Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
144 Heaven“s Gate
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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144 Heaven“s Gate

Heaven's Gate, a neutral ground of the Human Continent known to many as the Heart of the Continent. It is an institution formed from the pact of the six dominant kingdoms of the continent: Bright Star, Azure Wind, Golden Treasure, Raging Sun, Endless Peak, and Dark Water. Half were positioned near the center of the continent while the other half were located in the outer reaches. These six kingdoms were the strongest of every other and excelled at certain aspects.

The inner three kingdoms were Azure Wind, Golden Treasure, and Endless Peak.

Azure Wind is a kingdom that treasured its secrecy, often carrying out their actions through quieter means. It did not lack in scouts nor assassins and had the best information network there was. It was both orderly and lawless for whoever many lone warriors reside within the Azure Wind Kingdom.

Golden Treasure was like its name, it valued treasure the most. Medicine, materials, rare items, all of these things could be found within the Golden Treasure Kingdom. In fact, some say that it feels more like a giant marketplace than a kingdom. Wide scaled auctions were held almost every day, featuring things that some may believe to be long gone.

Endless Peak is a realm that lived in the mountains. Their people were physically strong due to the harsh landscape. Icy peaks, perilous winds, deadly beasts, many became body cultivators as these conditions made it much easier for them to temper themselves.

The outer three were equally unique.

Bright Star is known to be the most advanced kingdom, boasting the highest numbers of craftsman and researchers. Here, there was a myriad of wondrous things to be found. The most complicated of formations to the most bizarre of weapons and contraptions would be found here. Each and every day would be a new discovery: improving forging techniques, creating new inventions, discovering different purposes for materials. The only other domain that could rival this kingdom was Rong Lu City, although Rong Lu City did not have as much variety.

Raging Sun is a land where strength was the deciding factor. There was no need for such things like formations and treasures when one had the strength to break through it all.Only focusing on strength was not the best thing but to the people of Raging Sun, it was an ideal vision. The many cities had a lack of decor and design, it was quite bare. Their military is believed to be the strongest and they are the largest kingdom of the six.

Dark Water was the most mysterious of them all. What is known is that they practice arts different from the norm. Strange and enigmatic, they practice with the energy of the heart, the soul, and the mind. Perhaps, it is fundamentally different from traditional martial arts. Some even call it magical or immortal arts but no one truly knew.

These domains were collectively known as "The Celestial Lands", something above that of Holy Lands and Secret Realms.

Long ago, as the Sovereign Age had begun, these six powers grew quickly and vied for control over the entirety of the continent. However, after years of war and battle, they were locked in a stalemate that saw no end. And so, these six entered a pact with each other, to respect their boundaries and guard the continent from danger but agreeing on mere paper made this alliance too weak. It would be easy for one to ally itself with other kingdoms against another.

Thus they created Heaven's Gate, pouring their resources into it. Heaven's Gate grew into a bustling city that embodied the aspects of all these kingdoms. With it, each kingdom contributed skills and methods of their own to the libraries of Heaven's Gate.

While their most incredible secrets were locked up, those who gain recognition from any of these powers would gain access to these safe-guarded techniques and items. Now, Heaven's Gate is considered its own power, controlled by a board of members from each kingdom. It is a place many dream to join, certainly entering and partaking in auctions and such was open to the public. But to become a member of Heaven's Gate took a different set of requirements.

Outside of the grand city was the Great Heaven's Gate wide open, all could enter through whether it was a single peasant to a king among kings. The gates practically glowed with power, made from some sort of marble. Clouds were carved at the bottom of the gate doors and as one looked higher, mystical beasts filled the middle while at the top was a imposing sun. It was like heavens itself looked down upon all beneath it.

Crowds of people walked through the gates: caravans, carriages ranging from sub-par quality to the luxurious. At the sides of the gate were numerous guards, making sure that none would dare come with ill intentions. All were at varying levels of the Earth Realm with the strongest not far from reaching the bottleneck of the final level.

But that is not our focus, rather there was a much less impressive gate far from the first. It was smaller, adorned with the image of two dragons and guarded by two statues. Made in the image of two great warriors, they wore heavy armor and carried a foreboding gaze. It was as if they could come alive and kill you at any moment.

To the masses, this door was of no importance but those who knew the secrets understood the terrifying purpose of this gate.

This gate was meant for the members of Heaven's Gate, elders and students that came with. It was this gate that Du Hua's group approached.

Standing in front of these statues, a terrifying power emanated from them as if they were alive and stared into their being. But as quickly as it came it disappeared and the gate opened for them.

Quickly and quietly, they entered Heaven's Gate and the doors closed behind them.

Several saw them enter and grew curious, standing in front of the statues. In the next several seconds, their body went through some sort of hell for their bodies were drenched in sweat and their knees buckled in fear.

While these unlucky few ran off in fear, Du Hua's group walked through a unique passage way. As they walked up some stairs and reached the main pathway, they found themselves above the street level looking through the city.

Their destination was the many spires in the center, surrounding a large tower. It was a complex building connected through bridges.

Walking along the path, Du Hua gazed at the great land from above. There were a variety of structures, ranging from towers to houses and open markets. Everything seemed to glow with splendor and yet it was blinding but gentle. The streets were bustling with people, stall and street markets flooded the open areas. The wild smells of food rose to the sky. Hei Yue and Xiao Yin moved about, enamored with the sight.

The design felt very natural, no rigid lines or box-like buildings but curves and shapes that complimented each other. It was a beautiful sight.

Du Hua smiled at the sight of Heaven's Gate, she was back and now she could go to work.

The walk from the gate to the Heaven's Gate Institution was a little less than half an hour. Reaching the end of the long pathway, they were in front of a pair of doors that opened up on its own. Within were large halls filled with all sorts of people, old and young, men and women. What they all shared was an emblem on their chest, it was a simplistic design that resembled a sun revealing itself from a cloud.

Upon the entrance of Du Hua's Carriage, they stopped and bowed to greet the elder before returning to their activities.

"Hmm, All of you may return to your abodes. It has been a tough journey on all of us", said Du Hua dismissing her students.
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Thus she was left with Ming Yue, who rested with her in the carriage, her two attendants, and Ming Yue's two pets.

"Let's go. I'm going to meet with Elder Shen", her carriage slowly floated through the institution.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》