Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
235 Returning With Mixed Feelings
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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235 Returning With Mixed Feelings

As he disappeared beyond the clouds, Ming Yue was sorrowful for this dragon emperor. He was the last of the dragons and his time was coming soon. Once it came, the dragon race would no longer exist. She looked at the items he had handed her and held the jade slip in front of her.

This jade slip was several thousand years worth of history. For the researchers before her, this was a priceless artifact. Though she felt curious, she restrained herself as it would take more than a night to go through it all. Furthermore, this was for them.

She placed it aside and decided to examine the cores he had given her.

From the description, it was possible that these had originated from the Merciless Storm Peak. Formed from the energies of a great storm that had been birthed from the last calamity, there was only one place that fit those words.

Though they resonated with the wind and lightning dao within her, that was it. After all these were extremely powerful items and if she was going to use them, she had to be in control. that is to say, you had to be abe to withtand the power that these the gems contained. For that to happen, she must improve her connection with the corresponding elements. This much had been taught to her by the owner of the Treasured Gem Hall, a master in this field.

Ming Yue sighed, she had quite a lot to do when she returned.

She put them away and waited until the sun rose and everyone had awakened. Hunger overtook their minds and they ate up three days worth of food and rations. Engrossed with their meal, it wasn't long before they noticed the disappearance of Xiu Luo Yang and the white dragon corpse.

That was when Ming Yue revealed the jade slip as well as the dragon scales. Afterwards, she told them what he had said to her, seeing their faces darken and their head lowered to the ground.

There was disappointment in their eyes, a bit of sadness as well. The dragon had left so quickly and under the cover of the night.

"What are you feeling down for?"

Long Wang spoke to them, a bright expression was on her face.

"We've met a real dragon, even fought by its side. We were gifted a scale and this jade slip containing several thousand years worth of history. What is there to be sad about?! We should be happy, joyful for these."

She gazed at all them, looking into their eyes.

"Let us return. We have a lot of work to do."

She turned around and stepped into the captain's cabin. The ship rumbled as it slowly left this place. Much of the clean water had become murky and black, corrupted by the remains of the mutated spirits and the corrupted draogns they fought. Although they had returned to the ground, it would be a long time before this gravesite cleansed itself.

Touched by her words, everyone held their heads high. They've achieved more in these few days than the department had done in the past several decades.

As she had said, they had a lot of work to do and so, everyone started organizing and preparing all that they had gained. Once they reached the shore, all of it would be transported and sent to analyze.

Long Wei walked into the cabin and looked at his sister, who was focused on steering the ship.

"Stop pretending, I am your brother", he spoke bluntly, a serious but tender expression towards his sister.

She stopped what she was doing, pausing as if to keep herself together before looking at her brother. Long Wang looked distressed, seemingly wanting to cry.

"Indeed but the others do not need to know. Let's just return and get to work. Too much has happened and I'm not ready yet. I'm not ready to accept it."

"I know, sister. Do not think that you are the only one. Before, we had dream and it was accomplished but now, there will never be another chance."

Long Wang looked back at the control panel, her hands gripped the levers tightly.

"Dragons...they no longer exist."

The siblings stood in silence. They were grateful for this opportunity but now they realize, it will never happen again. The dream was gone and the hope had disappeared.

The ship returned to the shore and everyone moved out, taking with them carts containing the dragon scales as their spatial rings contained the other equipment. As they arrived and exited the ship, everyone looked at them in confusion. Having modified the ship, it took on a different appearance which left the fishermen with questions.

They had even noticed signs of damage and battle to which they knew on instinct, the source of the roaring and thunderous sound was related to them. But what had happened? Did they encounter some great beast? Could there have been a dragon dwelling there?

If they had known what truly happened, it would leave them in shock and awe.

Though they were curious, these fishermen did not approach them. Perhaps it was out of few but none of them were curious enough to ask. After all, it was rude to pry into other people's business, especially for these researchers who come and go silently.

Ming Yue glanced around to see if Lao Gan was around but he was nowhere to be found. Feeling somewhat disappointed that her friend was not here, she followed to other back to the Dark Water Kingdom. Upon this, they went their separate ways as Ming Yue went to find Zhi Qing or Grand Researcher Ou.

Questioning a few people, she found them both in the Grand Researcher's office to which they looked at her in surprise.

"Ming Yue? You're back already? It's only been three weeks. Has something happened?"

Zhi Qing bombarded her with a flurry of questions. Her oversized sleeves swayed in the air as she walked up to Ming Yue. Coming right behind her was Hei Yue's happy little figure and Xiao Yin's cheerful chirps, coming to greet their master.

Ming Yue revealed everything to the two and spoke for the entire day. Hearing her words, the pair were shocked from this news. Grand Researcher Ou went into deep thought, wondering what to make of this.

"Ming Yue, you should be feeling tired. I send Zhi Qing to come with you while I deal with some matters. Remember the bothe of you, this sort of news should not be shared."

Quickly, Grand Researcher Ou sent them away as she too stood up and left, presumably to the research department.

Walking to her quarters, Ming Yue and Zhi QIng took a detour instead and made way for the Craftmen's District. There, they entered the Treasured Gem hall, descending to the lower levels where they found Zhang Quang, the master of the hall, hard at work.

He looked over a pile of colored gems, studying them before tossing them into another pile. He let out a sigh of disapproval before hearing the steps of his visitors.

He turned around, showing a pair of goggles strapped to his head. Taking them off, he saw Ming Yue along with the others and looked surprised.

"You're back?! So quickly! I'm-I'm not even done finding you something for your sword. How are you back already?"

He looked at her with his mouth hanging down.

Ming Yue walked up and held out the two cores to him. Their shine and power grabbed his attention as he grabbed them from her hands and studied them.

"I obtained these during the expedition. I was hoping if they would work."

He looked at her before looking at the two cores.

"These-maybe, maybe it could work. Leave your sword here and give me some time to think."

Zhang Guang was feeling muddled in the head. Suddenly, Ming Yue returns with two extremely high class cores. These might even be the best ones he had seen. He needed time and soon became engrossed with this new work as Ming Yue and the other left him.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》