Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
329 Five Armies Camp
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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329 Five Armies Camp

Stepping to the gates, she was stopped by guards who pointed their spears at her neck. Above were stone towers carrying archers who readied their bows at her. 

"Halt! State your business, warrior!" 

Their eyes watched her every movement as Ming Yue showed them the dark golden badge. It took them a moment but their spears retracted as they saluted her. 

"We greet a member of Heaven's Gate. Please enter, someone will bring you and your beasts to the Camp Commander!"

The soldiers stood back and opened the massive gate, allowing her to enter. 

Ming Yue cupped her fists and bowed to them before going in. Walking in, she was met with a strange air, different from what she was used to. It was stern to say the least. There were hundreds of soldiers training together, grouped in an orderly square. With each swing and thrust, they shouted in unison, giving off a feeling of strong solidarity. None of them were off-beat, following the same rhythm and techniques. 

She could hear the sounds of horses as cavalrymen practiced riding and striking. There were other cplit into small pockets, dueling each other and honing their senses. The smell of polished leather and metal was thick. 

No one here was relaxing or taking a break. They were all readying themselves, preparing to go at any moment. 

Hei Yue stuck close to her, feeling somewhat intimidated by the atmosphere of this place. 

As Ming Yue looked around, a young woman approached her. Dressed in heavy patterned armor, she was slightly taller than Ming Yue, a few inches shy from six feet. Her face was stiff, with fierce eyebrows and pursed lips. Her eyes had emerald colored irises that carried a sense of stoicism. Her hair was sleek black, tied up in a simple bun.

She was certainly pretty but not in the sense of gentleness or fragility. She brought power and authority with her presence. To her hip was a sword three times larger than the average blade. The hilt was white and carved in the image of a tiger. The pommel was its head and the handle was its body. 

"Are you the one from Heaven's Gate?"

Her voice was husky and had a deadpan tone which had thrown off Ming Yue but she quickly recovered. 


She nodded and showed the soldier the dark gold badge. 

The soldier looked and nodded. 

"Come with me."

She turned and brought Ming Yue through the camp. Eyes turned with many of them landing on Ming Yue but more so the soldier who was leading her. 

"It's the Guardian Fang, Hu Baihe! What is she doing here? Who is that person following her?"

"Isn't she being sent to the Demon Continent today? I thought she would be tending to her equipment."

Some gave quick whispers to each other, pausing what they were doing for a just moment. Ming Yue felt their stares but noticed something interesting. Despite their stares, it seemed that none of them dared to look at Hu Baihe's face. It was not out of fear but respect. 

"She must have quite a reputation", Ming Yue thought. 

"Do you think? She's at the Sky Realm while all these other soldiers are at the cusp of the Human Realm, some might have even entered the Earth Realm. There is no doubt that she is strong."

Xue Yue's voice popped up, speaking in an strange tone as if excited. It felt as if she was anticipating something to happen. 

"And I thought an ordinary soldier would be leading me..."

"There's probably a reason why. After all, the reason why we're here is not ordinary."


As the two conversed in their mind, Hu Baihe lead them to the large tent situated close to the formation. One could hear a quiet hum of power emanating from that circle, strange but soothing to the ear.

Hu Baihe stood outside and turned to Ming Yue. 

"Before you enter, I must inform you that we are meeting the Camp Commander. He will be talking and elaborating on the situation of war. I will be waiting outside so you must enter alone."

Ming Yue nodded and stepped forward, opening the tent flaps and going in. 

In front of her was a war table, circular in shape. Behind that was large desk with a man seated, looking over report after report. He was somewhere in his forties with a full head of hair and a beard , which was lied at the end. 

He looked up, having heard someone enter and spotted Ming Yue standing there. 

"Ah, you're here. Ming Yue, I presume."

He put down the reports and stood up, revealing himself dressed in full plate armor. It absolutely made him a giant of a man towering over Ming Yue. Over his armor was a red cowl that came down to his ankles and was wide enough to cover his body. 

Each step had a audible thump lending to the magnitude of his weight and size. 

"I am the Camp Commander Tian Bi, you may call be Commander Bi. Welcome to the Five Armies Camp. I have been notified of your arrival by the Grand Elder of Heaven's Gate."

Ming Yue greeted him, cupping her fists and bowing with respect. 

"I was rather surprised by the sudden message and seeing you here is even more surprising."

Commander Bi rubbed his chin, his face showed mixed emotions and hesitation. 

"Before we continue forward, I would like to test your strength. I do not mean to insult you in any way but the Demon Continent carries a number of dangers. Furthermore, it will likely get even worse with the coming conflict. It does not feel right to send a girl as young as you into a something like that, not to mention, your little fox and owl companions. Thus, I must see your strength in person."

His voice was deep and gravelly but also soft. Through his words, he seemed to be a caring man who understood the hellscape of war. 

"No, I understand. Should we do this here?" Ming Yue asked.

"Ah no, we'll go out to the training grounds. The current drilling session should be over soon. Come follow me."

Commander Bi hunched over and exited the tent, followed by Ming Yue. 

"Baihe, follow me" said the commander. 

"Yes, Commander."

As a trio they moved through the camp, everywhere they passed, soldiers would stop and salute to Commander Bi before returning to their task. Of course, they had a quick look at Ming Yue whom they had never seen before. 

In a place with various armies and groups, they've done drills and exercises together, recognizing at least their uniforms. However, Mign Yue was dressed differently compared to the others. Her Changing Clouds Armor stood out as well as Xiao Yin and Hei Yue. 

Minutes later, they reached one of the training grounds. A group of a hundred men shouted and moved together before doing one final strike. 

"Stop! Salute the commander!"

The drill instructor shouted out and everyone did as was told, saluting Commander Bi. 

"Please, the drill has ended yes? I need to borrow this space for a bit."

"Of course, Commander! You heard him, get off the grounds and return to your tents. Clean yourselves up and return in one hour!"

"Yes, Instructor!"

The soldiers shouted and promptly marched away together. 

"Thank you."

The commander then led them into the grounds and turned to the two women. 

"Unfortunately, I'm not much of an opponent to you due to my size so Baihe will be battling you. I will of course be watching on the side."

Ming Yue nodded. 

"I understand."

She then looked at Hu Baihe before turning her attention to Xao Yin and Hei Yue. 

"Go with him and watch, okay?"

The two beasts blinked, understanding and took their positions with Commander Bi. Xiao Yin perched atop his shoulder and Hei Yue stood by his leg. 

"Good, whenever you are ready them."

As Commander Bi stepped back, Hu Baihe began to take off her armor. After all, She was fully covered while Ming Yue only had a hanfu but the latter stopped her. 

"You do not need to do that", she said, 

With a single thought, Ming Yue's armor changed and shifted into its second form. Mist seeped out from it as her sash turned into white metallic waist armor that flowed with the skirt of her hanfu. Her right arm which held her sheathed sword with a gauntlet and a flared out vambrace. Her other arm was fully covered in armor with a pauldron that flared out. It matched with the various shades of blue and the white robes underneath. 

Commander Bi whistled, looking impressed and Hu Baihe looked before smiling. 

"In that case, let us begin."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》