her lover who had thrown her further and further away behind.

She had decided, she must keep fighting!


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