Mafia love
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Mafia love
Author :queen_ariel89
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Elvis has called his right hand man to do some digging on Kayla to see who she is after many months of being around one another; it had never dawned on him to do a background check on her. What can I do for you padrone? Erik answered. Dude it's me Elvis, can you do me a favor i need you to do something? Erik just sighed and asked "What can i do for you bro, and what is it?" Well i need you to check something and not tell me dad or yours, if they ask just tell them "i want to know what colleges kayla is applying for and i want to see if i can apply to them to with my grade average" and don't say nothing more if they keep pushing the issue tell them to talk to me if they want to know more. Do you have any questions? Erik was feeling a little worried about the request from him but didn't comment but just said how soon do you need the information and do you want me to do a full background check on her to make sure she isnt a dangerous person or if she may have enemies we don't know about ? no wait yes do all that but do it without the family or our dad's knowing about it. If she does have a big background then we will go about that after knowing everything about her, i don't want to reach alarm before anything and make sure everything is crystal clear before making a move if there is, since i'm next in line if something happens to dad. Do we have everything clear? No one is to know what i'm doing, i think my dad is up to something and i want to know everything about her before he convinces her to move in with us but from what i caught over the dinner table, i think he has planned to have her move in with us and make her marry me before he can name next Don if anything happens to him. Erik didn't know what to say after he heard all this but he thought of something for them to get on the same page and have privacy to talk more about what he had planned. Hey bro can i ask to meet somewhere we can talk and think of something that can help you and her ? Where are you right now?

After a moment of thinking it over, he told him that on the way home after dropping her off at home, he didn't really want to go home since she wasn't there that he was thinking of going to see his mom and that maybe he can think straight if he went to go see he and talk to her, maybe he can have a idea on what his dad has planned for them. Erik told him to just head to their place when they were young and was learning how to use guns. He commented that maybe a couple of rounds may help him clear his head and that it was no time to go visit his mom since it's already dark and who knows if his enemy wants to return to finish the job. Elvis took the bluetooth off his car and pulled over and told him that his wounds were no accident and that he has to remember what was left behind after he was shot.

Erik thinks for a second and says " let's go to the bar or meet at our safe place to drink?" How soon can you get here or do you have something after hanging up the phone? Let me know before I go to do the favor you asked for and lose track of time? Elvis replied to all the bombing questions he made by saying. "No to the bar, I don't want to drink, I'm driving so I just have to turn the car around and head over, and so since I miss her already and I think it was a major fucked up because of my past with her. I think i need to talk to someone about it. Erik said after hearing him state he needed someone to talk to and offered a word of advice. "Elvis if you really needed someone here, when you become the next don i'll be your right hand anyway like my dad is to yours, besides i know i have always been your box of secrets bro. Also don't forget we made a pact to always have each other back even if i'm a year older than you wise ass." So what are you going to do, Elvis ? sit outside in the car and wait until morning or just come over to have a drink with me ? well you'll have water since you aren't 21 years old yet but i'll take you out when you do turn that age to celebrate becoming a man just hope it doesn't become a heartbreak. so what do you say bro are you down or not to come over to my place?

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    《Mafia love》