Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
280 The Hunt Will Begin
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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280 The Hunt Will Begin

Entering the Empyrean Paradise, the doors closed behind Ming Yue and the Grand Elder left this empty hall. He vanished from these stone doors and reappeared in his office, sitting on his cushioned seat.

In front of him were multiple figures, all seated and accompanied by their confidantes. Many of the Elders were here as well and they were all waiting for him. There were many others who were not present at the tournament that had come as well, answering an invitation from Heaven's Gate. From the six great kingdoms and the six regions of this continent, there were over a hundred lords and leaders here. Their aura was restained but their presence was made clear.

The Grand Elder looked around and surveyed everyone, giving a quick count before speaking.

"I'm sure many of you are curious as to why we are meeting."

"Indeed, Grand Elder Huang, you've gathered people from not only the six kingdoms but the other five regions as well. What exactly do you want to discuss?"

The source of that voice was a thin man who could only be described as lavish. He wore purple and gold robes and numerous pieces of jewelry. He had multiple rings on each finger, necklaces ranging from gold chains to pearl ones, and bangles of gold and jade. He wore a monocle on his left eye and his hair was gelled back. Slick black hair that reached the nape of his neck. His nose was bulbous and his eyes were astute. His thin lips were pursed together as he looked at the Grand Elder, trying to gauge him.

"Ah, I will get to that, Financier Jin. I hope that your journey from the Golden Treasure Kingdom was not harsh and that your king is doing well."

Financier Jin seemed to squint his eyes even further before breaking into a smile.

"Ha, business is business, the King is doing well and the Kingdom is doing just as good if not better. The Demon Continent has made us quite a bit of profit."

"Good, that is good to hear. How about the rest of you? General Li? Vice-Chief Qiang? The elders of the Four Swords Region? And the Ten High Captains of the Tri-Colored Sea, was your journey here peaceful?"

The Grand Elder looked at them all and they responded in kind.

"It was peaceful."

He had a look of satisfaction as none of them had much of a problem.

"Good, I suppose I should stop stalling as I'm sure you are all wondering what I have called you for."

The room was silent as everyone looked at him, this young-looking man who did not quite fit with this group but belonged to.

"There are two matters at hand, one being the Tao Feng Sect and the other being the Demon Continent and their leader, Kong Zhi. Elder Kan, please."

From the group of elders was Elder Kan, the Disciplinary Elder and the leader of the Heaven's Skyguard, who walked and stood by the Grand Elder. Dressed in her white and blue robes, she looked at all of them before speaking.

"I am Elder Kan, the Disciplinary Elder of Heaven's Gate. It is an honor to stand in front of all of you."

After she introduced herself, the Grand Elder spoke again.

"After issuing an order against the Tao Feng Sect over a year ago, we have successfully stopped them from spreading and contained them. However, we were unable to find their Sect Leader."

"Indeed, we could only find traces of him."

"Yes, what he left behind were mere clues to whatever he was planning. In light of this, I sent Elder Kan here and a few others to track him down, find where he is holed up. After several months, Elder Kan found him at last, in a stronghold within the Black Peak Mountains."

"By one of the Continent Marks? the Merciless Storm Peak? Damn it, I should've known!"

The one named Vice-Chief Qiang cursed out loud, hitting his side of the table. A body cultivator, she was a muscular woman with pale skin and her clothes were not elegant, they were made to last and with purpose. Animal pelts and hide were used to make it, part clothing, part armor.

"Did something happen?" the Grand Elder asked.

Vice-Chief Qiang had a look of agitation and anger.

"As one of the Hundred Clans of the Xue Mountains, we of the Qiang Clan were closest to the Black Peak Mountains. As a trial, our disciples and clansmen travel to the Black Peak Mountains to survive for a week. However, more and more of them went missing in the past few months. We had assumed that they could not survive the trial but the numbers were much too high to be that. Damn, to think that this was the reason. I am ashamed of my ability."

The Grand Elder was silent as he listened to her. His expression was emotionless as he began to think. Then he motioned for Elder Kan to speak.

"As the Grand Elder said before, my men and I have found a stronghold where the Tao Feng are. We've been keeping watch and found that the Sect Leader has been sending out disciples to collect bodies. They are not just any normal bodies but the bodies of cultivators. Whatever, he is planning requires bodies numbering in the hundreds. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing as multiple barriers had been set up around the fortress."

She pulled out a talisman and placed it in the middle of the table, allowing it to project a map of the Human Continent. The image slowly enlargened as it focused on the Black Peak Mountains towards the east of the continent.

North of it was the Xue Mountains and further east was the Dark Water Kingdom.

The Grand Elder then stood up and took control of the map.

"Knowing this, I gathered all of you here under the pretense of watching the tournament. For him to have eluded us this far means that he is getting information from someone and I would rather not risk it. Now I suppose you all more or less know my intentions before I have even spoke but I will make it clear."

The Grand Elder then pointed towards the Merciless Storm Peak.

"I, along with a few other elders and disciples will be entering the fortress and cut the Tao Feng at the root. I'm hoping that all of you will also send aid and help us in doing so."

Everyone had a look of surprise and went into deep thought.

"It is certainly a proposal."

"I don't see why not."

"Very well, I will send out a group as well."

A few minutes of thought was all it took for many of them to agree.

The Tao Feng Sect was akin to a cancer within the Human Continent. They grew and expanded aggressively, fighting and plundering numerous other sects to gain strength. While their actions posed a threat to the powers of the continent, there was more to that.

They had orchestrated numerous events from the shadows and engaged in all sorts of activity. The biggest of which was their attempt to swallow Clear Spring Mountain, a major sect that was also the backbone of the Clear Sky Kingdom. A gathering of numerous experts became the target for the Tao Feng but they had failed due to Ming Yue's interference.

Such actions were irredeemable and showed that their arrogance had grown too much. Their methods were despicable and they had drawn a target on themselves.

"But there is more to that isn't there, Grand Elder Huang."

Financier Jin interjected, his words caused everyone to stop and think more carefully.

Indeed, there was the matter of the Demon Continent.

The Grand Elder smiled.

"Yes, there is much more to that. With your help the success of the operation will shoot up and then there will be one less danger. With that, we can turn our attention to the Demon Continent."

The map moved and shifted. Instead of the Human Continent, it now showed the Demon Continent, a mass larger than its counterpart. On it were masses of red and green dots on this blue projections, red which represented the demonic forces and green representing the human forces.

"As you all know, the situation is slowly getting worse. Whatever Kong Zhi had obtained managed to reverse the situation in a matter of weeks. While the Six Great Kingdoms lended their armies and other various forces also sent in manpower, we of Heaven's Gate have also sent out the HEaven's Skyguard. But it does not seem like it is enough."

He began pointing at the areas where the masses of red seem to overtake the green masses.

"Of course, we could expend more if not for the risk of instability within our own lands. Without someone to keep the peace, how can we safely send more men there? We would need some way to improve or lessen the risk."

"But what does that have to do with the Tao Feng?" asked Financier Jin.

This shrewd man had an inkling of what the Grand Elder would say but he needed to hear it from his mouth.

"Well, does the Tao Feng not pose a risk to our lands? Furthermore, they pose the biggest threat no? Their reach spanned across the continent and even now there are small groups here and there. If we all worked together, we won't have to worry about them anymore."

"Then you mean..."

"Complete eradication of the Tao Feng, find out what the Sect Leader has planned and destroy it all. With them out of the way, we will be able to pour our resources into the Demon Continent and subdue it. It is the only way, unless you want to see everything in the hands of Kong Zhi."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》