Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
254 Dominating End
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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254 Dominating End

"Don't think that just because you got a little stronger, you will be able to beat me! Vilethorn Lash!"

Jia Xiang dashed forward, wielding his saber with one hand and the other hand formed a whip like vine that was covered in thorns. He waved the whip with skill, cracking it in the air before attacking. The whip flew forward, aimed to wrap around Xukun's neck and pierce it in countless different spots.

Xukun brandished his beige sword and attacked. A flash of light came as he thrust forward, allowing the whip to wrap around his sword.

"All you do is bark! Shut up and get the fuck over here! One Life, Three Blades!"

Unable to endure Jia Xiang's insults, Xukun released his rage.

He yanked the whip towards him and pulled Jia Xiang, who quickly tried to resist. But that moment where his whip was caught had cost him his momentum. As Xukun tried to pull back, the white swords split apart once again, flying towards Jia Xiang's position. All three of them pierced the ground, surrounding him and creating a barrier of Metal Energy that trapped him in. A translucent and triangular cage that gave off a glowing gray light.

Xukun merely looked at him coldly.

"You piece of shit, remember this sensation, this will be your death should you try anything on Anqing."

The barrier began to shine even brighter, growing in strength. The surface of it seemd to vibrate just a tad resembling water under a gently drizzle. It seemed as if something was trying to emerge from the interior.

"From three blades, one death."

Xukun watched as swords shot out of the barrier, skewering Jia Xiang before his body disappeared. He merely looked at where Jia Xiang was before scoffing and the three white blades became one, floating behind his back.

Finishing his business, he ran off to join the fray of the battle. Those on his team had kept watch, prepared to intervene should he be in trouble. However it seems that their worry was for nothing. In fact, a few shwoed surprise by his techniques and strength. Certainly a different way of battle for his techniques had a type of versatility that anyone would find difficult.

"Those idiots!"

As for those on the enemy team, they all silently cursed Jia Xiang and his followers. Even after formulating a plan, they did not follow through and did their own thing. Now the group was at a disadvantage, losing three while the other side had not lost anyone yet.

Ming Yue felt relief and surprise. She did not expect Xukun to deal with them so quickly. At the same time, she had not expected the Metal Dao Root to have such a profound effect on him. Furthermore, the white sword had certainly elevated his skills. Those seven months had brought great changes.

She continued to watch and at the end, it was an incredibly close victory for Xukun's group.

The advantage in numbers did not mean much for the inheritor in that group was extremely powerful. A woman who uses dual lances and practically danced around the arena. She was quick and a user of a dao Ming Yue had never seen before, the Dao of Blood.

In her case, this inheritor grew stronger the more injuries she sustained. The blood seeping from her wounds hardened into armor, strengthend her lances. A light red mist of blood surrounded her, intoxicating those who came close with the lust for battle. In fact, Xukun had been eliminated by her. Despite keeping his distance and using his flying swords ot attack, she closed the distance, trapping him in bloody aura. With his mind overcome by the need for carnage, he attacked recklessly, allowing her to pierce his chest with her lance.

Because of the way she moved, she never had any major injuries and at the end, it was only her and the inheritor in the Xukun's group. This man, who used a sword and shield, was a user of the Dao of Fire.

As the bloody aura had no effect on him, they had a straighforward fight with neither backing down. In the end, the Blood Dao Inheritor lost after losing too much blood, fainting on the floor.

That was the last battle to end of the first rotation and it was a very exciting one.

Ming Yue took note of what she saw as the crowd clamored with enthusiasm and the arena's reformed.

Though she paid the most attention to Xukun's battle, she did study the other arenas as well. It was truly an eye-opening experience for she saw a variety of different fighting styles and daos. From the main four daos of Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water, there were hundreds of variations stemming from everyone's unique ideas.

From an aura of snow that pierced one's skin to a soft flame that revealed an explosive power, there seemed to be an infinite number of iterations. Truly it seemed that everyone had reached the level of a True Dao, forming and following their own thoughts and ideas of the Dao.

What interested her the most was the Dao of Swords for it seemed that there were many styles. Some focused in flexibility, others did rigidness, some even took a strange route following a mixture of things.

There was a lot to learn and she watched these battles with great zeal.

The arenas had fixed themselves and the second rotation began and ended just as quickly as the first rotation did. Then it was the third rotation where it was her group's turn.

As they entered the arena, the Inheritor Wenqin Yan gave a few words of assurance.

"Be sure to aid each other when you can. This is team against team, there's no point in showing off if you lose in the end."

The group gathered, facing against the other side. Withtheir weapons drawn, everyone prepared to fight. Ming Yue took her stance, Drifting Sky drawn and pointed to the ground.

"Let's go for her."

Xue Yue's voice spoke up targeting a girl off to side. Of the twenty, she was the easiest target. Ming Yue did not reply a sign of her agreement and waited.


As soon as Elder Xiang spoke, everyone moved.

"Phantasmal Wind."

MIng Yue disappeared from her spot. Like a ghostly wind, everyone in her pth felt a chill but could not detect her until it was too late. Just as she attacked, Ming Yue reappeared in front of an empty space for someone was just a step ahead of her.

Her target had been eliminated by none other than Yin Zhu, who revealed his weapons, a pair of two sided knives. Both incredibly sharp and ornate, the blades were hinted with the color of teal while the handle was created from high quality wood and leather. One look was all it took to know that these were made for him.

But what surprised Ming Yue the most was his speed. Considering that Phantasmal Wind was her fastest technique, not many could match its speed and to find someone faster than that was surprising.

But the answer soon revealed himself as he disappeared, turning into a shadow that could not be spotted. Just as quickly as he eliminated the first one, the second was gone in no less than a second. Appearing behind his victim, he stabbed into their back before slinking away once again.

"The Dao of Darkness and Assassination?" she thought in her mind.

"A natural born killer..." Xue Yue said.

As much as she wanted to watch him fight, they were in an arena and someone had targeted her.

She dashed to the side, avoiding the attack of a man in a sleeveless uniform. Her previous spot had been smashed to bits by his fists.

Using Phantasmal Wind once more, she disappeared and returned behind him, striking at his neck only for her sword to be caught by his bare hand. He turned and punched with his other hand.

"Fist of the Raging Sun."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》