Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
291 The Eternal Blade Sec
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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291 The Eternal Blade Sec

When day came and the sun rose, Ming Yue walked out of the brothel. Everyone else had gone to sleep, except for a few in charge of laundry, such a place operated during the night. She turned back finally noticing the name of the place. 

"Hmm, Baimei's Garden*, what a fitting name."

The day was early as business had just begun, stalls were still being set up as the street markets slowly opened. Ming Yue headed off with Xiao Yin perched on her shoulder and Hei Yue trotting along. 

"I wonder if it's still open."

Walking down one of the lesser known streets, she came across a simple store and found a bit of commotions from inside. Moments later the doors opened as a young man ran out with his tail between his legs. His attendants followed suit, chasing after him. He seemed to be the young master of one of the many families and to her, he seemed very familiar. 

"Damn it! This is the last time I ever come back to this store! When did that old man get so strong?!"

As he ran off, this young master ended up running into Ming Yue. Looking forward, he saw her and also found her somewhat familiar. 

It did not quite click in with the two of them until their faces met. 

"Oh no, not you!"

Looking at her, he took off at an even faster pace as his attendants trailed behind. 

"Wait, Master Xu! Please, slow down!" they shouted desparately but he was too far to hear them. 

"Master Xu...that must've been the same young master from before. To think that he still comes to harass Owner Su..."

Ming Yue glanced at his fleeing figure and turned back to the store he had run out from. The doors had closed shut but overall, it had stayed the same. Moving to open the doors, she walked in and her entrance prompted a pair of eyes to look up. 

"Hm, Ming Yue? It's been quite a long time since I last saw you. You've become very strong, so much so that I can barely sense it."

Sitting behind the countertop was Owner Su, the one managing this shop and a former commander to Luan City's army. Whilst sitting there, he was polishing a sword with a piece of cloth, perhaps having used it to scare off that young master.

"Owner Su, It has been some time", she said, "I just saw that Master Xu run out of your store."

"Hah, him? Ever since the beast horde years ago, he's been adamant about becoming my student. Unfortunately, his behavior could be better. Every time, he comes, he does it the same way, demanding it from me and somehow he never changes. Even after beating him, he still comes back and every time he would swear never to return but he would come back. Out of everything, his strong will is commendable."

He looked at the polished blade in his hand before sheathing it and putting the sword away. The store owner turned around, taking a more upright position on his seat and looked at Ming Yue. There was a friendly expression on his face. 

"So, what brings you here? I don't think that it is just to talk is it?" he said. 

Ming Yue took out her old robes and her dagger, placing it on the counter for him to see. 

"I'm here to sell some items."

Speaking with a smile, she looked at him, pushing them forward. Now that she had no need for these items, it seemed right to sell it. And who better to sell to than the person she had brought it from. 

Owner Su looked at them and smiled.

"A hundred gold, how does that sound?"

"That's more than enough."

Just like that the exchange was made and Ming Yue conversed a bit with Owner Su before leaving. 

"I wonder what sort of value these will have in the future..."

He spoke loudly as she left and his words, prompted her to smile. After her little visit to the store Ming Yue strolled around the city, taking it all in. When she first arrived, she never quite bothered to enjoy the sights. It was certainly not a grand or elegant city but for her, it had significance. 

For a few copper coins, she brought a freshly steamed bun and ate as she walked. It was soft and had quite a pillowy texture. From another stall, she purchased a few other foods to feed her two beasts. Both of them enjoying some steamed sweet potatoes and stuffed meat buns. 

"Hm, I wonder if the city lord is doing well. I wonder what the Demon Brigades are doing as well."

The thought suddenly appeared into her mind. 

During the beast horde, he suffered many wounds from battling the mastermind behind the attack. It was only in the last moments that she jumped in to save him. It also reminded of the Demon Brigade that were sent to aid the city. With her Dusk Lily Pin used up, she would've died if not for their appearance. 

"Perhaps they were sent to the Demon Continent. Though, that Lord of Azure Souls did say the kingdom was not strong enough to make a difference there."

Her mind began to wander, speculating the situation but alas, she did not have enough knowledge.

She bought a few other items for breakfast to bring back and saw Cui Fen getting ready to see her daughter off. 

"Hm? Are you going to the Eternal Blade Sect?" she asked. 

Rou'er looked at her and smiled. She showed off her sword and green uniform, both of which fit her quite well. Last night's events had brightened the girl up as she looked happily toward Ming Yue. 

"Yeah! But this time, I'll be going away for a bit longer so I won't be able to see mother for a bit."

"I see, I'll come with you. I've been wanting to visit the Eternal Blade Sect."

She looked at the little girl and then towards Cui Fen, who looked somewhat better compared to before. 

"Rou'er, why don't you lead Ming Yue to the sect?" she said.

"Oh, oh, follow me! Good bye mother!"

Rou'er ran off, pulling Ming Yue by the hand. Quickly, they left the city and ran off. 

"How has it been in the sect?" Ming Yue asked her as they traveled down the road. 

"It's been fun. With Uncle Fei* there, I haven't had a lot of trouble, it's hard but I really like it. I didn't know how fun it is to use a sword. But, lately the sect has been strange."

"Strange? what do you mean?" 

"After Uncle Fei disappeared, the sect sent out multiple people to find him. After a few days, they stopped and began gathering people for some reason. This is actually why I'll be gone for a bit, some of the elders told me that my talent was good and that they were gathering all of the talented disciples to go through some experiential training. I asked around but no one seemed to know anything more about this." 

Ming Yue furrowed her brows at this.

"Really now, that is quite strange, I wonder where they're taking you.When we get there, I will be trying to meet with Fei Xian, Uncle Fei's nephew. "

"Oh! Brother Fei Xian! He's been very busy at the sect, making medicine and doing his own special training. If I remember correctly, he has also joined this group. In any case, we're almost there. I'll make sure the guards let you pass through."

An emerald building slowly grew as they came closer and as it became clearer, Ming Yue could see the gates up ahead. There were guards at the side of each door, dressed in a dark green uniform and carrying a sword by their side. 

As the pair arrived, the guards suddenly blocked the door.

"Halt, you cannot enter the sect at this moment."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》