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My Love You Will Never Escape From Me
Author :Windreader8675
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Female Lead: Dilireba

Male Lead[s]: Deng lun and ???

Love rivals: ?????

Name: Dilireba 迪丽热巴

Age: 20

Identity: Deng Lun's wife and the daughter of the CEO of the Mei Hua Company. Linked to Deng Lun by business marriage. Childhood friends with [ Author 1: Hold it don't spoil the story]

Name: Deng Lun 邓伦

Age: 25

Identity: CEO of the R and D company [ No.1 Company ] Childhood friend and [Author 1:.... blah blah blah. Didn't I say no spoiling?!] with the Gu's daughter

[Let me go! If we act as if we don't know each other nor interferes with each other's life, won't it be better for the both of us?] -- Dilireba

[Seeing you write poem, yet half words turn unreal, I'm slow on realizing who you really are] - Dilireba

( Author 2: Mini Sushi turn into juice turn into New Year's then could it be eaten?!

Author 1: ...

Author 2: Then..... Corn were stepped to death, noodles are edible... And Pineapples taste better than Beans! Hahaha, I know I'm smart you don't need to compliment me

Author 2: Scram]

[We don't even have the most basic trust for each other, how can we go on?] - Dilireba

[You are my only weakness] - Deng Lun

[I believe that I could get everything that I wanted and women is one of them] - Deng Lun

[I can believe my eyes and my abilities] - Deng Lun @@


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