Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
124 Intrusion of the Tao Feng
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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124 Intrusion of the Tao Feng

In this group of a hundred or so, there were four people that lead them, three of which Clear Spring Mountain was acquainted with. The hunched figure of Senior Hao, and Junior Deng's thin body was recognizable.

As they stood next to each other, Kuang Li was behind them. His clothes were different than that of the other disciples. It was a deeper shade of purple complemented with silver stripes around his sleeves. It was likely that he was now a core disciples of the Tao Feng.

The fourth figure, walking at the front was quite different than these three. Standing tall, this one has a great smile in his face. He was certainly younger than those two elders, somewhere in his twenties, closer to Kuang Li's age. His black hair was cut short and his eyes were nothing short of bright and energetic. He had a charismatic presence and paid no mind to the cold states that people have him. Although, many of them were aimed towards Kuang Li.

Kuang Li himself, did not mind the hostility. Despite the lack of emotion on his face, it did not take too much to understand that he looked down on them. Friendships and relationships meant little to him if he could gain more power.

As the group approached the gateway, many of the disciples of Clear Spring Mountain gathered, blocking them from entering.

Pausing in front of the gate, the expression of Senior Hao and Junior Deng did not seem to change. In fact, none of them seemed to be worried or annoyed by the sudden blockade.

"Stop! Let them enter, I sent them the invitation", the voice of the Senior Qing echoed down the mountain.

Hearing this, everyone parted, giving a path for the Tao Feng to walk in. But the expressions in their faces were unchanged. If it wasn't for Kuang Li becoming a mole for the Tao Feng, they would've been more welcoming but even Xuan Han, who oversaw the entrance had an urge to hit him again.

The young man at the front smiled even bigger before bowing.

" Many thanks, Sect Leader Qing", he said, leading his group into the mountain.
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They were one of the last to arrive and the gateway to the mountain had closed.

"Ah, Zuo Er, good work!"

"Indeed! It is no wonder the sect leader made you his personal disciple!"

The two middle-aged men showered the young man with compliments, most likely wanting to forge a good relationship early on. This disciple of their sect leader is the only disciple he took in, chances were Zuo Er was going to become the next sect leader.

"Seniors please, I barely even lifted a finger. There is no need to praise me for such a little thing", he turned his head and smiled.

"I can let those people come, but that bastard Kuang Li, I cannot accept it!"one of the disciples muttered angrily towards the others.

"Calm down, none of us like him at all but now is not the time to look for a fight", one of her friends answered back.

She might have spoken quietly but it was certainly loud enough for Kuang Li to hear.

They were there when he revealed himself to be the mole. They watched as he swiftly came to the side of Senior Hao, disrespecting their sect. But they had to bear with it, this day cannot go wrong.

With all of the guests here, the sound of a low hum came from the ground as the protective formations activated. A dome of energy encircled the mountain, a faint white that quickly became transparent.

Everyone gathered at the arena rather than the halls, it was the only place large enough to hold them all.

They talked and introduced themselves, speaking about the matters of the martial world. News of upcoming talents, secret realms and areas that may open up soon. Mingling with one another, they patiently waited for Senior Qing to arrive.

It did not take long before she took to the stage. Wearing much more luxurious clothes, they were a soft gray color with the pattern of a spider's web stitched onto it. Her hair was tied up with more than one hair pin, both of which were a mix of silver and gold.

"I'd like to welcome all of you to Clear Spring Mountain", she said.

"I'm sure all of you know why I have invited you here. I have broken into the Sky Realm, a level where few could dream of and I want to celebrate with all of you. Please enjoy yourselves here, I will come around to thank all of you for joining me on such an occasion."

With her small introduction done, many of the onlookers got off of their seats and began presenting her their gifts.

"20 kilograms of Amonite Ore, a unique metal of ours that is both durable and flexible. This is a gift from the entirety of the White Crane Sect", an old man, whose beard grew down to his waist presented a small chest.

"We of the Meng Pu Valley are happy for your breakthrough. Here is a sapling of a Stellar Bark Tree that we have cultivated for several years now. If you continue to let it grow and flourish, it will allow your the efficiency of your gardens to increase by reinvigorating the soil", this one wearing dark green robes, was a young woman carrying a pot with a little sprout on top.

"This is a Blue Ink Fish that I caught in the northern lands, a beautiful one full of vigor and strength. By my count, this one is mostly likely two hundred years old. Eating this will no doubt improve the quality of your body", said the Fisherman Wang Yuan, who brought out a shining blue scaled fish that was the size of Senior Qing!

The gifts continued to come one after another.

Fu Men of the Eternal Blade Sect thanked her for taking care of Elder Fei, gifting her a rare blade they had recovered years ago.

The emperor as well as many of the younger generation congratulated her with rare pills and herbs as well as gold and special equipment. The emperor's own children presented Senior Qing with a new spatial ring, which they described "can carry enough to fill a vault". Qing Lei Jiang had given her the fur coat of a Pure Winter Mink, a very soft piece.

And like before, the Tao Feng were the last to congratulate her.

"We would like to present you with this, the Shattering Heart Manual. It was something that my master had obtained in his travels. After a fair bit of deduction, he realized that it belonged to Clear Spring Mountain and wanted to return it to you", the young man of the Tao Feng handed her a ragged book with no title.

Hearing the name of the manual, the many elders of Clear Spring Mountain looked with shock.

"The Shattering Heart Manual?" they all thought.

Senior Qing took the manual in her hand, giving it a quick glance.

"Thank you for returning such a valuable technique. I should thank your sect leader when he decides to visit us", she answered with a smile.

"Certainly, when the chance arrives, my master will come to talk for a bit", Zuo Er smiled back before leaving.

Ming Yue noticed everyone's reaction. What was so important about this manual?

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》