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My Love You Will Never Escape From Me
Author :Windreader8675
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11 Familiar

After that Deng Lun sighed in relief. And started to settled down once more, emerged with his work.... One minute passed...two minutes passed...five minutes…then an hour. He looked at the time '7:30'

[Why isn't she up yet? Didn't she begged me that today she has an important audition to tend to? So why isn't she up yet? After given permission, she was so excited that it's what she only talk about for two weeks. Wait...Why am I even thinking about her? Humph, whether or not she goes is not my business! Humph!]

Soon he recalled the memory of Dilireba calling another man's name, an hour before, Deng Lun gets upset again. He take a deep breathe and emerged with his files again.

Two hours passed…

Deng Lun started to tap his feet. [Why isn't she up yet?]

Then as if answering and responding to him, Dilireba alarm runged. Deng Lun let out a relief and went back to his work. Five minutes later the alarm is still ringing…[Why isn't she up yet and shut the alarm off? It's so annoying.] Then Deng Lun can't wait anymore and went upstairs.

He knocked.

Deng Lun was taken back. [Why is she not opening the door? Oh wait I locked it. Wait a minute, why am I knocking anyways? There must be something wrong with me these past days. I think I need to have another appointment with Davis.] And with that he banged open the door.

"Dilireba wake up!" He walked over to her bed. She was moving but had no intention of getting up. Deng Lun got angry.

"Get up! Don't make me repeat more than twice. You hear me I said GET UP!"

He grabbed her face with face but he soon withdraw. [Why is she burning? Shouldn't a fever go away after a few hours of sleep?] He opened the lights.

Dilireba was sweating. Her reddish cheek was warmosh hot as her chest rise and fall.

" Who...who.." She whispered in a low voiced. " No...…"

For some unknown reason, Deng Lun felt that his heart is ripped in half after seeing Dilireba like this. He winced and grasp his chest… after a minute the pain resides.

He hollered, "Eight! Prepare the car to the nearest hospital! NOW!"

"Yes sir!" The voice come from nowhere but there is no one in sight besides Dilireba and Deng Lun. Deng Lun carried Dilireba bridal style and quickly went into the garage. He opened the door of a black VRASL and gently put Dilireba in the passenger seat before he gets on from the other side.

"To the Lo Huan Yue hospital."

" Yes sir."

Deng Lun cuddled Dilireba closely as she murmured, "Deng?... Hua… No... Stop!... Don't.. Death?...Why?..."


He brush her hair from her face and use his coat at her blanket.

Unknowingly, he had already accepted Dilireba, but just doesn't notice it. He never felt disgusted by Dilireba, it was just that he was a bit nauseous that day and has become familiar to feeling disgusted by those he has already met. Girls who wear little to no clothes, womens who looked innocent but evil at heart, those people who act kind and pure was actually just greedy for his status and money, people that would sell themselves for pleasure and money, wh*res, sluts, there are none of the types he hasn't met in his life.

From three, he had already believed that all women are evil and detest them. Until he meets Dilireba… she is... very innocent and pure with an angelic voice...however the belief he has from when he is three cannot be broken easily and he started to treat Dilireba like others. Sluts who came for him for his looks, powers and money. Although the feelings between them is mutual and has no feelings at all, he had already known that the marriage would come to an end soon.

"Sir. We're here."


Deng Lun carefully hold the wrapped Dilireba and walked into the hospital.


Dilireba opened her eyes. Black. The only color she see: black. There was nothing else but an endless black sea surrounding her... Then afar a voice whispered her name…


[Who? Why is it so dark? Why can't I see anything? Who is calling me? Why is it so familiar?]

Dilireba slowly reach out her hand as if trying to touch something as a glimmer of longing appeared in her eye before it quickly turned to curiosity as if the longing in her eye had never appeared before.

"Who?...Who are you? Where am I?"

Then suddenly as if responding to her touch, the darkness flashes white.

Her surrounding changed.

She looked around. And something catches her eye.

The walls.

There are walls near her blocking her sight but what was so particular about the wall is that, it flashes red in one second, then orange, then yellow, then white and many multiple colors. Subconsciously, she reached to touch the wall. She widened her eyes when she felt that the wall was actually icy cold. However she clearly saw that below her, there was a floor of lava surrounding the ground she was standing on.

"Hello? Anyone there?"

As if responding, a light flashed but unlike before, inside of changing scene she was a figure before her.

A man? No more like a deity.

His white hair flow back as if it was water, the aura around him take form of a flame red firespark. She don't know why but felt so secure around him. But at the same time so painful, sad and… insecure?

Although his back is towards her, she could felt that he was really lonely…

Dilireba felt a pain inside her chest but more accurately it is her heart. As if a thousand of knives directed into her. Even though Dilireba was kind and pity others...this kind of feeling is...different somehow...

[ Why? Why does my chest hurt?]

Millions of questions flashes in her brain trying to process the whole thing.

But before she could, the deity turned towards her and said, "Little Nine…"

[Who? I don't think I have the nickname Little Nine, but why did I have a sense of familiarity and that he is calling me? This doesn't make sense!]

Before she had the time to process the whole thing, the setting morphed again.

She arrived in front of a rock. The inscriptions engraved in gold near the platform shows 4 words; 'Rock of Three Incarnations.'

She walked towards the rock or more precisely the rock has force that pulled her towards it. Her hand light towards the rock and lightly touched the surface of the rock. The characters on the rock glowed golden before her sight become golden and facing the direction of where an ancient house stood.

Shocked, she saw through the walls, but her eyes took her to look at the direction of a girl dressed in a light pink dress, the kind made out of silk and woven by cloud strings and exist only in the immortal realm.

However what shocked Dilireba wasn't her clothes which actually she didn't even notice it, it was the face she was looking at. It was the exact same as hers except for the red lotus flower birthmark on her forehead.

"No way. This isn't reality she looked so similar to me, no actually it almost as if she was myself."

Then she gasps she was in front of a man actually it was the same man she saw before, silver hair and purple robe although his face was a blur she can tell that he was the same person as the one from before.

Before she can process what was going on, she saw the girl pulled out a dagger and summon her tails.

[Wait a minute. A tail? No, actually nine tails…*gasp* a nine-tail fox! The ones that only exists in legends….what is going on? Wait..no way...she is no going to...no way. She is crazy! Doesn't she know that a tail represent a lifetime?!]

However, the girl didn't hesitate and cut off one of her tails. Even though Dilireba wasn't the one experiencing it, she winced at the sigh felt as if she was the one that cut off her own tail. Then she saw the girl transform the sliced off tail into a relic and ran towards her direction.The girl raised the knife and the knife was moving towards her. Dilireba widen her eyes.

[We don't have any enmity but why is she pointing the relic towards me and rushing in my direction?]

A few seconds passes, the knife inched closer and closer.

" Wait! No! Don't kill me!" Dilireba closed her eyes waiting for the pain to come but it never did

It came. She slowly opened her eyes and put down her hands, the girl is...crying?

The girl raised her relic again but Dilireba didn't react this time and saw the knife go through her as if she was a ghost.

Dilireba stepped aside and saw her curving on the rock desperately but fail. Finally exhausted, the girl collapse.

The man also witnessed it, although he didn't say anything, or even if he did Dilireba can't hear it, she can feel that the man was actually having mixed emotion inside.

Then they disappeared, Dilireba turned her head back to the stone. She saw her name on the stone along with her 'fated one.' She was shocked it was actually…


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