MMORPG: Martial Gamer
1242 A Battle Between Men
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MMORPG: Martial Gamer
Author :Immortal Iron Bull
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1242 A Battle Between Men

These b*stards were really willing to bet on anything.

Boson, who was in the arena, didn't even know that his victory would determine the fate of the majority of the Quan Zhen Sect's crotch.

Sword of Thunderbolt was an advocate for tactics. Because this fella chose to be a Warrior, and considering how wide the map was, tactics were limited in this situation. Ultimately, this battle still boiled down to a head-on clash.

Sword of Thunderbolt, who was anxious to prove his worth to his teammates, became slightly irascible in his heart.

Sword of Thunderbolt was never concerned about his opponent. In his eyes, Team A Murder Of Crows only had three players worthy of being noted. As for the rest of them, they were all amateur players.

Sword of Thunderbolt's job was a hidden branch job of a Warrior called the Thunderbolt Fencer. His weapon was a western sword and speed was the key to his fighting style.

Boson was a traditional Warrior who focused on using force to break through the opponent's defense.

In terms of equipment, Boson was inferior to Sword of Thunderbolt with the exception of his Sword of God.

Once the match got underway, Sword of Thunderbolt was covered in blue light as he flew towards Boson at an extreme speed.

[Thunderbolt Shadow]!

Thunderbolt Fencer's exclusive skill. Being able to increase his movement speed significantly in an extremely short period of time.

The essence of a fight between experts was about making the first move before executing the skills.

The intention was to strike first but the main skills shouldn't be executed so casually.

This was because, after execution, there was bound to be a cooldown time. If the opponent managed to get hold of this timing, it would be disastrous.

Even if the opponent missed the opportunity, the CD of the skill meant that the user would have one less skill to use in that period of time. Therefore, tricking the opponent to execute the first skill was also a skill that top experts nurture over time.

This was why there were not many people who actually used real skills throughout the professional tournament. Most players only execute their skills when they found the breakthrough.

Since Sword of Thunderbolt did not use [Charge] to launch his attack, Boson was naturally not going to execute his skill first.

Seeing Sword of Thunderbolt's arrival, Boson simply clutched onto his sword with both hands as he waited for action while accumulating his power.

Who knew that Sword of Thunderbolt suddenly stopped just before arriving in front of Boson? He struck his western sword onto the ground as he jumped upwards.

[Thunderbolt of Justice]!!


As the sword radiance flashed by, a deep crack appeared on the ground between the two players. At the same time, some of the mud flew towards Boson's eyes.

In terms of strength, hidden branch jobs were not necessarily much stronger than conventional jobs. The only reason these hidden branch jobs would have an advantage was mainly because they were the only ones familiar with their skills. On the other hand, everyone would be extremely familiar with the skills of players with conventional jobs.

Knowing how an enemy would fight made it much easier to fight the enemy.

For example, Boson was not expecting this move from Sword of Thunderbolt. Seeing that Sword of Thunderbolt was actually throwing mud at his face, Boson quickly covered his eyes with his sword and jumped backwards.

"Haha! [Stinging Thunderbolt]!"

At this moment, Sword of Thunderbolt smiled as he raised his sword and a sword radiance with lightning bolts flew towards Boson.


Sword of Thunderbolt's strike was too sudden and it successfully landed on Boson's chest.

Following which, lightning flashed by and Boson's entire body twitched. He was struck into a state of numbness.

While Boson was unable to move, Sword of Thunderbolt grabbed his sword and jumped up, "[Rising Dragon]!"

Boson was directly struck into the air.

"[Strike Of Justice]!"

Sword of Thunderbolt landed several blows on Boson consecutively and Boson's health instantly dropped to below 30%.


Sword of Thunderbolt's very last strike sent Boson flying viciously.

Before Boson could land on the ground, Sword of Thunderbolt was not going to stop there. He executed [Mountain and Earth Shattering Strike] on Boson, who was mid-air.

"Mid-air pursuit!"

The crowd got on their feet at how exciting this match between experts was.

Mid-air pursuit referred to hitting an opponent airborne and chasing after him to attack while he was unable to fight back.

Such coordination was simple in the traditional mouse and keypad game but it was completely different in a virtual reality game like \u003c\u003cREBIRTH\u003e\u003e. It required an extremely high level of judgement and coordination skills to ensure you hit them before they landed on the ground.

In a blink of an eye, Sword of Thunderbolt flew towards the top of Boson before executing his strike.

Just when Boson was about to be finished off by Sword of Thunderbolt.

All of a sudden, Boson grabbed his large sword which turned into a light radiance to strike against Sword of Thunderbolt.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Three explosions could be heard as Boson managed to fight back with three consecutive strikes. He caused Sword of Thunderbolt, who was in the air, to lose his balance as well as to disrupt the completion of [Mountain and Earth Shattering Strike].

"This… This isn't possible… How did he know my Strike of Justice?"

Sword of Thunderbolt was dumbfounded when he saw Boson's execution. What he didn't know was that Boson's technique was called [Triple Slash]. Even though it looked slightly similar to Sword of Thunderbolt's [Strike of Justice], one would be able to tell the difference on closer inspection.

Of course, Sword of Thunderbolt was too flabbergasted to have a closer inspection of the skill.


Sword of Thunderbolt landed firmly on the ground. This fella was pretty nimble as well because he immediately did a backflip after he landed to get away from Boson.

Boson descended from the sky as his sword was swung towards the ground and a shock wave was struck against Sword of Thunderbolt's body.

[Fluctuating Slash]!


[Fluctuating Slash] was merely a low-level skill which wasn't going to cause much damage to Sword of Thunderbolt.

Following which, Sword of Thunderbolt swung his wrist and executed [Grudging Slash].

Boson did a forward roll to dodge the [Grudging Slash] and arrived beneath Sword of Thunderbolt's legs.

Sword of Thunderbolt was surprised as he jumped backwards in an attempt to open up the distance from Boson. Boson used a horizontal slash across the ground.


Before Sword of Thunderbolt's feet could leave the ground, his ankles were slashed by Boson's strike…

Boson was a power type Warrior who had much higher judgement than Sword of Thunderbolt. Moreover, Sword of Thunderbolt was already struggling to maintain his balance so it wasn't hard for Boson to strike him off balance with this move.

Boson stood up and stomped on the back of Sword of Thunderbolt's chest before stabbing his sword viciously on the back of his head.

Boson was playing Independent Mode and there was a type of damage called fatal damage in the Independent Mode.

The back of the head was definitely a fatal spot and an agile Warrior like Sword of Thunderbolt was naturally not going to have much health.

Boson was going to let this golden opportunity pass by so he stabbed the back of Sword of Thunderbolt's head three times.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Sword of Thunderbolt didn't even manage to make a sound as he was sent right out of the arena.


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