Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
123 Gathering of the Powerful
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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123 Gathering of the Powerful

Ming Yue spent much of her time out and about in the mountain. Rather than stay in and cultivate like a madman, she took this time to relax and explored, focusing on other things. She felt that staying in would do her no good, instead she looked through the wild forests around the mountain. She gathered a fair bit of herbs to replenish her supplies, even going to the medicine hall to read some book.

Practicing medicine was something she had not done in a long time. With her being focused on fighting and getting stronger, she had forgotten how soothing it can be. Especially because of the herbal smell, a mixture of sweetness and bitterness.

There were herbs separated into two piles, both of which she grinded into a mushy paste. From there, she rolled into into several small balls before wrapping them in white cloth. They were very thin but absorbed the medicinal liquid well, slowly turning into a light brown color that smelled of earth. Most likely, they would be used to dress open wounds, relieving pain and giving light aid. Another was redder than the former, a more potent version of it.

She packed them into a bag before placing it into her spatial ring.

Time went by slowly as her days consisted of cultivation and medicine making.

Breaking through the eighth level into the ninth was a matter of when she wanted to do it. But for now, Ming Yue did not want to. She had realized that she had rushed here and there, now she wanted to play more safely. Her foundation was important and she wanted to make sure that there were no problems with it.

A booming horn sounded off at the dawn of the next day, signifying the start of the gathering. Outside of the mountain, people began to trickle in, wandering masters accompanied by their disciples. But as the sun grew higher, that slow trickle became a stream of people, leaders of their own respective clans and sects entering the mountain. Banners of all sorts fluttered in the wind, Clear Spring Mountain welcomed them all.

Of the many that had come, there were several that stood above them all.

Wang Yuan, known as the Fisherman, was a simply dressed man with a quant bamboo hat. On his back, he carried a small bag along with a silver colored fishing pole. He wanders the continent, fishing wherever there was water. During his lifetime, he had saved many people from certain death, often encountering situations where people found themselves without escape. With his fishing pole, he could accurately hook someone by the collar and toss them off like fish. He caught the eyes of others with his two disciples, in disbelief as they think that someone like him would have student due to his wandering nature.

Fu Men, Sect Leader of the Eternal Blade Sect from Red Lotus Country, had come with a group of 20 disciples. The Eternal Blade Sect was a well known sect whose influence had continued to grow. Originating from Ming Yue's home country, they were best known for their greatest technique, "Eonic Stance", a move that was said to have limitless potential with years spent on improving it. Elder Fei, who was a member of this sect, quickly approached them and greeted everyone with warmth. The sect leader, Fu Men was especially happy to see him.

Following them was none other than the emperor of the kingdom, Qiu Bing, who had come with a detachment of guards and his son and daughter. Arriving in a golden carriage, he seemed like a benevolent person. There was no arrogance in his voice or in his face, but there was a certain coldness to his eyes perhaps a characteristic of being king.

But with such famed figures of the older generation, there were going to be those of the new generation that came.

News traveled quickly through mountain as they came.

Lan Huang, a young man carrying a dark red bow and quiver. He gained the name, "Fiery Archer" for his temper as well as his preference of lighting his arrows aflame. Rumors say that he once destroyed a bandit stronghold all by himself when he was still in the Human Realm. Despite his violent temper, he was often found hunting numerous beasts, selling the materials while giving the meat away to the poor.

To Ming Yue's surprise, Qing Lei Jiang, prince of Red Lotus Country, had also arrived. While he still carried his two lightning axes, he was dressed much more formally with blue and gold robes. He must've returned home after leaving for almost a year. His strength did not increase by much but it felt as if he held it all under his control.

Then there was a young woman, one that caught everyone's eyes. She was exceedingly beautiful, with skin white like snow. With long purple hair, a small nose and a pair of pink lips, her eyes were bright with the color of wine and they had a bit of playfulness in them. Wearing lavender colored clothes, she had probably taken the hearts of the many young men that came. Accompanied by a group of female servants, she almost seemed to float like a goddess.

She looked around with a coy smile, almost swimming in pleasure from grabbing the hearts of these young men.

"Du Hua, cut it out", a voice rang out, breaking the spell that these men were under.

In front of the young woman, was Vice Sect Leader Lu, who greeted her with a smile.

"Couldn't let me have some more fun, hmm?" Du Hua's glowing body dimmed out.

Rather than seeing a beautiful goddess, all these young men saw an old and very wrinkly woman. She had very heavy make up and wore some extravagant clothing along with countless pieces of jewelry. The hearts of those young men that fell under her spell turned to stone, some even dropped to their knees asking for their goddess to return.

Funnily enough, the female servants were still the same, looking at them in disgust and disappointment.

"It's good to see you again, Lu She", said Du Hua.

"Same to you", the vice sect leader answered back before chuckling.

"Come", she said, "We should find a place to sit down over a cup of tea."
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"Yes, yes", the both of them walked into the mountain followed by Du Hua's servants.

Ming Yue, who was watching from the mountain, felt a bit sorry for those young men. They seem have fallen in quite the pit.

"Don't worry about them", said Wen Jing.

"Du Hua is a high ranking elder of Heaven's Gate and the head of the healing division there", she continued.

"Heaven's Gate? What is that?" asked Ming Yue, never hearing such a group before.

"Really? You've never heard of Heaven's Gate before?"

Ming Yue nodded.

"To be short with it, Heaven's gate is a sect supported by multiple kingdoms, including ours. They are incredibly large with their own city and have many different divisions. They are separated into three categories: combat, forging, and medicine making. These three categories are then separated into numerous divisions such as sword, spear, poison, healing. The forging category has the fewest divisions, one aptly named the "Forging Division" and the other titled, "Crafting Division". The skills of the elders there are second to the experts of Rong Lu City. Heaven's gate is a group that accepts and welcomes everyone so long as they have the potential and the desire to improve. Many people go there at least once to see what they can achieve."

"Heaven's Gate", thought Ming Yue.

Perhaps after this, she could go there and see what she could get.

The air suddenly grew colder as the happy talking and laughter was no more. At the front of the mountain was a group of very familiar people.

In their purple uniforms, everyone recognized them as the Tao Feng Sect!

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》