Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
315 Entering the Fray
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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315 Entering the Fray

Hua Xiong hopped on and the pair held onto Xiao Yin and Hei Yue tightly. With a single thought, Ming Yue urged the sword forward and they shot through the air. 

"There they go..." 

Captain Hai and his crew watched as they vanished into the storm. 

Surrounded by wind and lightning, the scenery blurred as the group stuck close to the sword. Ming Yue tried her best the divert the winds but such a task was difficult when it was both everywhere and extremely powerful. 

"Hold on! We're nearly there!"

In the few minutes they traveled, the Merciless Storm Peak was tens of times larger than when they were at the ship. The pressure from it was equally as terrifying but Ming Yue urged the sword of wind to move faster, pushing more of her energy into it. The longer they were in the air, the higher of a chance they would get struck down from the storm. If that were to occur, death was most certainly inevitable. 

She squinted her eyes, trying to see where they were going in this heavy storm. Drawing closer to the peak, she finally spotted the flying figures who were in the thick of battle. 

"Isn't that...the Elder Xiang and the Grand Elder? They're the ones attacking the Tao Feng?"

Ming Yue immediately recognized them, feeling surprised. However, there wasn't enough time to stop and check the situation, not when she was only several hundred meters away from them. The pressure coming from their battle was beginning to affect her. The first thing she felt was the impending dread coming from this clash, the feeling of death like ice water washing down her neck. 

"Who are they fighting? "

She quickly scanned around and found a shadowy armored figure, who wielded a black sword which shined with a crimson glow. Just looking at this person made her fearful but she pressed forward. 

"This... this is too dangerous to interfere in."

Xue Yue suddenly spoke up, as if awakened by this sensation. Despite her words, she knew that it was too late. At the rate they were going, they would fly straight for the Grand Elder's battle. It was easy to tell that this battle was above their league but controlling this sword was getting harder by the second. 

Ming Yue quickly spotted the battle below and grabbed the others, hopping off and flying down to Tao Feng's fortress. As for the sword, she aimed it downwards but didn't know where it would go exactly. At a time like this, it was the best she could do. 

As they landed on the ground, the sword reached its destination, the Tao Feng's fortress. It had the same power as her Blasting Gale Lances if not more and without the barriers to protect the fortress, it was open for an attack. 

The sword of wind crashed into the fortress's roof and blasted apart the highest level, while shattering the lower floors. The structure shuddered and there was a loud bang as pieces fell down. 

Everyone gave a quick glance before focusing on the battle before them. There was bound to be collateral damage, this was nothing. But they did notice the arrival of Ming Yue's group. 

Elder Xiang noticed her entrance and his eyes widened in surprise. 

"What is she doing here?" he thought. 

Of all the places to come, why was Ming Yue here? What connection did she have with the Tao Feng? He wanted to know this.

As for Dai Mian, he did not pay any attention to Ming Yue nor did he even notice her, instead he looked at the destroyed fortress. Clicking his tongue, he showed a look of annoyance and dissatisfaction.

"It was shoddy but it worked its purpose I suppose", he said. 

Looking towards his three opponents, he brandished his blade and headed straight into battle. 

Below them, the battle was still intense as the Immortal Army charged in again and again. The many Sky Realm Experts who saw Ming Yue and the others paid little attention to them. If anything, they would run off in fear. 

"Some Earth Realm Cultivators? Why did they come?" they thought. 

None of them knew nor did they quite care. After all, someone the Earth Realm was nothing compared to someone at the Sky Realm. Their arrival would have little effect on this fight but that thought would soon come to pass. Those who could cross the Merciless Storm Peak were not ordinary figures. 

Ming Yue and Hua Xiong immediately jumped into the battle. 

"We fight together!" Ming Yue shouted.

Hua Xiong nodded before running in with her. 

"If you knock them out or incapacitate them, leave their remains to me."

It was a strange request but Ming Yue accepted it nonetheless. However, it would soon be revealed as to why she asked such a thing. 

Along with Hei Yue and Xiao Yin, they helped the Sky Realm cultivators fight off the Immortal Army. At first, it didn't seem like much but this group of four were able to do something they could not. 

The moment Ming Yue moved, she had already dealt with several of the soldiers. Her sword was nothing but a flash as she carved her way through the army. She took a completely different direction compared to the experts who worked as a group, throwing herself into the deepest parts of the army. With Xiao Yin and Hei Yue at her side, doing such a thing was not reckless. 

Black fog suddenly covered half of the battlefield as Xiao Yin flew high up, sending off beams of Star Energy from above. 

With these two, Ming Yue had control over a portion of the fight and within it, she could do anything.

One hand carried Drifting Sky and the other hand was cloaked in wind, her Zephyr Claws. None of the puppets could react quick enough to stop her from cutting their limbs and shredding their bodies with the Zephyr Claws. 

But the black blood they had did not fester and bubble like Zuo Er. Rather, they moved in a strange fashion, stretching out to reconnect itself.

"Damn, to think there were more like him. At the very least, they're quite simple-minded."

This time, Ming Yue had a somewhat easier experience fighting the Immortal Army compared to her battle with Zuo Er. These ones were more puppets than anything, they did not even have the ability to speak. However, compared to him, their regeneration was much stronger. In that respect, they were harder to kill. 

However, they were only harder to kill, not impossible. 

Ming Yue pushed even deeper into the ranks of the Immortal Army, fighting multiple at once. Outside of Pale Moon, she used everything at her disposal to fight. With her speed and Drifting Sky, she practically ran threw them, cutting off heads and limbs. With the Zephyr Claws, she pierced their chests and bore holes into them. But none of this mattered for she was searcing for one person, Zuo Er.

Hua Xiong stuck close but she was not fighting as intensely as her counterpart. However, she was doing something much more important. 

Her differently colored eyes suddenly glowed into a white color as she gazed at the dismembered bodies, all of which crawled on the ground to reconnect with one another. The black sludge seemed to have a mind of its own, moving towards its main body.

Her hands glowed with Light Dao Energy, a pure white coupled with a golden glint. She placed her hands on the black sludge from the bodies that which began to shudder as if fearful of this power. Suddenly, it threw itself up, trying to latch onto Hua Xiong. But they could not come any closer for her glowing hands grabbed the black sludge and crushed it. 

It struggled to get out of her grasp but was ultimately destroyed, returning into that of blood. Then the body she treated stopped regenerating and melted away.

"With this, you will no longer suffer anymore."

She then looked towards Ming Yue, who fought intensely against multiple soldiers at once. Between them was a trail of wriggling black sludge and dismembered bodies, some had already began to reconnect until Xiao Yin flew down and threw another beam of Star Energy, slowing down the regeneration. 

"I hope the my seniors and juniors have not become these monsters yet."

She was hopeful but in the back of her mind, she prepared for the worse. 

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》