Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
262 Surrounded by Mis
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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262 Surrounded by Mis

The Grand Elder continued to stare at the arena though he saw nothing but Qing Zhao's mist.

"Because of her techniques, she made a name for herself as the Hunter of the Mist. Trapping her victim in a domain of mist, they would see nothing and can do nothing against her. They become her prey as they are stuck in her territory."

His eyes glowed once more as he viewed the situation within. Ming Yue stood still at the center of the arena. She had her sword in front of her and her off-hand facing the side. In this way she would be able to anticpate an attack form two directions. However, with the predicament she was in, it might not even matter. As for Qing Zhao, she merely circled around Ming Yue, watching and waiting patiently. She attacked once or twice, testing Ming Yue and exhausting her mentally.

"World of the Spring Mist, it is a technique few people practice and one that even less excel at."

From behind, a figure emerged from the shadow of the Grand Elder's seat. Standing tall, this man looked to be about fifty or sixty years old. He had short hair and beard, dark gray in color and neatly combed. His eyes were sharp and focused and expression showed little as it seemed to be in a permanent frown. His attire was light black armor: a mixture of cotton, leather and steel parts. It was made to protect and for quick and quiet movement. On his back was two swords, one short and one long though their appearance was the exact same.*

"Qing Zhao is the only one to have master it and altered it to her liking. Just that warranted her promotion to an Inheritor however, her mission count and high success rate further showed her potential."

He spoke plainly and bluntly, and did not speak formally to the Grand Elder, who noticed him long before.

"Ah, Elder Fang, here to see your personal disciple?" he asked.

The Elder of the Assassin Hall did not speak, he merely watched the fight below. It seemed that such behavior was expected as the Grand Elder did not seem bother in the slightest. Instead, he asked another quesiton.

"Do you think she'll win?"

Elder Fang's eyes seemed to wrinkle a little.

"Perhaps, nothing is for sure."

The Grand Elder seemed to smile at his response before continuing to watch the many battles.

As for the two in question, it seemed that Ming Yue might lose here. Qing Zhao was not giving her a chance to breath as she attacked at every minute opportunity. It was annoying, it was exhausting and Ming Yue knew that it would lead to her loss if she continued like this.

She had to move but where could she move? One wrong step and she could find herself outside of the arena.

"Damn it, there's no point in thinking, I have to move!"

Ming Yue dashed forward, running through the mist.

Qing Zhao watched, the playful expression on her face was replaced with a stone cold stare.

"Perhaps, I should end this."

She vanished into the dense mist, her blades shined as it had become wet from the mist. Ming Yue saw it. From the corner of her eye, she caught the glint of the Butterfly Swords in a distance. Immediately, she ran towards it only to find the two blades crossed together and aimed for her neck.

Ming Yue brought Driftng Sky up, blocking the attack. She couldn't help but grimace as the impact had pushed her back.

Qing Zhao was silent as she came face to face and vanished into the fog. Her face showed nothing, not even an inch of shock or surprise.

Being able to avoid this attack and Ming Yue now knew how to predict the next. But it wasn't simple as that. That glimpse of light only came when Qing Zhao made a full hearted attempt to attack. Any simple or casual strike needed Ming Yue's pure instinct to avoid as there was no sign. Only when both blades showed themselves would they produce a light bright enough for her to see in this fog. She managed to grasp the timing and waited for Qing Zhao.

"Where are you?"

Ming Yue watched carefuly, her eyes glanced around and about. She turned around, keeping her speed and waiting.


Out of the corner of her eye, in the far right of her, she noticed a faint flash. Immediately, she turned and prepared to receive the attack. Qing Zhao appeared once again, the butterfly swords were instead pointed straight, aimed for the neck.


Ming Yue attacked but her sword caught air as Qing Zhao's body turned to mist.

The next moment, she turned back, materializing behind Ming Yue. The butterfly swords were thrusted forth, barely piercing the skin of Ming Yue's neck as she stopped the blades in their tracks. One with her sword and the other with her Zephyr Claws.

There was barely enough time for her to react, turning around as quickly as she could.

Now that she caught Qing Zhao, she was not going to let go.

Thin and sharp needles shaped with wind formed in front of her and shot forth. Qing Zhao could not pull back but she dipped down, avoiding the needles which turned back and pierced her in the back.

"Gurgh, damn it."

She grit her teeth as the needles dug into the flesh. Then she pushed forward and forced Ming Yue back several steps. The Butterfly Swords seemed to lose its physical form and turned to mist, loosening from Ming Yue's grip as Qing Zhao ripped her swords away.

But Ming Yue was not going to let her get away. She leaped forward with her hand outstretched, extending Drifting Sky forward. This sword was over five feet in length and with such a long blade, Qing Zhao could not kee away from it. She dodged to the side but the sword pierced her shoulder.

Then the Quintessence Energy surged from Ming Yue and through her sword. The razor-sharp winds encased the blade and tore through Qing Zhao's shoulder. She yelled in pain and shifted her weight, allowing the sword to pass through. She responded, stabbing with her other side and forcing the Butterfly Sword into Ming Yue's forearm.

She flinched in pain as a huge gash formed on the hand that held Driftng Sky. The grip on her sword loosened as it fell to the floor. But with the Zephyr Claws on her other hand, she chased after QIng Zhao.

Qing Zhao jumped back, retreating into the fog but Ming Yue would not let her escape so easily. Since she backed off, Ming Yue had the opportunity and she used it. Forming a Blasting Gale, this dense and massive lance of wind was thrown straight into the arena. As it met the floor, it burst apart, powerful gales of wind blew the fog away. The energy contained broke Qing Zhao's technique and now she was had become a fish out of the water.

"There you are!"

Ming Yue released her Zephyr Claws and held Drifting Sky with her undamaged hand. She charged forward as her injured arm limped to the side. Qing Zhao was in similar shape but she still wielded both of her Butterfly Swords.

"Whistle Wind."

Ming Yue muttered under her breath as the knife-like wind formed, producing a shrill sound as it cut through the air. QIng Zhao blocked the strike with her swords only for another to form and attack. One by one they came an dgave her no opportunity to retaliate unless she forced her way out.

The energy surging in Drifting Sky returned to Ming Yue as she dashed forward and vanished, leaving a shadow behind. She was silent and without presence.

Qing Zhao did not notice until the Reaping Blade came for her. By then, it was too late and her life was forfeit. The mark on her glowed as she found herself out of the arena and healed on any injury. Meanwhile, Ming Yue still stood on the arena, injured but victorious.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》