Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
119 Revelation
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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119 Revelation

This piece of information was met with all kinds of responses: shock, confusion, doubt. Some chose not to believe these rumors, others were unsure. Some had thoughts of leaving the sect behind. If the leader was gone, was there a point to even stay?

As these thoughts circled around, a black wave burst out from the sect halls, an ominous feeling washed over their bodies.

Xuan Han spun back towards the mountain, staring at the origin of the black wave.

"Oh no", he thought.

He rushed back up the mountain. Those that saw him followed along, curious as to what had caused such a commotion. Running up the mountain, Wen Jing joined him along the way. Both were incredibly worried for Sect Leader Qing.

Reaching the sect halls, the dark energy that came from the main hall beared down on everyone. It wasn't suffocating but it was as if your energy was being consumed. The closer one was, the higher the consumption.

"Get back! Do not enter within a hundred meters or else you can consider your life forfeit!" Xuan Han warned the disciples.

No one dared to move any closer, the hall was within view but reaching it would without a doubt end with death.

Another pulse of dark energy emitted from the hall, forcing the doors open and pushing back everyone outside.

From the open doors, everyone saw the situation within.

Numerous elders including the Vice Sect Leader sat in formation, surrounding Sect Leader Qing. Off to the side, Ming Yue laid on the floor unconscious as Elder Fei quickly carried her away. He ran out of the hall towards Xuan Han and Wen Jing with Ming Yue in his arms.

"Quickly get out of here!" he yelled out, "You sect leader's tribulation is reaching a very sensitive state. If she is disturbed for even a little bit, she will be crippled."

Hearing his words, everyone breathed a sigh of relief inwardly. She was still undergoing her tribulation and she did not fail it yet. They backed away from the main hall but watched intently. This would become a pivotal point in their sect.

The energy surrounding the sect leader's body varied greatly, the intensity shot up and down. The elders's that surrounded her no longer focused on helping her but protecting the disciples from the energy waves. They could barely keep up with the tribulation and so those weaker than them will certainly not fare well.

Clouds began to gather upon the mountain, the sounds of rumbling thunder coursed through the sky. Suddenly a flash of light lit up the clouds as a lightning crashed down onto the sect halls, directly into the body of Sect Leader Qing.

As if in defiance, the dark energy exploded forth, attacking the roaring energy!

Her head snapped back as the black aura escaped from her body, light began to emit from her eyes.

Having awoken, she stood up and grabbed the aura with the motion of her hand. The energy found itself pulled down and compressed into a little ball. The lightning retreated but the clouds did not, as if waiting for Sect Leader Qing's decision.

After all, the Human Realm dealt with the physical form, the Earth Realm focused on the one's own energy and learning the secrets of the world. The Sky Realm however, was where one could go beyond the worldly form and understand the intricacies of the celestial powers.

Those same powers are the origin of a cultivator's tribulation and so they watch over all who choose to cross the threshold.

A small black sphere floated in her palm, sparks flew from it as though the energy was trying to escape. The sect leader stared at it. Her white hair had come undone was flew wildly from the power that came from the sphere. Sometimes, voices would whisper into her ears, trying to convince her to give in.

"Hmph", she snorted as her hand closed on the sphere, crushing it out of existence.

She looked around and saw her entire sect looking at her.

As a sign of approval, a flash of lightning followed by the the clouds disappearing. It left as quickly as it came, leaving Clear Spring Mountain alone. Looking around, she saw Ming Yue still collapsed and taken care of by Elder Fei.

"Hmm...", she began to think before the vice sect leader approached her.

"Ruo Yu, are you okay?" she asked Sect Leader Qing.

"Yes, Lu She, tell everyone to gather around me. There are some things that I have to tell the sect. As for Ming Yue over there, take her somewhere to rest. If I remember correctly, she was part of the tribulation for a little bit. Even though she did not face the worst of it, she will need a bit of rest", she said.

"Yes, Sect Leader", Vice Sect Leader Lu went back to her formal speaking.

She asked Elder Fei to move Ming Yue to the medicine hall before gathering up all of the sect members including the elders. Everyone waited for her to speak.

"As many of you have guessed, I have passed the tribulation", she said, "I am now in the Sky Realm."

There was excitement in the crowd, their sect leader had succeeded in becoming what few were able to do. Sky Realm cultivators were few and far between. Less than a hundred lived on this continent, Experts that no longer cared for the world. Now one more had joined them.

"Which is why I have two orders!" she continued, "Clear Spring Mountain will be under lockdown for half of a year, all disciples are to return to the mountain and train here. Secondly, Elders follow me to set up a formation around the mountain. That is all."

There were murmurs of curiosity and confusion. Why did the sect leader decide to close Clear Spring Mountain? This felt like they were preparing for an attack.

"I've recently broken through to the Sky Realm", she explained, "The kingdom as well as many other powers will come with gifts hearing the news. But without a doubt there will be someone with ill intentions. We must be prepared for that."
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Hearing her reasoning, they understood what her intentions were. There would be a gathering of powerful figures soon. There was no doubt that someone would try to do something to disrupt the occasion.

The next few days were incredibly busy, everyone prepared and planned in anticipation. Stations and responsibilities were assigned, a great formation was created. It formed an invisible barrier but upon testing, one would find that such a thing could transform into an undetectable fist of power.

Ming Yue had also woken up from her sleep. She held her head with both her hands, feeling a rather massive headache coming along.

"Ming Yue? Are you feeling okay?" asked Elder Fei, he had been by her side, watching over her.

"Yes, yes I'm fine. My head just hurts a little", she replied.

"At least, the tribulation did not harm you too much", he spoke with relief.

"Yes, the tribulation..."

"Wait, what about the sect leader? Is she okay?" Ming Yue had remembered about Senior Qing.

"Yes, she has cleared her tribulation and ascended to the Sky Realm", he answered.

"I see", Ming Yue thought to herself.

She still had to check out the special peak that Senior Qing had told her about.

"Ah, you're awake", Xuan Han had appeared in front of the door, seeing that Ming Yue had awoken.

"The sect leader had wanted to see you for days now. You can find her in the main hall", he said before leaving.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》