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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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63 A Solution

Entering the office, it was the same as before. Papers were everywhere and covered almost every inch of the room. The only difference was that Elder Yin was with someone else. Next to her was an older man, dressed in the same uniform.

"Grandpa Meng..." Ming Yue recognized the other figure.

"Ah, Ming Yue, you're here! I was worried for you when I heard news that an Ignited Titan was born where you were. I see now that you are fine", he spoke calmly.

"Don't listen to him! The moment he heard about the Ignited Titan, he almost wanted to rush there and save you. You should've seen how panicked he was", Elder Yin said quite abruptly, causing Grandpa Meng a bit of embarrassment.

"Well, she's pretty much my grand daughter! I have the right to be worried!" he sputtered out.

"You should have a little faith in her then. Besides she's here now, safe and sound."

Ming Yue felt slightly awkward in this situation, two elders were bickering like children in front of her. She stood to one side, watching the two stare at each other. Soon enough, they seemed to have remembered that they were not alone and quickly cleared their throats, going back to their dignified selves.

"Anyways, I just called you up to show this old man that you were okay", Elder Yin said.

"Ah, I see", Ming Yue was unsure of what to do, should she just leave now?

but then she remembered the daggers from before, quickly taking them out she showed them to the two.

"Elder Yin, Elder Meng, do you recognized these daggers?" she asked, handing them each a dagger.

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The two elders examined them, unsheathing them and then putting them back. During this time a number of expressions showed on their face, shock, confusion, sadness. When the bloody aura showed itself, a very grim expression appeared on their faces.

The first to speak was Elder Meng.

"These daggers are sacrificial daggers used to kill man and beast, offering their bodies to the gods. The group that owned was the Azure Mind Path, as you can guess, this was a group that followed the Lord of Azure Souls. A religious group that viewed him as god, they often kidnapped both people and beasts to sacrifice in his honor. Such a group was eradicated years ago, there are only stragglers and we have been hunting them for quite a while", he explained.

"Where did you find these? Judging from the aura, they are quite old but were used to take hundreds of lives" Elder Yin said.

Ming Yue then proceeded to tell them about the ravine and the secret rooms. The numerous bones and corpses within it as well as the strange markings that she saw. Now she realized that the arena she saw was really a sacrificial altar, most likely the owners of the two rings were members of the Azure Mind Path.

"So there was an old hideout there!" Elder Yin said, "It's quite close to the capital as well. We should send people to investigate immediately."

She immediately called for people, giving out orders before dismissing them.

"Thank you for the information, Ming Yue" she said.

"Indeed, all traces of this cult must be eliminated. Although the Lord of Azure Souls is not as sinister as we had thought, his followers still continue to see him as a god. They've been a thorn on our end for a long time now. ", Grandpa Meng said.

"I see", Ming Yue said. She knew that those daggers were not good news but she did not think that they would be used for such evil means. It was disheartening to know that these people still existed, sacrificing their own kind.

"I also need some advice on another matter" she said.

"What is it?" both of the elders listened intently as Ming Yue explained that she only had six months left before the auction. Even if money was not have an issue, she still needed a way to protect herself from any who may want to take the Splitting Moon Blade and possible Parting Sun too. This second hurdle was going to be the hardest one. After all, with both blades being divine ranked, she would be targeted by many for carrying them both.

"Hmm, that is a problem", she said.

"Our help would only be temporary, we can't exactly protect you at every waking moment", said Grandpa Meng.

"While you do are in good relations with Yu Yao Xian, the Yu Family might not necessarily help you."

"Considering most of your wealth, you have around a hundred thousand gold."

"What you need is strength but six months might not be enough time to obtain an adequate amount."

"I have an idea although it will be quite dangerous", Elder Yin said, "Hunt criminals, bandits, killers, robbers. Many of them have bounties on their head and have quite heavy pockets as well. It should help you with money, experiential training, and you could make a name for yourself. Having fame should give you some leeway."

"I object, that's too dangerous for her", said Grandpa Meng, "Besides, I don't think she has killed another person before."

"What do you mean? If I remember correctly, Ming Yue was the one that completely destroyed the Darksun Marauders", she said.

Ming Yue was slightly stunned, how did she know that?

"Did you think I wouldn't know? I have all sorts of connections, I am the manager of the Jade Dragon Pavilion branch in the Capital City", Elder Yin spoke, reading Ming Yue's expression, "The Marauders have always been a menace to the capital city. The moment the Yu Family announced their end, I had dispatched a team to investigate. All of the evidence made me suspect that it as you and then the genius of the Yu Family, Yu Yao Xian came and told me that you were the one that killed off most of them."

"Is that true, Ming Yue?" asked Grandpa Meng.

Ming Yue nodded, confirming this piece of information.

"If that is true, then you will not have much problem hunting down criminals."

Elder Yin smiled before asking Ming Yue, "Are you okay with this?"

She looked at her straight in the eyes, "Yes."

"Okay then, take this and make your preparations. If you want to go after any of them, you must go to Mist Valley. The valley itself is shrouded in mist and was a perfect place for criminals to escape to. It was not long before a community was made and a city was formed, Redmist Sanctuary, a haven for criminals", she explained, handing over a small book.

Ming Yue skimmed through it, finding numerous portraits of people. Rapists, killers, kidnappers, all sorts of criminals were within these pages. Many of the portraits resembled villains and horrible humans, but there were those who looked like average people that could be found on the street. She put the book away and thanked the two for their help.

"Remember these are despicable people, they will have a number of tricks on them. You should be careful", Grandpa Meng warned her, a worried expression on his face.

"Don't worry", Ming Yue showed a little smile, "I'll be fine."

She left the office, heading for Gold Honor to sell her items. She would rest for the night and then leave the next day.

"Are you sure she will be fine on her own?" Grandpa Meng asked.

"Don't worry, I'm having someone watch her. They will only intervene if she is in a life or death situation", Elder Yin replied.

"Did you see that Mistral Fox she had?"

"Yes, it's quite cute. How much do you think that fur is worth?"

"Don't you even think about it."

"I'm only joking, Meng Zhao. Now stop bothering me, I have all this paperwork to do. Unlike someone here, I don't run from my work."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》