Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
73 Turning in the Bounty
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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73 Turning in the Bounty

Entering the bustling city, all of them went to stay at an inn for the time being. Liqiu and her guards stayed in and rested from their journey. Ming Yue wanted to sell off her spoils and go to the Jade Dragon Pavilion to collect the bounty on her kills. Xuan Yin followed along, at first she had wanted to explore on her own but the capital city was too large. If she went off on her own, she could very easily get lost in the busy streets.

Walking down the streets, Xuan Yin's eyes kept flickering about, looking at the many street stalls and businesses. Her excitement could barely be contained.

Arriving at the pavilion, the both of them went in and walked up to the counter. However, the atmosphere was unusual. Everyone that saw her started whispering with each other.

"Isn't that her?"

"Why is she here?"

"Do you think she really did it?"

She paid no mind and walked up to the counter where Zhi Shu was. She looked at Ming Yue quite nervously before taking her to the elder.

Walking up the stairs, she asked her, "Did you really kill him? The Lord of Torment, Tong Ku?"

Ming Yue nodded while Xuan Yin chimed in, "I helped too."

"I see", muttered Zhi Shu, "Then do you know what happened afterwards?"

The both of them had confused looks and shook their heads. Looking at them she explained what had happened, "The other sanctuary lords, namely the Lustful Lord, Daiyu has issued a bounty on your head for killing Tong Ku and creating chaos in Redmist Sanctuary. The news has spread to every corner of the country. There is without a doubt that you will be hunted."

"I see", Ming Yue found this a bit surprising but she was not afraid. After going through so much these past two years, she was not fazed by much.

They reached Elder Yin's office and went in to find the same sight as before, a room filled with papers.

"Ah Ming Yue, you're finally here", Elder Yin popped out from one of the piles, "and I see you have a friend."

Xuan Yin respectfully bowed and introduced herself, "My name is Xuan Yin, I met Ming Yue at the Stone Forest and again at Mist Valley."

Elder Yin looked at her, "That black bow... Do you know someone named the Dancing Hunter?"

"Oh yes, that is my grandfather. You've heard of him?"

"Yes, yes, the Dancing Hunter is quite a famous figure, known for his skill in archery. He's hunted numerous beasts on his own, having soloed a rank 5 after fighting for three days and three nights", she explained, "But I digress, I assume you know about the bounty, Ming Yue but did you really kill him?"

Ming Yue nodded and brought out his weapons, the knife and the chains, giving them to Elder Yin.

She confirmed their authenticity and gave it back to her, "I thought you would only be going after the residents but you killed one of the Lords,. Not to mention, it was the Lord of Torment. He is responsible for over a hundred reported disappearances but there is most likely around three hundred people that he's taken. No one knows what he does with them, reports of screams and cries for help coming from his property could make one wonder of what sort of torture he does. Now that he is dead, there is one less killer in the world. Wait for me here while I handle the reward for killing him."

She left the office and came back with a ring in her hand as well as a letter, "Inside the ring is the bounty money for killing him. As for this letter, the leader of the Pavilion, Lord Tang Guang had written it specifically for you."

Ming Yue took the ring as well as the letter. She took half before giving the rest to Xuan Yin who happily took it. As for the letter, she would read it later tonight.

"And that's about it, if you have any other bounties you can give it in at the receptionist counter. Ming Yue, before you, please be safe. The old man would be heart broken if you were to die", Elder Yin said.

Ming Yue nodded before leaving with Xuan Yin. Leaving her office, she turned in the other bounties that she had obtained.

"The heads of the Lone Rose, members of Jade Hand and the Twin Moons! Oh my!" Zhi Shu looked at the severed heads before quickly giving Ming Yue her bounty money.

Afterwards, She left the pavilion and went to Gold Honor to sell off everything that she obtained in Mist Valley. While she waited in the appraisal room, Xuan Yin spent her time checking out their wares. With her newfound wealth, she felt like buying something but nothing there had interested her. Instead she spent her money buying food and trinkets from the street stalls. From puppets to a bowl of noodles, she spent a fair bit of money on anything that had piqued her interest or tickled her nose.

By the time everything was done, night had fell and the city's market lit up the streets. The both of them came back to the inn and turned in for the night. Beforehand, they discussed with You Qian and Liqiu about breaking off the engagement tomorrow.

"Are you sure that this will work?" Liqiu asked.

Ming Yue looked at her, "It will. I'll make sure of it."

Her grudge with Shao Jin may be over but she did not like him one bit. Even after the two beatings, he did not change his ways. This time she give him a lesson he would never forget.
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After their discussion, everyone rested in their rooms. Ming Yue opened up the letter that Elder Yin gave her, curious as to what Lord Tang Guang had to say. After seeing him during the tournament, she did not have much of a impression on him. The letter itself was not a very long one, in it, he thanked her for killing the Lord of Torment, Tong Ku and wanted to meet with her and her accomplice tomorrow at the Four Seasons Restaurant to thank them personally.

She was somewhat surprised by the contents of this letter. She did not think that killing Tong Ku would cause all of this to happen. A bit of excitement grew inside of her, but she quickly quelled it and slept for the night. Tomorrow would be a busy day for her.

The morning sun shined as everyone woke up. Ming Yue was the first to awaken and started the day with some training before stopping for breakfast. With everyone awake and ready, they left for the Shao Mansion, their hearts were resolute. Walking through the city, Liqiu's carriage caught the eyes of many passersby and some even followed them, curious of what was going on. Arriving at the Shao Mansion, You Qian walked forward and stopped at the front gate.

"The Zhao Family's Zhao Liqiu has arrived!" he announced, waiting for the gates to open. The gates slowly opened, as an attendant welcomed them in.

"Please come in, the Young Master is waiting for you."

As they walked into the Shao Estate, there were a number of boxes most likely dowry for the marriage. Liqiu made a little scoff before muttering, "If he thinks he can convince me with his money then he should stick to whores."

As a member of a noble family, she had some degree of pride and this was below her.

"Ahahaha, it's so good to see you all. I can't wait to look at my bride to be" a haughty laugh followed by arrogant word came from the main hall as Shao Jin emerged from it, arms open and smiling happily.

Before he could reach two feet from the carriage, You Qian stopped him.

"What is the meaning of this?" he asked slightly confused but nevertheless still smiling.

"I'm sorry to say this but we have decided to break off the engagement. There is no need for you to get married to a lowly noble family like ours. You may also keep all of the gifts that you have prepared", speaking in a flat tone.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》