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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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281 A Letter

Within a place of light, an empty area that contained nothing but pure energy. Ming Yue walked around, studying both the surroundings and the energy around her.

"This is the Empyrean Paradise..."

She turned around, wandering this seemingly boundless place. The only thing here that stood out was her and the large stone gate that stood upright. It was so easy to cultivate here, just breathing and moving around allowed the energy to penetrate her body and cleanse it. The core of her body seemed to radiate with power as it gorged on this wondrous feeling.

"This is... too amazing! What sort of energy is this? Where does it come from? Who created this?"

There were many questions on her mind but none of them could be answered. Even as she tried to trace this power, it was virtually impossible to do so for this energy was everywhere. It was as abundant as the air she breathed.

"Wow, this was certainly worth the trouble."

Even Xue Yue could not help but be impressed by this. Although she was not in control, she could feel the energy coursing through Ming Yue's body.

They were in awe and enjoyed the pleasant sensations. With both of their minds, they kept their calm and did not allow this feeling to sway them.

"I should try to reach the peak of Perception and consolidate my foundations."

There was a purpose to coming here and Ming Yue needed to focus. Then, she felt her spatial ring hum as Drifting Sky seemed to... twist and turn?

"How...how is this even possible?"

Ming Yue held the sword in her hands, it tried to escape her grasp but she clutched it tightly. She was dumbfounded and her face was completely blank. She unsheathed it and held the blade up, watching it absorb the energy of the Empyrean Paradise. Her mind was blank while her sword seemed to move on its own.

"What was going on here?"

In the back of her mind, Xue Yue seemed to snort a little at Ming Yue's shocked state. However, she too did not expect such a thing to occur.

Holding it close to her, Ming Yue studied the twitching blade and looked inwardly.

"Was this Mei Zhen's work?" she thought.

It was the only way for this blacksmith studied the movement of energy, whether it came from the world or the body. Furthermore, maintaining the blade required her to bathe it in her energy. But for it to move on its own was another level of strange that she was not expecting.

In the rush of the moment, Ming Yue had another idea.

"What if I cultivated with the sword?"

If she were to absorb, refine, and cycle it through her body and blade, what would it do?

It seemed like a good idea and Ming Yue did not hesitate. The only risk she ran was absorbing too much but she was far from the next bottleneck. She had only broken through to the Perception Stage days ago. She was a distance away from the Emotion Stage, a stage that required her to refine her heart and mind, thus strengthening her mental fortitude and allowing her to add another dimension to her attacks. But it was too early to think of it now.

She quickly sat down and began cultivating within the Empyrean Paradise, holding Drifting Sky close to her.

Staying perfectly still, she soon fell into a trance as her blade stilled. Whatever effects this had, she would not know until after as this young cultivator lost herself in this state.

Within the Dark Water Kingdom, Mei Zhen suddenly stopped her work and looked towards the direction of Ming Yue. There was a look of interest on her face before transforming into satisfaction.

"So it's begun, I wonder if the fruits of my labor will flourish."

With Drifting Sky, this master blacksmith had done more than improve it, she experiemented on it. Such a high quality blade personally forged by the Forgelord of Rong Lu City could endure all sorts of trials and with it, Mei Zhen used it to its full advantage.

Of course, she did not tell Ming Yue of these various secrets she's added for the young girl would not understand. However, she would learn over time and whether or not it will work depended on her. Mei Zhen certainly hoped that this would work.

Unfortunately, this excitement and curiosity did not seem to exist within the Grand Elder's meeting.

"Complete eradication.... then subdue the Demon Continent..."

Everyone other than the Grand Elder thought of these words seriously.

For such a simple sounding plan, there was numerous conditions and variables to consider.

"I will let you all decide but this is the best course of action to take."

The Grand Elder spoke plainly and confidently, driving the idea further in. But despite his words, they were all silent and he was not going to push any further.

"I'll let you all go and speak with your leaders but keep this of the utmost secret. We do not know where the Tao Feng have infiltrated. I will await your responses in the next month and from there we will coordinate our movements. Should you join, only allow those that you trust. I hope that you will agree to this."

Everyone stood up and bowed, leaving one by one.

Financier Jin was the last to leave and gave one more look at the Grand Elder. Perhaps, it was in his nature to be this dubious but he was a businessman and there was something that did not quite seem right.

"Is that all you are after, Huang Mo?" he asked, addressing the Grand Elder by his full name.

"Yes, this is the only way to protect the continent."

The Grand Elder looked at him staright in the eyes and spoke. They were crystal clear and carried a golden hue. Such eyes sowed nothing but sincerity.

"I see, I will speak with my king and you will recieve a response shortly."

Financier Jin then left, closing the doors behind him and leaving the Grand Elder with the other elders.

"So this was your plan, I must say, it is quite bold."

Elder Xiang spoke and looked towards Grand Elder Huang, who returned to his seat.

"It is for the best. Time is of the essence after all."

"I see."

The others looked at the Grand Elder before taking their leave. While there were many questions to ask, they saved it for later. It was clear to them that the Grand Elder needed time to think and that they needed time to prepare.

The Tao Feng was one thing but the Demon Continent was entirely different. The goals that were set out was going to be difficult.

As for what they were preparing for, it was obvious that this was for a war.

Of course, none of this would truly begin until a letter arrived. Laying on a desk was a simple, handwritten letter addressed to Ming Yue.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》