Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
11 Joining the Pavilion
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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11 Joining the Pavilion

Ming Yue was about to move but Elder Fei moved first. He went to Cui Fen and grabbed the hand of the leader in this group. His face had a serious look as he moved her behind him.

"Tch, what do you think you are doing? We only wanted a little touch", said on of the men, "She works as a brothel, we should be able to get this much."

Elder Fei was calm and he replied,"I don't believe that she agreed to anything outside of this business, so fuck off."

After hesaid those last words, he released a bit of pressure scaring them away.

"Alright, you win. But we will come back next time", they said as they ran away in fear.

Elder Fei then turned to Cui Fen and asked if she was hurt. She blushed little bit and said that she was fine, unable to keep her eyes away from him.

Elder Fei was by no means a handsome man however he had a feeling of reliability and a calm aura. Coupled with the fact that, he just saved her, Cui Fen quite liked him. On the other end, Cui Fen was a beauty and Elder Fei couldn't leave her alone like that, even if she did work at a brothel.

Suddenly, Cui Fen noticed Ming Yue and went to her.

"Where were you?! You were gone the whole day!" she said.

Ming Yue had a small smile, it's been a while since she had felt such warmth from someone.

"So she can smile", Elder Fei thought, he never saw her smile at all and was under the impression that she was without much emotion, only knowing coldness.

Ming Yue looked at Cui Fen and pointed at Elder Fei.

"I was with him, we were sparring after I picked up my sword", she said.

Cui Fen looked at her incredulously and then changed her focus to Elder Fei. He felt a bit shy from her stare and nodded.

"Yes, I was sparring with her. She had saved my nephew and so I told her that I would fulfill one request from her. This was what she wanted. Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself, My name is Fei Yun."

"I am Cui Fen, Ming Yue had rescued me from a group of men. If it weren't for her I might have died."

"It seems that both of us have something in common", Elder Fei said.

Their conversation stopped there as they could not find a suitable topic to talk about. The both of them were a bit shy with each other. After all, they were both similar in age and quite attractive. Ming Yue noticed this but ignored it, promptly going inside to sleep. Both adults then followed and began conversing again talking to each other to what they did.

The more they talked, the more they were comfortable with each other. Cui Fen saw a heroic spirit combined with a kind soul in Elder Fei. While he thought of her as a woman who cared deeply about family and friends. He didn't mind the fact that she worked in a brothel.

For the next couple of days, Ming Yue would often spar with Elder Fei and her swordsmanship had gone up another level, compared to before, her skills were much more smoother and carried more power. This was because she went to Owner Su's shop to buy a book on the Dao Of Wind because she did not know where or how to even begin. The book was quite general and didn't have much information, but it helped her find her own way of using wind. Furthermore, with an opponent like Elder Su, there were many flaws that she had found and many enlightenments as well.

As for Elder Fei, he often went to the brothel with Ming Yue after their sparring to talk with Cui Fen. It seems like a relationship was beginning to bloom. Even her daughter, Rou'er was beginning to warm up to him.

After several weeks, Elder Fei told Ming Yue that he had to go, he could not delay any longer and went to try and breakthrough to the Sage Realm.

"After I leave, please tell Cui Fen that I will come back as soon as possible. Also do not forget to go to the pavilion I told you about. You will gain much more than just experience."

Ming Yue nodded and Elder Fei soon left. She went back and told Cui Fen, who took the news quite well.

"He will come back, I'm sure of it", She said.

Afterwards, Ming Yue went to the Jade Dragon Pavilion and saw a grand building appear before her eyes. It was big and decorative with a a statue of the emperor in front of it. When she entered, a spacious area filled her view, there were areas for rest and a fair amount of people were here. Opposite of the entrance was a counter with 2 women in the front, who seem to be the receptionists. To the right and the left were walls filled with all kinds of requests. As she walked to the counter, she noticed that the requests closer to it were increasingly difficult. One of them even requested the head of a rank 7 beast. Once she arrived, one of the women greeted her.

"Welcome to the Jade Dragon Pavilion, would you like to post a request?" she said.

Ming Yue then replied, "No, I would like to register as a member."

The woman was surprised, like the people around her, she did not think that this young girl would be registering, however she kept her calm and brought her to another room in order to be tested. When Ming Yue entered, she saw an old man on a chair drinking some tea as if he knew she was coming. In front of him was a circle. The man had a friendly expression but he seemed extremely mysterious. He had no power or pressure coming from him, one would even think that he was a harmless old man.

"Hello there, I am the registrations elder, young lady. Please stand in the middle of this circle", he said.

She followed his directions and walked over.

"You may put down your things over there, you will not be needing them", he said pointing at a chair.

She left her sword and bag and went back to the circle awaiting her test.

"Now then, lets begin."
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》