Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
232 Wicked Black Hydra
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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232 Wicked Black Hydra

The mere power of that roar was enough to shatter the barrier. The black sludge from its body slowly washed away as not just one pair of eyes glowed but four more followed suit. Five heads emerged from within, staring at Xiu Luo Yang. As it walked forward, the beast fully showed it itself, dwarfing the Dragon of the Sun.

Three times his size, this beast roared once more before a black fog suffused from its body and into the air. Its five heads were like a dragon's but larger and with wild fangs. Their glowing eyes were golden, a stark contrast to their black body. It had no wings but four stout legs and a serpent like body.

It was like a hydra but no hydra was as monstrous as this.

It did not share the same features as its kin, none of it was gnarled or chaotic. It was a fully developed body with black scales. There were no extra heads screaming out in pain, just the five. Most of all, it seemed as if it had a will of its own, not just uncontrollable anger and hunger. Blackened whiskers quivered upon its mouths as each head breathed out black, putrid air.

It was an evil thing.

Everything it touched seemed to turn black and thicken like mud. Its wicked aura brought about a feeling of nausea and disgust.

A Wicked Black-Scale Hydra, that was the only way to call it. As for its rank, it was beyond any of that. The power it showed was equal if not greater than that of Xiu Luo Yang, a legendary beast.

"Hmph, if I have to obliterate you, so be it."

The Dragon of the Sun squared off against this hulking beast. His claws

As for those on the ship, they were shaking in their knees. If not for the barrier or any of the formations, they would have already been knocked out or even dead. Their ears still rang from the roaring of this hydra.

For one, they no longer had to watch for any oncoming spirits. However, now they had to deal with this hydra. It was instinct that everyone knew this hydra was not to be trifled with. The ship idled as fear gripped them, they watched as Xiu Luo Yang took on this Wicked Black Hydra.

The five heads spread out, nearly surrounding the dragon as their eyes stayed glued onto him. All at they they snapped forward, trying to take a bite out of him.

"Armor of the Sun!"

Xiu Luo Yang flew up, avoiding the attack and flames gathered aorund his body. Surrounding him and solidifying into shining red armor, covering his body from head to tail. It was intricate plate armor, designed to easy movement despite covering the entire body. Flame patterns covered it all, the chest plate, greaves, shin guards, tail armor, etc.

Still clinging on to him, Ming Yue found that this transformation did not affect her. In fact, the armor seemed to have altered slightly to allow her to continue riding the dragon.

"Ming Yue, there is no time put you down. Cling tightly but attack as you see fit. This battle might be our last one."

Just forming this armor was proof enough that he was not going to hold back.

The armor radiated light as a ring of fire formed behind Xiu Luo Yang. He flew down with his claws ready to attack. Now armored, each nail was much deadlier, greater in length and serrated on the lower edge. He aimed for the middle head, making an attempt to rip the neck apart.

But the hydra was fast and alert, the middle head whipped back, avoiding the attack. But Xiu Luo Yang was not finished, he was going to rip that neck apart and with both his claws, he grabbed the neck, pulling it with all of his might. His claws was red-hot, and the flesh of the hydra burned under his grasp.

It screeched in pain before the other four heads surrounded the pair and opened their mouths. A bevy of black flame enveloped them as the heads let out a continuous stream.

The ring of fire on Xiu Luo Yang's back protected them, emitting a wave of fire that pushed these balck flames back. But like the hydra and those spirits, it was a tenacious fire, clinging to the ring, almost biting at it, trying to devour it. It did nothing to stop Xiu Luo Yang from gripping one of their necks.

However, even with his strength, the hydra's neck did not give way. It was dense and taut, furthermore, its skin seemed to corrode his armored claws.

He bellowed in anger, pushing more power into his arms as they grew in thickness. With his strength, he pulled the hydra by one of its necks and throwing it up. Confused by what was happening, the hydra heads stopped breathing down fire and began wriggling around, it struggled to release itself as it was thrown in the air before it was slammed down into the sea floor.

He was not finished yet as he pulled the hydra again before throwing it back down again and again. The seafloor cracked under the weight of the. Rumbling boomed throuout the entire sea as even the fisherman at the shores could hear, even feel the shaking.

The hydra howled, not in pain but anger and confusion as it was being thrown.

But was the beast truly helpless, of course not. The four heads, free from his grasp, charged forward with their mouths gaping wide. Their fangs wet with saliva and sharp to the point. BIting down, their teeth were blocked, denied by the fire-patterned armor. Rather, they did nothing but scratch it, dent it almost.

"Hurgh", Xiu Luo Yang grunted under the pressure of these attacks.

He let go of the hydra head and pushed off the others, jumping back and inspecting his armor. That saliva seemed to corrode his armor and it took more than a few seconds for him to cleanse it.

Recovering from the beating, the hydra was wary of him as was he. Xiu Luo Yang overpowered the hydra but its body seemed to corrode his armor, eat away at his strength. If he was quick enough, the battle could be won but only if he was quick enough. An exchange of just a few seconds long but it was enough for him to understand their situation.

His arm shrunk back to their original size and ring of fire behind him had split into nine pieces and transformed into giant arrows.

"Sun Slayer Bow, Arrows of Hou Yi"*

A bow appeared in front of him and the first arrow floated towards it, Xiu Luo Yang readied it, nocking the bow string.

Ming Yue took it as a signal and prepared her own attack. She had yet to find a chance to as the battle had barely begun. She formed one lance, pushing its power until she could feel her control slipping. It was a third of the size compared to the arrows that Xiu Luo Yang used but for her, this was the largest one she had created. With the help fo the Eternal Heart Ring, this lance only used up a tenth of her power but that was already equal to over hundred normal lances.

At the same time, they let it go and the two attacks flew forward. The fiery arrow pierced the hydra's leg, digging deep into its flesh. The lance followed the arrow and pushed it further into the hydra's leg before bursting with explosive wind.

Under Xiu Luo Yang's control, the fire arrow had burst as well and burnt a hole in its leg.

The hydra screamed in pain as it stumbled forward. But then the wound left the two attacks had already begun to mend itself.

Xiu Luo Yang nocked another arrow just as Ming Yue formed another lance. Shooting once more, thet aimed for the same leg. Already weak, it was blasted apart, severed from the hydra. But that leg was still alive, wriggling before crawling towards the hydra.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》