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1018 Extremely Loyal Nine Solitary Spears
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MMORPG Martial Gamer
Author :Immortal Iron Bull
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1018 Extremely Loyal Nine Solitary Spears

"Be there in a jiffy!" Wang Yu replied and jumped down from the observatory tower towards the City Lord's Mansion of Sky Dragon City.

At this moment, Sky Dragon City was surrounded completely by Apocalypse. Due to the fact that those players had the quest of being guards for the mansion, Heavenly Dragon was not surprised at their arrival and continued doing his work.

Wang Yu arrived at the City Lord's Mansion right after Nine Solitary Spears did.

Before coming to the City Lord's Mansion, Wang Yu learned some skills from the Magical Academy and changed his looks to look like a very normal player. Because he stood behind Nine Solitary Spears, Heavenly Dragon did not notice anything odd.

"City Lord!" upon arrival at the city hall, Nine Solitary Spears greeted politely.

"Oh, it's President Nine Solitary Spears! How are you coping with your work out there?" Heavenly Dragon paused his work progress and asked with a smile.

"The Mansion has been surrounded!" Nine Solitary Spears exclaimed proudly.

"?" Heavenly Dragon was surprised.

"I meant, it has been surrounded without gaps by us!" Nine Solitary Spears changed his words.

Heavenly Dragon nodded and said, "Mm, good job. I had a bad feeling recently. Make sure you guys do your job well!."

"Don't worry. With Apocalypse here, no one would dare to invade Sky Dragon City…"

Right after Nine Solitary Spears finished speaking, an arrow shot towards Heavenly Dragon.

Nine Solitary Spears saw what was happening and shouted immediately, "Assassin!"

After that, he dashed straight out of the door.

Heavenly Dragon frowned at the situation and teleported to the entrance of the city hall. There were uncountable Archers shooting right at the soldiers from Apocalypse and the guards of the mansion.

The guards were guys who would attack immediately when attacked, so they rushed out of the hall immediately.

The front yard was only left with the soldiers from Apocalypse, and the situation was a mess.

"Don't panic, don't panic!" Nine Solitary Spears stood at the entrance while trying to command nervously. However, the place was in such a mess that no one listened to him.

"Guards! Don't move!"

After seeing the players in the front yard panic, Heavenly Dragon commanded the guards.

Expected from trained killing machines, the guards stopped everything they were doing upon Heavenly Dragon's command. After seeing what was going on, the soldiers from Apocalypse gave way to the guards.

Right at this moment, the second wave of arrows from the Archers hit the guards again.

The guards raised their weapons in mid-air and dashed out of the mansion again. However, right when they stepped out of the mansion, they could not move forward anymore.


After seeing the guard's situation, the players laughed.

Everyone knew that guards had their own guarding zone, and if the players went out of the guard's guarding zone, they cannot chase after the players anymore. It was the same situation here. Without the command of the City Lord, the guards cannot get out of their guarding zone.

These guards were skilled in martial arts, but not in intelligence. Their reaction to the attacks from the Archers was a joke.

The players from Apocalypse could not hide their joy after witnessing the guard's epic moments.

Heavenly Dragon thought that the Archers were making use of the guarding zone to kill all his guards, and commanded the guards while pointing to the Archers, "Guards, I, City Lord of Sky Dragon City, command you to kill every single one that tries to meddle with the pride of the City Lord!"

"Yes, master!"

After hearing the command, the guards barged out of their guarding zones and went straight at the Archers opposite.


The Archers fled after seeing the guards rush towards them.

These Archers were swift and quick, and could run as fast as the wind. They brought the guards out of the streets in a moment.

After seeing what happened, Wang Yu and Nine Solidarity Spears smiled secretly.

Then, Heavenly Dragon reprimanded Nine Solidarity Spears, "President Nine Solidarity Spears, I am not very satisfied with your soldiers' performance. If there is a next time, I will hire another guild!"

Nine Solidarity Spears replied immediately, "I am truly sorry, City Lord. I promise this will be the last time…"

Nine Solidarity Spears was not kidding about it being the last time, since Heavenly Dragon was about to die soon…

"That's the best! If there is a next time…"

Just when Heavenly Dragon was scolding Nine Solidarity Spears, Wang Yu sneaked to his back. Wang Yu flipped his palms and a golden dagger appeared on and stabbed it into Heavenly Dragon's cervical vertebra.

If it were to be someone else, they could have stabbed the wrong place due to nervousness. However, for professionals like Wang Yu, these kinds of low-level mistakes would not be made. He stabbed right on the spot onto Heavenly Dragon's cervical vertebra.


Heavenly Dragons screamed at the top of his lungs..

"Grrr!!!" right afterwards, Heavenly Dragon let out a roar and the scales appeared on his handsome face. At the same time, he turned over and swept a huge spear of a few metres long across.

Including Wang Yu, anyone would know that they had to run away after backstabbing someone. After stabbing Heavenly Dragons, he rolled away and Heavenly Dragon's spear missed him.

At this time, Nine Solidarity Spears shouted, "There's an assassin! Protect the City Lord!"

Nine Solidarity Spears dashed into the hall.

The other players from Apocalypse followed.

After seeing what happened, Heavenly Dragon was confused because he thought that Wang Yu and Nine Solidarity Spears were on the same side.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Yu reappeared in front of Heavenly Dragons and pulled a joke face. Heavenly Dragons raised his spear and stabbed towards Wang Yu's chest.

"Protect the City Lord! Protect the City Lord!"

However, Nine Solidarity Spears rushed and stood in front of Wang Yu.

Heavenly Dragon withdrew his spear immediately upon that sight.

As the leader of a city, he cannot harm his subject. Nine Solidarity Spears served re-bellied devotion, if Heavenly Dragon had really stabbed him, his reputation amongst the people will drop instantly, and his position as the City Lord would be threatened.


Wang Yu chuckled as he kicked from beneath Nine Solitary Spears' arm towards Heavenly Dragon's crotch.

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