Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
30 Reinforcements
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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30 Reinforcements

As the battle drew on, it only became more and more chaotic. The city lord suddenly launched a terrifying wave of lighting from the swing of his sword.

"Rage of the Thunder Wolf!" he yelled out as the lightning turned into a massive wolf of lightning that rushed at the man.

There was an ugly look on his face as he uttered, "Demon's Avatar."

A figure made of darkness appeared in front of the him and took the enormous wolf head on. However, the wolf's charge was too strong and destroyed the avatar before crashing into him. However, the avatar had managed to give him a second or two to evade it. Unfortunately, he did not come out unscathed and his right arm had been hit causing him to feel enormous pain. Burnt to a crisp, it fell to his side unable to move.

The fight came to a stop as the both of them struggled to stand. Even though the mysterious man was of a higher cultivation, he did not have any special equipment like the city lord. Furthermore, he did not expect this fight to be as long as it is. Fortunately, the city lord was in an even worse situation than him. To continuously fight like this must've been extremely exhausting, the city lord could barely stand up and used his sword to support him.

The man sneered as he started walking towards the city lord.

"It seems like this battle is over", he said, "Such a shame, but don't worry, I'll be sure to put the bodies of your people to good use."

The city lord was furious but could barely move around, that last attack of his had used up the rest of his inner force. He could only await his death but if that should be the case, he would detonate his body and kill the man in front of him. He was responsible for the city and his citizens! To be unable to protect them would make him a failure as their lord.

The man slowly walked towards him and stretched out his hand for the city lord's neck. Several soldiers tried to block him and take him down but all it did was send them to their graves.

As the city lord gritted his teeth and prepared to detonate, but the he heard a swift cut followed by the sound of something falling to the ground. He opened his eyes to find the man's hand on the floor, leaving a small pool of blood. When he moved his eyes, he saw a girl wielding a sword taller than her, it was clean of blood as if it had never been used before despite having just severed a hand. The city lord then recognized her as Ming Yue, someone that former commander Su had mentioned to him.

Everyone was shocked. When did she move and most importantly, when did she attack? It was so sudden that no one knew what had exactly happened. They stunned by this sight especially the man who had just lost his hand. To think that she would attack when his guard was down was preposterous. He was close to reaching the Heaven Realm, a feat that could happen to one out of several million people. Yet a little girl in the Human Realm had managed to harm him, this was humiliating and he would not let this go without killing her.

"If you think that your little stunt is going to save him-".

Ming Yue immediately attacked him but the man dodged. She didn't give him any chance to recover and attacked constantly. Sweat covered her body as she concentrated immensely, her goal was to stall him until reinforcements came. She knew that she would not win this due to the cultivation difference as well as the difference in their fighting style. Ming Yue was like a glass cannon sending out powerful attacks but unable to take much of a hit unlike her opponent who was more of a berserker and could take extreme amounts of punishment while dealing just as much.

Her only advantage was the range of her attacks as Parting Sword was over several feet long, much longer than the man's attack range which amounted to only his hands. She made full use of it and struck from outer reach of her sword. The man could do nothing but take her attacks becoming much more frustrated in the process. She danced around him and attacked constantly.

"AAHHHHHHH!" he screamed in rage and swung out managing to grab Ming Yue's sword with his hand.

He swung it with her still holding onto the hilt and threw her on the ground forcefully. She yelled in pain from the impact, her ribs were most likely cracked and she could hardly stand up.

He walked up to her and encased his hand in a dark aura moving for her arms.

"I'm going to break your limbs one by one before I crush your skull in", he said.

With that he struck her, aiming to destroy her right arm. However, such a thing did not happen. Ming Yue activated the Dusk Lily Pin, creating a translucent barrier that surrounded her and blocked the man's attack. It cracked under the force but had not yet been broken.

At that very moment, Ten figures landed on the ground surrounding the him.

"It would be best if you let her go before we make this spot your grave", one of them said. He walked forward with his hands empty and looked at the man coldly.

Reinforcements! Everyone finally felt a wave of relief wash over them, they had survived until reinforcements came!

As for the man with no weapons, the city lord recognized him as one of the leaders of the 48 Demon Brigades, Sky!
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》