Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
158 The Archive of Six Gates
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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158 The Archive of Six Gates

Within one of the spires was a library, twenty levels filled with books of history and knowledge. In one such floor is a vast chamber, where one could see shelves upon shelves of books, reaching up to the ceiling. The decor was simple yet extravagant. The shelves were made with lacquered wood. The floors were created with over fifty varieties of stone, creating a colorful image.

There were many people here, some were leisurely reading while others studied hard.

However, one such person stood idly as if waiting for something or someone.

"Thank you for waiting, one of the librarians will be with you shortly."

A white robed man spoke to this figure before taking his leave. This figure was none other than Ming Yue!

But what was she doing here?

"You know, rather than studying medicine, you should spend sometime outside. You're too young to be holed up inside."

"All you seem to do is get beat up all the time! No sparring until I say so! Go experience what it's like to get beat up and win!"

"You don't have to cultivate for the next few days. I need to take care of some things. I'll notify you of when I am finished."

Going to all three elders, Ming Yue was given the same answer, she was given a day off.

She wasn't narrow-minded and understood their intentions. If she were to continue training like a tireless puppet, her body would be harmed and she could reach her last bottleneck.

With that in mind, she spent much of the day reading in what is known as the "Archive of Six Gates", a collection of books that came from all over the continent. Bai Ying had shown her the archive in all of its glory but she did not find an opportunity to check it out. However, now that she did have time, the archive was the first thing to come into mind.

As she entered the archive, she did not fully know what she wanted to read and asked for a librarian. It was quiet except for the occasional turning of pages.

"Hello there, is there anything you need help with?"

Caught by surprise, Ming Yue noticed a young man wearing a tea-colored uniform standing in front of her. He had a gentle aura but quite a scholarly appearance, especially with his tidy uniform, empty of wrinkles and dust.

Was this the librarian?

"Ah, um, are there any books about the experiences of sword users?" Ming Yue stammered from the sudden question. She thought that it would be someone much older, feeling surprised by this young man.

The young man smiled.

"Is there anything in particular?"

Ming Yue paused and gave it some thought. Were there some particular figures she wanted to check out?
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Her eyes lit up as a particular person came to mind.

"Is there anything about Yong Zi Zai and Yong Zi You? Leader of the San Guang Sect and the General of the Xia Empire?" she asked.

"Oh, we do have some records of them somewhere. Let me take you around, do you need a introduction of them while I take you there?" he said.

Ming Yue had no reason to deny his offer and accepted. The both of them strolled to the upper levels of the archive while the librarian paused for only a second to put a book back in its place.

"These two figures actually come from the early centuries of the Warlord Age, where chaos and destruction had begun to spread. There were few domains that existed but they have lived for centuries only to be broken during this turbulent time. One of these empires was the Xia Empire, which controlled a third of the continent. There were many dazzling figures from the Xia but some of the more powerful ones liked their privacy. The two figures you mentioned are quite private people, but when they wanted to be known it would be known by all."

"These two were siblings, sisters to be specific. Yong Zi Zai was picked up by a wandering cultivator while Yong Zi You was abandoned and had to fend for herself. Both believed that the other was dead until they found each other on the battlefield. The Xia Empire had become tyrannic, trying to control everything and so, almost every martial sect revolted. By then, they had become prominent figures. One was the personal disciple of the sect leader of the San Guang Sect. The other had become a minor general of the Xia Empire. One tried to amend their relationship while the other felt that it could no longer be fixed. As their strength grew, so did their battles until they killed each other. In a decisive battle that shattered the Xia Empire, they dueled until Yong Zi Zai defeated her sister but was killed after her sister detonated herself, killing both of them."

Ming Yue felt surprised but satisfied at the same time. When she had seen that duel in the secret realm, the scene ended once Yong Zi You detonated her core and Ming Yue did not know what had happened afterwards. But now, she knew what had become of them.

Ending his explanation, the librarian stopped at a more vacant area before picking out several books and handing them to Ming Yue.

"Here is all we have recorded about these two. Is there anything else you need help with?" he clasped his hands together.

Ming Yue gave a quick look before putting the books on a nearby table. Afterwards, she took out a book from her spatial ring and held it out to the librarian.

"Is there any way you can identify this?" she asked him.

It was that book she found in the auction from Red Lotus Country, the one that had nothing but images of storms. It was all life-like pictures of thunderstorms and lightning and she did not know what to do with it. Despite giving it numerous looks, even after she reached the Earth Realm, she could gain nothing from the paintings. Perhaps she was too weak to understand it but she knew nothing about this book. But Heaven's Gate might have a chance at recognizing it.

The librarian took the book from her hands and carefully opened it, looking through the pages. He could not help but show surprise on his face as he sensed the power that each painting had.

"This...I will need to give it to my seniors to examine. Is it alright if I can take it for several days?" he asked in an earnest tone.

"Yes, you can take it", Ming Yue replied.

The librarian thanked her and quickly left as Ming Yue watched him leave. She looked back at the books and started reading. She read late into the night, only stopping when her eyes were a bit strained. By then, the sun had begun to rise again. She closed her eyes and rested them for several minutes before diving back into the pages.

Ming Yue could not help but be amazed by these two sisters. The experiences they went through were completely different from each other. She did not stop reading until she finished them all. She sat on that same spot for three days and nights, only stopping to wash herself or stretch.

She sympathized with both women. One underwent harsh training to become one of the greatest generals while the other went on fantastical adventures and battled for freedom. If she could have even an ounce of their achievements, she would be happy.

Ming Yue grabbed the books and walked back to the shelves, placing them back where they belonged. She prepared to leave and go out to explore the city before someone came pacing towards her. In their hands was the book and a piece of paper.

As they walked to her, Ming Yue recognized them as the young librarian from before.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》