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My Love You Will Never Escape From Me
Author :Windreader8675
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7 Is he doing okay?

In the car…

" Um…"

" If you have something to say than day say it. Don't need to be shy."

" Deng Lun he…"

" Oh, Deng Shao already left with Lady Gu half an hour ago, so don't worry."

" Oh." Dilireba can't help but felt disappointed in Deng Lun for not keeping his word.

" Well how do you know me?"

"Are you kidding me? Everyone know who you are!"

Dilireba slapped her forehead. [ I'm so stupid! I'm the young lady of the no.2 company, the Feng yuan company and now the wife of the young Ceo of R and D company.]

" Um…"

" Speak your mind."

" Um… Bai Jiayu… he um... Bai Ling… Bai Jiayu he… What happened to him? Is he okay?"

" Hm?"

" Um… I mean is he doing well! But... if you don't want to say it, it's fine." Dilireba stuttered. Bai Ling turned to look at Dilireba and smiled. [ She is still as cute as the past.] He chuckles.

" It's okay but I want to know why do you think I know him?"

" Um… It was because Bai Jiayu… resembles like you but had a different aura. Although…"

" Although?"

Dilireba looked down, trying to hide her emotions but Bai Jiayu could still tell. [ Dilireba… looks like you still remembers me…]

" Although… I haven't been in touch with him after graduation…"

Even silent they could not hear anything but the rumble of the car.

" Dilireba do you mind if I ask you a question?"

" Sure, I don't mind."

" How do you feel about Bai Jiayu?"

" Well, I always.looked up to him as my senior and he was… best friend you could ask for. He was kind, gentle awkward and shy. Although he may seem scary at first, he actually had a kind spirit.and a gentle heart. Once he…" As Dilireba recalled the happy memories she was laughing and smiling as if she really is with him. Bai Jiayu look at her through the mirror smiling gently and laughing. The atmosphere is also lighter.

Author 2: Well… technically he was actually with her but she didn't know.

The car screeched into a stop.

" Well… here you go."

" Thank you!"

" Well… before you go would you like to exchange phone numbers?"

Dilireba hesitated but nodded.

As the car left, Dilireba entered the house.

Dilireba went to her room and stand on the balcony and stand there waiting for Deng Lun. She waited for another 30 minute. [*Sigh* why am I even standing here?] He probably staying with Lady Gu somewhere after all I'm just the extra one.]

Dilireba went straight to bed.

Author 2: Here is a spoiler. The next day Dilireba had a huge headache lucky she was blocked by Mrs. Deng and Mr.Deng or else she would go to work with a high fever.


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