Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
29 Evil Arises
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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29 Evil Arises

This hooded figure stared at the battle ahead and stood still.

"Hmph, a beast horde and multiple rank 5's and this city still has not fallen yet. If it does not fall within the hour, I'll have to finish it myself. I cannot fail the task that the clan has given me", a deep, hoarse voice came from him as he continued to watch the battle.

Evidently, this mysterious person was impatient with the destruction of this city. After waiting for mere minutes, he was becoming more and more impatient.

"Screw it, I will end this city myself and collect their bodies with the remaining crows", the man took off his hood revealing a gnarled face that can only be described as horrifying. Parts of his face were scarred as if he had been burned, his mouth was partially stitched up and his eyes were of a dark green color. He could only be compared to that of a ghoul.

He commanded his Crow King to enter the fray and proceeded to jump off and onto the city walls.

Every soldier in the area noticed him and kept their distance. There was no doubt in their minds that this man was the cause of this. As much as they wanted to fight him, they feared for their lives.

"Oh, if you aren't going to come to me first then I guess I'll come to you", a vicious smile appeared on his face as he said those words.

Immediately, he dashed towards the nearest soldier and grabbed him by the throat before cutting his head off. From there, he began a massacre on the walls, killing whoever stood in his way. Blood flowed on the walls as bodies fell to the ground. He was killing them like flies and did it so gleefully.

"Send someone to inform the others, we must capture him at all costs!", one of the captains commanded.

The mysterious man chuckled ,"Yes, please do so, sending everyone here will just make it much easier to kill you all".

As he continued his killing, the city lord was soon informed of this. With these new developments, he ordered that capturing this man was of the highest priority before heading towards the man's location. Minutes later, the city lord arrived only to find the man ripping one of the soldiers in half. Fear ran rampant in the soldier's hearts after that scene.

"So are you the one in charge of this city?" asked the man who was wiping the blood off of his face in a relaxed manner.

"Indeed, may I ask for your name?" the city lord calmly said.

"You don't need to know my name, all you need to understand is that I'm going to kill everyone in this city and take their bodies with me."

Suddenly, the man rushed at the city lord and attacked him with his fists but the city lord was prepared and deflected it.

"Hoh, an earth realm cultivator, too bad you're only in the lower ranks", the man said.

The city lord trembled before returning to his calm demeanor, after their first clash he knew that defeating the person in front of him would be next to impossible. While they were both in the Earth Realm, he was only in the early stages of the Sight level while the other was at least at the Soul Level. However, he did not need to win. So long as the city lord could last an hour, the earth realm cultivators that had taken care of the rank 5 would arrive and together, they should be able to detain this man for interrogation.

Thus their battle began but the city lord was doing worse than he had previously thought and struggled to keep up with the man's attacks. Each strike was extremely quick and ferocious and the city lord could only defend. No one could help him because they weren't able to. Entering into the middle of this fight was the same as forfeiting their lives. They could only do their best to kill off the rest of the crows. As the battle continued between the man and the city lord, it was becoming more and more one sided as the city lord continued to be pushed back. There was no opening as the man struck out incessantly leaving no time to breathe.

"ENOUGH!" the city lord screamed, he inserted his inner force into Silver Howl causing a projection of a wolf to appear behind him.

"A peak sage weapon and it even has a strengthening effect!", the man said, his tone was extremely serious and his eyes narrowed.

"Thundering Howl!"

The city lord swung his blade down sending off a stroke of lightning accompanied by a thunderous roar. It was extremely fast to the point where blinking would cause you to miss it. A large explosion followed after the lightning struck the ground with enormous power. Dust flew everywhere as everyone but the city lord covered their faces. He stared towards where his attack landed and waited.

"If you think that your last attack would have killed me, you're wrong. You are going to have to do more than that to hurt me."

A voice spoke from the settling dust and to everyone's fear, the man was still alive and to make matters worse, he was able to survive the attack with nothing more than some cuts.

"Do not worry, that was only the first attack. I wonder if you can handle the next several moves", the city lord replied.

What took place after those words could only be described as awe-inspiring. The two figures turned into blurs as lighting and thunder struck the battlefield. Claw marks and explosions covered the area with holes. At this point, most of the crows had died with the help of Ming Yue and the remaining soldiers but they were extremely tense. They could only watch this battle unfold, not even the commanders could aid the city lord.
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》