Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
38 Parting Ways
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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38 Parting Ways

Yao Xian was at a disadvantage against Ye Feng and Du Tuan, Wei Lian's two lieutenants. They were a duo that Ming Yue had a difficult time dealing with. It was without a doubt that she was in a worse state. The duo's cooperation was impeccable, a perfect form of offense and defense. Yao Xian could not see when and where the meteor hammer would attack as Du Tuan's spiked shield blocked her sight. She could only act defensively, dodging and blocking with her crimson guandao, Lion's Pride.

Yao Xian was extremely focused, she only had a split second to react to every attack. If she missed even one attack, she would be unable to keep up with them for any longer, ending in her loss. Her situation grew worse and worse, she slowly found it harder and harder to keep up. She had been exhausted from the constant pressure and her body had yet to fully recover. Even though she had removed the all of the poison, there were still side effects from the suppression of her body.

Her only choice now was to force her way through and break the shield. She slowly cycled her inner force, focusing it into her weapon. Lion's Pride slowly glowed, its blade carried a red sheen. She thrusted forth, creating a stream of fire from her blade. It was as if the lion head had awakened in anger, breathing down fire on those who disturbed it. Du Tuan could not withstand the power of her attack and was thrown back. The flames had melted parts of his shield rendering it unusable. He was without a weapon and Ye Feng had lost his partner.

Without hesitation, she put an end to Du Tuan, stabbing him in the stomach. Ye Feng had become fearful, turning around and running in the opposite reaction. Without Du Tuan, their duo had lost its effective and Ye Feng could no longer attack wantonly. Unfortunately, he turned to find Ming Yue only meters in front of him. She brandished her sword and cut him down, leaving him in two pieces. With this, the Darksun Marauders were no more, they were just bloody corpses.

Despite the end of the battle, Yao Xian's anger was not gone.

"Where is he?!" she looked around, trying to find Yu Ao Long, only to realize he had retreated, abandoning the men he hired to kidnap her.

She was furious, not only at him but at the current generation of the Yu Family. For them to resort to such despicable means in order to keep their status, to suppress their own family was disgraceful. This was not the behavior she expected of them, they were not going to go far with that thinking. One day, their actions would come back to haunt them.

"Sister, please calm down. We can only sort this out when we reach Five Element City," Yu Fengtian consoled her.

Minutes later, she was able to calm down and stopped thinking about Yu Ao Long. She and Fengtian walked to Ming Yue to discuss their next move.

"Are you also going to Five Element City?" she asked.

"Yes, I plan to join the Youth Dragon Tournament as well," Ming Yue replied, "However, I want to travel around the Firelight Ruins before coming so I cannot accompany all of you."

Yao Xian was disappointed, she looked at Fengtian who looked a bit more dejected than her. She quickly realized something but did not speak her mind.

"Then let us meet again at the Capital," she said.

They traveled together for a few more days before splitting off. Ming Yue's next destination was the Firelight Ruins while everyone else was headed for Five Element City. Although they needed to pass through the Firelight Ruins, they only had to travel through the outskirts while Ming Yue was headed deeper into the ruins. She gave Yao Xian and Fengtian the heads of Wei Lian and his lieutenants to bring to the main family. Not only would this help Yao Xian settle her disputes with the young masters and madams, but it could elevate her status, having killed the infamous Darksun Marauders. With this, she would be able to help the escapees of the stronghold get back on their feet.

During their time together, Yao Xian would often talk about Fengtian, teasing him every now and then. Ming Yue smiled at their behavior, reminding her of life at the village. It was a lonely smile and while Yao Xian didn't catch it, Fengtian did.

"She smiled," he thought, "but...why does she seem so sad?"

It was first time, he saw her smile, probably the first time she ever really showed some sort of emotion. From the first time they met, she barely had any changes to her expression. He was curious about her. From her origin to her plans for the future, he wanted to know more. This sudden interest stemmed from one rather surprising development, he had feelings for her. It was too early to call it love but it was a growing affection. Yao Xian had noticed it when Ming Yue told them that she could not accompany them. His look of dejectedness could not escape her sight. She did not know if this was temporary and chose not to interfere. This was something he had to figure out himself

Fengtian wondered about her expression but chose not to ask. They barely knew each other, having only spent days together. It was not his position to ask.

He was a passive person, he would keep to himself most of the time. Only when he was with her that Fengtian could speak without inhibition and after knowing him for so long, she could tell what he was thinking.

When it came time to depart, he did not know what to say to her.

"Thank you. Thank you for helping me. I hope that we will meet again at Five Element City," he spoke with sincerity before bowing to her and leaving with the others.

"Yes! when you reach Five Element City, come find me and my brother and the Yu Household," Yao Xian followed.

Fengtian looked back and watched Ming Yue leave, walking down another road. Her figure slowly disappeared into the ruins.

"Do you like her?" Yao Xian suddenly asked, unable to keep her curiosity from overflowing.

He was flustered by her sudden question.

"I...I'm not sure," His mind was in disarray, he could not think of a definite answer.

Fengtian truly wished to see her again, at that time, he would surely ask her about that smile.
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》