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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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10 Sparring

Elder Fei had arrived minutes later and they headed for the place where they would fight. He sized her up as they moved.

"Hmm, she is now at the peak of the 2nd realm, even Fei Xian had only just reached early 2nd realm and that was with some pills to help with his breakthrough. It seems that she is quite talented."

Elder Fei was actually at the 9th level of the Human Realm and had traveled back home to tell the family that he will be attempting to breakthrough to Sage Realm, which could take several years. He had been traveling throughout the province, fighting beasts and slaying bandits. He had made a name for himself as a righteous hero.

Elder Fei had suddenly began telling Ming Yue these stories. He wanted to see how she would react to these stories as well as take this chance to learn more about her. As for Ming Yue, she was a bit shocked and didn't know that she would be fighting someone like him. However, this was a good chance to improve her sword skills and gain some pointers. She herself did not talk too much. She only answered questions in one sentence or even one word. Elder Fei did not mind this at all and felt that she must've had a painful past.

They arrived at the clearing and then took their stance. Elder Fei took his sword and held it forwards. Ming Yue unsheathed her blade and pointed it to the ground with both hands on the hilt. She immediately changed and a cold aura surrounded her.

Elder Fei's face didn't changed as he faced his opponent. Then they began.

Ming Yue attacked first and Elder Fei went into a defensive position. She attacked continuously aiming for specific spots while Elder Fei defended and would occasionally send out an attack.

As the fight continued, she began to feel pressure from Elder Fei and soon she became the one defending. he did not go easy on her but he did limit his strength to that of a 2nd realm cultivator. Even so, he still held the upper hand but that was due to his experience and skill.

She started using different techniques, even testing out things like Descent of the Twilight but they were all broken by a single swing. However, ideas and improvements appeared in her head as she slowly perfected her skills.

She started to exhaust herself and stopped attacking. Elder Fei had no changes in his face but on the inside he was surprised, He had to exert about 30 percent of his strength to keep up with her. Her attack speed was quite fast and had a lot of power. While her defensive capability was decent it was her offensive power that was amazing. Furthermore, her sword skills seemed to inhabit a certain power to it but he wasn't sure what it was.

Knowing that she could not fight for much longer, she prepared one more move, although it did not have a name, she often related it to the idea of splitting. It was the move from before where she had completely bisected a tree in one cut and cut Blood Wolf in half. But to be more specific it wasn't a move but a state that she was in. A state of complete control and focus, where she was one with the sword.

Elder Fei noticed this change and took his defensive stance. He waited for her final move.

Suddenly, Ming Yue dashed forward cutting horizontally in an incredible speed.

His eyes widened and he immediately used 50 percent of his power. This next swing wasn't simple and it seemed capable of cutting anything in its way. He took the hit and was pushed back several feet. Although he was uninjured, his arms shook continuously.

It ended with Ming Yue's victory as she had forced Elder Fei to use more strength than he had intended. Ming Yue dropped to her knees in exhaustion and Elder Fei helped her stand up and rested her against a tree.

Then he began to talk to her about her skills and what she lacked.

"Your skills are quite good and don't lack power, however, you are missing experience the most and your techniques aren't perfect. However that final move was incredible. It seems that you are compatible with the Dao of Wind."

Ming Yue was curious, she didn't know what these daos were.

"The Dao of Wind is only one of many others. It is an attribute that people are skilled in. Some may be better at fire than at water. Others may excel in the Dao of Metal. There are countless ones but they are separated into levels: Minor Daos, Major Daos, and Grand Daos. Wind is a grand dao while the Dao of the Sword is a Major Dao. They are separated into by rarity and then power. Thus some Minor Daos may be more powerful than Major or even Grand but because they are much rarer, they cannot be considered anything more than a Minor Dao. There is no true way of learning the dao, it is only how you perceive it that shows your ability. You seem to have talent in Sword and Wind Dao which is quite fitting. Wind equates to speed, it can be a calm and gentle breeze as well as a cruel and destructive storm. The sword is a tool for attack and defense, it can be a tool to kill or to protect. It all depends on how you think of it."

After he finished his lecture, Ming Yue thought heavily on what she learned. This was completely new to her and while she did not fully understand, she had a general idea.

"Thank you for teaching me", she said.

Elder Fei smiled, he quite liked this girl and thought about recruiting her but then he stopped himself. He could feel that she liked to be free and chose not to ask. Instead he talked to her about the future.

"If you are not sure as to where to go next, try going to the Jade Dragon Pavilion. It is an organization run by the Emperor himself. It has a variety requests made by both the people and the nobility. Furthermore, you can get rewards and points to exchange for many different items. Anyone can register as well. I suggest that you go there to get some experience and earn some money."

This wasn't a bad idea and she thought about it carefully before deciding to check it out once she rested. After resting they went back to the brothel where she was staying. When they walked to the front. Ming Yue say Cui Fen outside, but there was a group of men talking to her. They had lecherous looks on their faces as they grabbed at her.
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》