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My Love You Will Never Escape From Me
Author :Windreader8675
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2 Party

In R and D Company, CEO's Office

" Big Boss, the Lady Boss wants to see you."

" Let her in."

The door to the office opened and the 'Lady Boss' walked in. And the secretary walked out and silently closed the door.

" Do you want something?" Deng Lun asked without looking at her.

" How long do I have to wait until we can get divorce?"

" Oh? You really wanted to get a divorce?"

" Commercial marriage always will end with a divorce anyway, so why not get divorce sooner?"

" Enough, if you don't have anything to say then get out."

Dilireba sighed, commercial marriage is really annoying and troublesome. Just when she was about to go out...

" Wait."

" What?" Dilireba said impatiently.

" There will be an banquet tonight, go get ready."

Dilireba sighed heavily, and went out the door. I hate it most when I have to go out in public with Deng Lun. Every time there will be a lot of pressure since she will be acting, she would be tortured even if she leaked out a little flaw.

When Dilireba left, she slammed the door shut, venting her anger out on it.

Deng Lun sighed.

In the Evening

Deng lun left the company and changed into a new suit before taking the car to pick up Dilireba. Although she looked very stunning in her gown, Deng Lun didn't even spare her a glance. In the car, the atmosphere was very cold and awkward in a complete silence. They didn't even make eye contact with each other.

At the Banquet

Many people arrived in pairs or one by one. They are chatting with each other and the couples were flirting with each other.

Author 2 : Hey sis should we add some sweet quotes?

Author 3 : Well do you want dog food although it might be possible.

There are many singles out there you know.

Author 2: Oh. Yeah. Nevermind. But there will be many sweet scenes to come like when Deng Lun and ~

Author 1 [ sent death glare]

Author 2: Um... nevermind well next time I will succeed. Well back to the story.

Many guest arrived and soon a black Lamborghini Veneno Roadster attracted the attention of many. A young handsome stepped out of the car and went to the other to pick up the lady. Everyone can see the red silky wine color at the bottom of the dress. Some can see who she is but know that she is very beautiful just by look at her faint shadow.

Soon another car arrived and out stepped Deng Chun and Bai Jia Qi the parent of Deng Lun. Then it struck them the lovely couple is Mrs.Deng and Mr.Deng or Dilireba and Deng Lun.

Deng Lun helped Dilireba out of the car and no one found anything wrong. However, for Deng Lun the slight touch disgusted him.

Author 1: However no one put Deng Lun to consideration of his heart at this point Deng Lun's heart is about to collapse.

Then the Banquet started.

The Banquet was hosted by the J company. The CEO of the J company knows that her daughter likes Deng Lun and besides he might even gain benefits from the commercial marriage.

" Hey have you heard that the young Prince was inviting someone for the first ballard."

" I wanna go! I want to be his dance partner."

"Sigh. There is no way that we would be chosen. Haven't you heard that the young prince has a wife already. And even if he didn't dance with his wife then he would have dance with the young lady of the J company."

" Yeah you are right. But miracles might be real."

" Hahahahaha."

At 10:30, the banquet starts

" Good evening honor guests please go to the center of the banquet where the ten thousand golden roses near the costollym is. The first dance is starting."

Many people gathered, but Dilireba didn't hear the announcement because she went out to take walk. Curious about what is happening, she went towards the crowd and try to see what was happening. Standing on her toes she tried to see what was going on but people was blocking her view, and so she gave up.

Just when she was about to leave she bumped into Deng Lun.


"Don't you watch where you are going? [Sighed] Come with me, the dance is starting."

Dilireba sighed, here comes the tricky part.

Deng Lun pulled Dilireba towards the dance stage went went straight into a waltz.

Just at that moment…

" Deng Lun…..long time no see…"


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